Crosby’s Nursery Reveal

4th December 2017

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Notoriously, I have the world’s worst lighting in my house, but a home girl tries.  This is the most light in any room so, take what yo’ momma (mother nature) gave ya.  Without further adieu, here is my son’s small 10 by 11 nursery, complete with 6 ish DIY projects!

Greens, some blue and a pop of yellows with white walls and a subtle gray ceiling.  This boss simple clean lined crib is solid wood, down to the slats.  If you thought most cribs were all wood, think again, Sparky AND I got it for 100 dollars on a closeout.  Holler if you’re a baller!

(Hollering in the background…)

It’s compact and great for a small space.  Good job, tree, that became this crib.  You did a real swell job.


Just breath it in, because I like this wall.  FUN FACT ALERT:  The framed dino up there is a toy I used for his Lochness Monster 1st Birthday party.  It floated in a large bowl of chocolate milk like Nessie in the Lochness Strait of my dreams.  I used Velcro Command Strips to put him up there floating in the middle and used an old wood frame to go around him.  Fun for days.

In the bottom left, those are his hospital footprints…at least I hope or that would be weird.  No, they are.  I was there.  And in the top right, that is sheet music from a hymn by Fanny Crosby, the greatest hymn writer of all time.  That is where we got his name, Crosby.  Nope, it wasn’t from Parenthood, though that show was THE best.

I bought the cactus print 2 years ago during my pregnancy, along with the raccoon print off of Etsy.  Gotta love Etsy.  The globe which tied in all of my colors was purchased from a consignment shop.  It was an old globe from a school.  Neato.

The hat is my grandfather’s and I love seeing it in his room.  He wore this hat and ones like it all of the time.  Surprisingly, even with it on the edge of the wire basket we use for diapers, it never gets in the way.  It’s like a magic polite hat.

OH Bertha.  I bought a gumball machine, which I have always wanted, from Hobby Lobby, which is also where this polyresin Octopus came from.  I took out the guts of the gumball machine and added rocks and a succulent.  I give it 2 thumbs up.

I LOVE using old buffets in kid’s rooms as dressers and I have them in 2 of my children’s rooms currently.  The doors on the side give great extra storage!  This was an 80’s honey wheat wooden buffet I purchased from a cool consignment store in town for 90 ish bucks.  I painted it white, sprayed all of the original hinges and pulls and then added the round, flat brushed gold knobs to the doors.  I hate painting furniture, but I love when it’s done!

This green super cute bookshelf was old, layered in orange and black chipped paint and about to be trashed.  I thought the lines of it were so cute so i did what any good DIY-er does and sanded it to be painted…and then my husband hit it with his car.

(dramatic pause)

I hammered some nails in to straighten it up and all’s well that ends well.

The snail pillow is something I bought 3 kids ago handmade from Etsy and repainted it to meet the color scheme I needed.

This print is the very first thing I bought when I found out I was having my 1st son.  Go Hobby Lobby, it’s your birthday.  We’re gonna party like it’s your birthday.  The basket is from there also and the lamp, is from God’s country:  Target.

I bought a Jelly Cat Alligator because we call my son, Crosby Ryle Crocodile.  I know, I know, it’s an alligator, not a croc!  What are you?  Steve Irwin?

Do you love this dinosaur terrarium???!!!  I thought i came up with this idea and then I found some on Pinterest.  Boo.  Since it wasn’t my idea, I decided to copy the rock pattern I saw in someone else’s post to ease the burn and enjoy it anyways.

I sprayed painted tiny dinosaurs we got from goody bags at parties and I got the big dino from a dollar store because hey, dollar store.  The succulents are from Hobby Lobby.

When it all came together, I wished for a moment that dinosaurs weren’t extinct.

Rest in peace, brothers.

This wall hook was something I bought when this was my daughter’s nursery.  I spray painted it blue back then and decided to keep it in all of it’s glory.  I always hang a favorite outfit on it and admire their cute teeny clothes.  I wanted a cute hanger to put it on but there isn’t a large market for cute display baby hangers so, we deal and accept that ain’t nobody got no kinna time to worry about a hanger.

The door knob is from the greatest DIY bloggers of all time, Young House Love.  They did a run at Target a couple of years ago and angels sang.

THIS PIC IS THE WORST ALERT!  A bit blurry, bad light, so let’s just use it!  I wanted you to get a feel for how small the room is and I was going to jump off my roof if I had to take anymore pictures.  You get the idea.

The closet knobs are a natural wood here and dimensional and cute.  The end.

I made these curtains for under 20 bucks for 2!  I got a mega deal for 5 bucks a panel at Target and then I bought large width ribbon from Michael’s and hot glued them on in large chunky stripes.  Hey, hey!  Cute and clean like I like it!

This big print is a DIY and I made it all myself!!!!  It is my proudest art/DIY I’ve done because letters/spacing are harder than passing kidney stones.  I have a post that I’m working on just for this print.  This is a page from the classic book The Giving Tree and it strums all of the strings of my heart.

This is crib sheet is from Land of Nod because, it’s Land of Nod, my favorite one stop high quality and cute design kid’s decor and furniture.

I got this huge 8 by 10 big daddy rug from where I buy ALLL of my rugs, Overstock.  I got this big colorful rag rug for about 60 bucks, shipped!  It was better in person than on-line.  If you have a really high traffic area, I don’t recommend it because you can’t really vacuum it and it can get pulls.  Just ignore that I said all of that though because it’s colors perfectly tied in the room and it’s comfy under your feet.

This is the room dweller himself, sniffing or choking his “crocodile”.  I’m not sure which.  It’s his room.  He does what he wants.


Add a blanket to hang over the crib

Put out a cute sloth that Santa is bringing him

(I’m never REALLY done, it seems like.)

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DIY Christmas Felt Flower Wreath

14th November 2017


I went to Target, like always. I saw stuff in the one spot aisle, like always. I bought it all whether I should have or not, like always. The good news is, as soon as I saw this trim, I saw a wreath in my head! I made all of the flowers myself and added them with the leaf and pom trim from the retail motherland. I put them all together on a branch and twig wreath and there you go! I hope you like it! I have another wreath coming in the next 2 days.  #can’tstopwon’tstop


DIY LOL Surprise Doll Costume

2nd November 2017

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Do you have a child OBSESSED with LOL Surprise Dolls?  Yeah, me too.  Three of them.  My oldest child asked to be an LOL ball for Halloween and a doll coming out of the ball. I love something different so I was on board. They don’t sell that so I got to makin’ one!

Here are the supplies:


Smooth foam balls spheres 12 inch

Acrylic Paint and Sharpies

Shrink wrap

Hot glue


Sheet of craft foam


Face paint or make-up


For those of you who don’t have girls who watch toy videos on YouTube, this is what we were imitating.  We were doing the actual package and the girl she picked.

Depending on the series of the ball, different girls are on different balls so this isn’t the exact one we went with.

Buy the color acrylic craft paint for the color of ball you want and apply it with a sponge brush.  Then get a sheet of white computer paper (it bends easier on the ball), a black Sharpie, and your laptop. This is a hack that I came up with and use anytime I need a logo like I did here with the Playdoh costume.  Google an image, blow it up on the screen to the size you need and trace it with the paper right on your computer screen!  Sometimes you need to turn the lights out so that the image will shine through your paper to be traced.  Color and cut out that bad boy!  I printed out the image of the doll and free-handed the unbox me word bubble.  For the bar code on the back, I traced a greeting card with a Sharpie to make the shape and then used the edge of the card to make straight lines for the bar code itself.  So easy!

Arrange the images on the ball loosely with tape and once you get the right placing, use a hot glue gun to adhere edges to the ball but only in key spots where needed.  You can’t make the image lay perfectly flat without creasing so apply glue dots only where needed.

Once you are happy with your ball layout and it’s all attached, cover both halves in shrink wrap to make it look like the packaging!  I LOVED this detail and thought it made it look realistic AND it protected the paper images.  What??!!!??? Oh yeah, girl. Once you have the ball wrapped, you use a blow dryer and hold it about 3 inches away and make it shrink around the edges.  It is pretty fun to do.  I was like, “What else can I shrink wrap? Hmmmmm….”

Last step in the ball is attaching the ribbon to make it wearable.  You will need 4 strips of ribbon and how long, depends on your child.  You can have someone help you hold the ball half to the front of your child to gage.  Use two strips to connect the 2 halves to sit on the shoulders like a tank top would fit.  (See pics below)  This way they can slide it right over their head easily.  I use hot glue to do this step like most steps because hot glue is a gift from the craft heavens.

To complete the ball, put trips, one on each ball under the arms a bit so that they can be tied together, side to side, to keep the ball in place.  You can see this in the last very sub-par picture of my daughter in her school costume parade.

I DID THIS CHEETAH PRINT BY HAND WITH A SHARPIE BECAUSE I CLEARLY HATE MYSELF!  Don’t do it.  I thought it wouldn’t take that long…hours later with regret and carpal tunnel….I was big time wrong.  I bought a white shirt from Wal-Mart, went to town with the Sharpie, and cut a sleeve off to look like Diva’s bodysuit.  Using pink craft foam, you know the stuff in the kid craft aisles, I cut out a belt shape, drew on the details, and attached it to the shirt with hot glue.  I did the same thing for the foam bow which I glued on a cheap headband.  I added Wal-Mart glitter pants and some black boots and she was as Diva as you can get appropriately for an 8 year old knocking off a weirdly dressed toddler Lol doll.


We came, we saw, we LOLed and her costume was a big hit!  Pin, share and enjoy and follow me on all of my social media accounts using the icons in the right sidebar.  See ya round!

DIY Baby Noah’s Ark Costume

1st November 2017


HOLD up! Baby Noah up in hur’! I was a little torn on whether or not to do this because Noah is well known, but I settled on it because the costume is really uncommon! The whole look was less than 15 bucks and it was easy to do. Just kidding. I sawed off plastic animal heads with a serrated bread knife and, this just in, they aren’t made for cutting hard plastic. Also, it was a DREAM to transport. Also, just kidding. That awesome cloud contraption was a butt-head!

Here is he is and how I did it! Pin me for next year!


NOPE, not a Star Wars character!  Once he was in the ark, there was no mistaking him!  I put him in regular neutral clothes he already had and added a toddler brown t-shirt I cut into a robe, and rope trim from my gift wrapping bucket!  Price of costume:  ZERO dollars.


All of the animals are from Wal-Mart or the dollar store.  You can find these year round so work your Noah whenever you want.  A little hot glue and a black “doorway” colored onto the wood plank poster board and you are super cute and good to go.

The ominous grey cloud and rain!  I made the cloud using the insides of a cheap pillow (cheaper than buying polyfil), 57 cent dowels, spray adhesive and foam board.  I made dowel holes and filed them with hot glue and pushed the dowels slightly through the foam board.  Once the glue was set, I reinforced it with more glue globs.  Next, I cut open a pillow I bought for 2 bucks and some change, sprayed the foam board with spray adhesive and started filling the board with fluff!  It was really fast and anyone can do it.

To make the rain drops, I cut blue felt into drops and attached them to the ends of white rope trim using hot glue and then glued the opposite ends to the foam board. I placed them evenly staggered (oxymoron?) and at varying heights.

Once that was all done, I attached the dowels to the wagon with extra strength clear packing tape and fit them snuggly in next to the seats.  Can I get an amen?  It was actually really sturdy!


To make the wagon look like an ark, I wrapped it in wood plank poster board from Hobby Lobby and cut an ark shape with cardboard and then covered that with the plank poster as well.  Both sides of the ark had different animal heads and I just colored black windows with a Sharpie and hot glued the animal head on that I had cut-off with a knife.  I cut my finger too, right after I burned it with hot glue.  It’s hard being crafty sometimes.

I attached the ark shape board using zip ties on each end, attaching both side around the seats with string.

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Transform A Pillow With Paint

17th October 2017


This is really easy to do if you have a pillow that needs a color change!  I had been looking at this pillow I had made on Etsy for one of my daughter’s nurseries and I really didn’t want to part with it, BUT my son probably wouldn’t dig a cranberry pink pillow in his room. You know because 14 month olds have strong decor opinions…  A snail is perfect for any gender room so I took to the paint!  I bought a fabric paint in black, pulled out an old paint brush I use for details, and basically just colored it in like a coloring book!  Whip out cha’ steady hand and treat yo’self to a new pillow!  It’s a lot more affordable than buying new pillows every single time you change a color scheme.

Here it is in process so you can see it going down.  I just followed the lines!

Here it is completed! From pink to masculine and all for the price of a tiny bottle of fabric paint!  Nursery reveal coming next!  You know…since he is over a year old now. Literally, I am still trying to fill out the details.


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Painted Rock Hide-and-Seek In Your Town

19th September 2017


My name is Rebecca and I have a problem with painting and hiding rocks.
It’s true. Seriously. My daughter drew a picture of me in church this week and it was me painting rocks. In the picture I’m yelling, “I love painting rocks!”

Have you heard of this in your town yet? I can almost guarantee that the hide-and-seek rock painting is going down in your town and if it isn’t, you should start a group on Facebook! You can even do this nationally with traveling rocks from state to state.

It is near free, creative and fun! So what is it, really? It’s this simple. You paint rocks, hide them in different popular locations in your hometown (parks, restaurants, etc.) and people find them and re-hide them, OR keep them and paint new ones to leave around somewhere new.

You can paint whatever you want and make them inspirational with quotes, make them funny, fancy, artsy….whatever you want! It is perfect for any age and little to no skill required!

You can join a Facebook group for your town and post pics with rocks as you find them and post clues as to where you have hidden rocks yourself! I posted that a restaurant in our town had been “rocked” and the 3 we hid were gone in 45 minutes. I don’t know why, but it is a cheap thrill (literally) to see someone stumble across your rock and get excited. And finding them is a blast, too!  My daughter found our first one outside of our town’s Qdoba and the rock came from a town an hour and a half away.  We felt like we found Wonka’s golden ticket.  We posted it on Facebook and the owner commented that was their rock.  So cool!

All you need to do is:

1- Get some rocks (I know, curveball.)

2- Get paints AND something to seal the finished stone with so that it can stand up to the weather. Polyurethane spray or some sort of sealing clear coat. Paint wise, I bought some acrylic outdoor paints for $1.47 at Hobby Lobby.

3. Write on the back of your rock your town’s hashtag and instructions, if you want. Example: #BGKYROCKS Post a pic on FB and re-hide!

4. Search on Facebook “painted rocks of __________”. Enter your town or state and you will find groups. If not, and you’ll be surprised where it already is, start your own with friends and watch it grow!

It is a fun, active, exploring, outdoor, creative, family friendly, budget friendly, challenge activity! I hope your children go on to make portraits of you painting rocks.

Better yet, HAVE A PAINTING ROCKS PARTY and then go out and hide them as a group! PARTY ON, WAYNE! PARTY ON, GARTH!

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Sarah’s Stitches: Custom Hand Embroidery You HAVE To See

23rd August 2017


Are you familiar with hand embroidery?  Girl, I wasn’t either and IT IS GLORIOUS and such a beautiful and intricate craft! The art below is the PERFECT, unique, and customizable gift that you can give, wear or decorate your home with!

Sarah from Sarah’s Stitches make the most INCREDIBLE custom and one-of-a-kind hand embroidery art pieces and jewelry.  It’s been a long time since something impressed me this much. She has raw talent and the detail makes me tired just looking at it.

It’s an old fashioned art, but with a modern and custom flare that makes me want to embroider my eye balls to a hoop of it so that I can never look away!

See the bottom of this post for a chance to win one of these pieces!


And now for your chance to win!

You know it is your heart’s desire to win this cactus necklace…

Win this 1.5″ wood mini embroidery hoop pendant on a 30″ brass chain and make your other jewelry necklace that they aren’t handmade.

To enter:

FOLLOW Sarah and her party pants on our Instagram accounts and COMMENT on the post with the Win Me image above.  Be sure to take note that Sarah’s Instagram has an “e” between Sarah and Stitches.  I made that mistake once before.  If you already follow us, GREAT! Just leave a comment as an entry ON OUR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS and for good measure, give this post a share on Facebook.

Winner will be announced this Friday on our Instagram accounts!  Happy winning! Thanks to Sarah for letting me share her work and for giving the ole’ party pants a giveaway!

Lochness Monster Party: Her Party Pants Original

14th August 2017


I geeked out big time on this party with word play and details that doubled for my son’s birthday and the existence of Nessie.  Rarely do I geek out…this was full on geek.  I prefer ganster rap, but every blue moon, I get nerdy….

I loved doing this party, aka the first one I’ve ever done for a son!  I did a little party for my friend’s son (Food Fight Party), but other than that, this is the only other boy shindig I’ve ever done.

I for real believe in the Lochness Monster, but don’t let that run you off.  You have to at least believe in him for 5 seconds with me.  Come on, it’s magical.

For those of you that don’t know, Lochness is a sea dinosaur that has been spotted hundreds of times over decades from Scottish locals around the Lochness Strait, to tourists, to images from Goggle Earth.  It’s basically my favorite mystery.

Check this party out, buddy.

I drew these Lochness guys freehand on scrapbook paper while looking at shilouette images on-line.  I was pretty proud of them, because even though I am somewhat artistic, the more life-like, the harder.  And for an even sweeter detail?  Read the caption on the picture below!


I wasn’t sure if anyone would say anything about me using a gold glitter banner for a boy’s birthday, but since my son can’t talk or have opinions….gold glitter it was!  I had this custom made from Contagious Events on Etsy.  The quality was great and I love the black and white baker’s twine it came with that the letters hung on.  HIgh five team, Contagious Events.

I was super giddy at how the “so happy you exist” idea was perfect for a birthday and for believing in Lochness.  I’m not gonna lie. I stole it from a greeting card.  Good job, whoever you are who thought to put that on a card with a creature like this.  You win today’s favorite person award!

If this cake doesn’t give you all the monster feels, than you must not have feels.  I drew a detailed color diagram of the cake that I wanted for 3 reasons:

1- I am a past cake decorator and I have a specific vision for my cakes.

2- It’s the only way to almost guarantee you get what you want!  I recommend drawing your orders if you can if it is a cake you are creating.  If not, definitely bring a good picture of what you want.

3- I’m a dork about cakes.  Here is one I made for my daughter’s 1st birthday party many moons ago.  But let’s get back to Nessie…

This cake was made by Sweet Temptations, a local bakery in my hometown that I use for all of my cakes when I can’t muster the strength to make one…which is almost always.

The detail on the face was a million times above and beyond what I had hoped for.  I drew the most simple Lochness head of all fondant times.  I ADORED this little guy!

I deserted the “Happy Birthday” for “Love You A LOCH”….get it….wordplay….fun for days.  And don’t miss the tail detail on the side of the cake there.  LOVE!

These Target plates by Cheeky were perfect for my party because not only was the color scheme correct, it looked like waves/Nessie hump.


AND my favorite….


Ha ha, get it…people are always trying to get good pictures of him….

I found some Lochness stamps on Etsy at  The Crafty Carvery .  They were very fast and 3 cheers for them providing something unique!  The Lochness was whimisical enough to add some childlikeness to this 1 year old birthday party.

Using waterproof inking pads, I stamped Nessie and each sentence individually.  It actually doesn’t take that long and after I made my own napkins with stamps for the fiesta baby shower I just threw, it’s become a love of mine!  Whenever you can, go custom!  Keep it original!

In case you missed it above, and I can’t allow you to, “I never look good in photos” is what these high five napkins say.

I found this Lochness figure (Elasmaosaurus) on Amazon and made him appear to float in the chocolate milk for the kids.  It looked like he was right at home in his lake water.

Somebody call the doctor!  I’m going to have a stroke for these little favors I gave to the guests. I bought these little glass candy jars from Amazon and spray painted the lids to be color appropriate. It took less than 5 minutes to get them all coated and finished sooooooo that is pretty super.  I purchased these stickers that I used on the side of the jars from my favorite custom, has anything you want site: Zazzle.  This image is of the famous scam picture taken many moons ago that became famous.  I know that because I’ll give you a hint about me and Lochness and it rhymes with…week.  No, it’s not that I’m on fleek.  But this party might be…

These super sweet jars hold 5 Hershey Kisses and the stickers on the bottoms with my son’s face, hold about all of my dreams! I found them at Silly Wise Kids  on Etsy.  This shop offers several face customizable party products.  I thought it was an unexpected and fun little detail!

I simply cut the huge letters out of gold poster board that i laid vertical for extra height.  If you aren’t too good at free-handing, and trust me, I didn’t want to freehand these, I have a stellar tip. Go with a pencil in hand to Hobby Lobby to purchase your poster board and while you are there, go get some of their huge wall letters and trace them on to your poster before you buy the poster.  I meant to but I left my pencil, because something always goes wrong when I go on kid free errands.  Truth.

The Nessie details I cut out of left over scrapbook paper from the Lochness famiy I made for the backdrop.

The kid’s table was sooooo much fun!  A grass tablecloth underneath a blue flowing water tablecloth, which is just a plastic one I cut a bunch of curves into. This grass cloth here is really a heavy plastic lined printed one from Party City, but I really wanted a textured grass one like this one here on Amazon.  It is technically a rug but thin enough to be on a table.

Last but definitely not least, I bought a Styrofoam cake dummy, cut it in half, and spray painted it to make look like humps coming out of the water.  When this idea hit me, I couldn’t wait to find something to make the humps with and these cake rounds were perfect! I bought my cake dummy from Hobby Lobby, but you can buy one just like it here on Amazon for 9 bucks and some change.

I used plastic tablecloths to turn the adult tables into huge Scottish flags.  Hip hip hooray!


If this balloon garland doesn’t change your life, nothing will.  I don’t want to throw anyone for any curve balls here, but I had the colors customized and ordered it from Twigs and Twirls LLC on Etsy.  In my heart, I hoped it never deflated, but in real life, my kids ripped it apart after the party and had a blast with it.  I love this Etsy shop/site and I will use them again for a party source!

Since Lochness is all about sightings, I used the stamps I used for the napkins and stamped 45 of these critters and cut them out to hide around the room.  Whoever gathered the most sightings, won a Target gift card!

“You’re my favorite Monster” so sweet for a 1st brithday!  This is a tiny bag I stamped and stuffed for the prize for the Lochness sightings game.

Just like for my daughter’s Ketchup and French Fry Party and my oldest’s Diaversary party, I bought a custom party shirt for the person of honor which was this little man this time.  I bought this shirt from Zazzle, one of my 2 favorite custom sites.

This just in:  he’s been caught!  I knew I was right.

Happy birthday my sweet boy!

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Simple Back To School Gift For Mom

31st July 2017

Have you sent your first child to kindergarten? It can stink to the emotional high heavens. Some moms are like “Bye Felicia” while some are crying in their coffee for hours after the first day drop off.

I have an empathetic spot for mommas in the sad bunch because it was a difficult transition for yours truly. I saw these note napkins last year at Kroger and fell in love with them. If you can’t find them at Kroger, Amazon has everything basically. You can probably buy human body parts on there. Anyways….

Wrap these napkins in a ribbon with a pen, small Starbucks card, and little encouraging note. While kids are still little, they love notes from mom and it gives a mom on the struggle bus a way to be there for her kid while they are gone. Plus, your child will typically be reading by mid-kindergarten so you can leave actual simple messages that they can read themselves as the year progresses.

This is also a great little gift for a child starting at a new school! (Disclaimer: Not big kids though because, they definitely don’t want this poppin’ out of their lunchboxes.)

Just a little thoughtful gift from one mom to another! Have a great first day back, whenever that may be for you! Your kid’s will love school and eventually, you’ll love it too. Mommin’ ain’t easy. #momsagainsteducation #babiesforever

DIY Cactus Letters

26th July 2017




I couldn’t think of what to do for an inexpensive but creative centerpiece for my sister-in-laws Fiesta Baby Shower.  I remembered seeing these big letters at Hobby Lobby and it hit me: cactus letters!  Admittedly, cacti are getting overdone and letters are way overdone but, every now and then, I like a few trends too much not to use them because they are just too cute for their own good.

It’s simple to do these and really cheap!  Take any letter, or shape for that matter, from the paper craft section of the store.  I’m not sure what you call this material…it’s like a thin cardboard.  Help me out, people?


Paint your shape with any craft paint, cut toothpicks in half with scissors, add a dab of hot glue and place each toothpick half pointy side up in each glue dot and get er’ done! Lastly, attach any fake desert looking flower to the top of your piece like a good old real-deal cactus.  It’s that simple! You’ll notice I pointed the “cactus needles”  in sightly different directions for a real-life look.  It looks weird for them all to be stuck straight up and down.

You can do whole words, colored toothpicks, different colored letters, ANYTHING!  If you have a cactus themed room in your child’s room, you better do this right away!  I know I made this but….I think it’s adorable all while being on trend and not too cute-sy.  What do you think?

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