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Barnyard/Farm Theme Cake

16th March 2016


Many moons ago, I use to make cakes in my pre-children life.  Making cakes is crazy, but I’m glad I did it for a season.  I wanted to add some of my cakes to the detail category so here I go with numero uno.

I made this cake for my oldest’s 1st birthday which was “modern farm” theme.  I will do the invites in another post because they were cute but modern and not too kiddish.

This cake is iced in buttercream and decorated in fondant and it’s all edible.  It’s one of my favorite cakes that I ever made and I’m glad it was for my own! I love the details of the hen which I’m pretty sure isn’t accurate with it’s gobbler thing and the horses.  Horses were on both sides of the cakes but only one set shown here!  I think it’s cute which may not count since I made it….

Thanks to Joel Ham Photography for the great pics as always!

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Pin It To Win It Contest for a 50 Dollar Visa Card

8th March 2016


It is true that Pinterest is the single most powerful social media tool for bloggers.  Yes, even more powerful than the great and mighty Facebook.  Pins are like little commercials that work for you and your content so pin to wins are the perfect contest!

How to Enter:

  1.  Follow herpartypants on Pinterest
  2. Create a board on your personal Pinterest account titled:  HerPartyPants.Com
  3. Go through my posts and pin some of my content to your board.  THIS PART IS VERY IMPORTANT AND YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS FOR ANY PIN….. When you pin an image, you must first click on the title of the post and THEN pin the image from that post.  If you scroll through a blog and pin from the homepage, when someone clicks the pin, it will redirect to the blog, but not the post they are interested in.  Pin correctly for Pinterest’s sake!  Don’t you hate when you find a pin you like and it doesn’t take you to the content you want?  I do.  Friends don’t lead friends on a goose chase for Pinterest content.
  4. You must pin at least 6 images and at least 2 must be parties.
  5. Once your board is created, comment or email me {} the link to your board as proof of your entry.
  6. Winner will be chosen at random this Friday 11th and announced on my Facebook page.  Failure to respond to claim your prize within 24 hours will cause you to forfeit and I will move to the next contestant.  Happy pinning!


GIVEAWAY: Family Fun Pack 4 Tickets to Annie

11th January 2016


Whattttttt?!!! Now this is a party: 4 tickets to see one of the most beloved musicals of all time! Yes, please!  I had the privilege of being contacted by the SKyPAC performing arts center here in my hometown of Bowling Green, Kentucky to see if I would be interested in hosting this giveaway. Um, do unicorns love rainbows?  Of course. Of course I would.

This contest is open to anyone anywhere, not just in my hometown.  This show is coming up on February 9th and if you want to win 4 tickets for you or for someone else, here is what you need to do:

1. Share this post on Facebook and make a comment in the comment section below on this post with your name and email so I can contact you if you win.

2.  Like SKyPAC on Facebook here

BONUS ENTRY:  If you are brave, fun, or both, for an extra entry, post a short video clip of you or your family singing their favorite Annie song on SKyPAC’s Facebook page.  Not only will you get an extra chance at winning, you will also be one of my favorite people afterwards soooooo….it’s sort of like a triple win.

Like herpartypants on Facebook, if you haven’t already, for more giveaways and more creative juices for all of my party people out there!

The winner will be announced this Friday!  Good luck and for more information, please visit SKyPAC’s page for details on this show and to check out all of the other great shows that are coming up!

12 Super Creative Invitations

5th January 2016

1-BeFunky Collage-002

Popsicle on A Stick


Style Me Pretty

Decoder Invitations With Glasses


Ruffled Blog

Balloon Invites


Style Me Pretty

Puzzle Invitations


Inspiring Pretty

Mail DIY Cake Cards

d80d4278b815eef5e22a57e160d8ee0a (1)


She Knows

Envelope and Tag Invitations


Eat Drink Chic

DIY Fortune Cookie Invitations

fortunecookie_thumb[1] c859828a286aa533256cdfad674f1c46

A Thoughtful Place Blog

Egg Invitations For Crying Out Loud



Oh Happy Day

Candy Invitations

(This one shown is actually a favor but you could easily make these invitations!)


The 36th Avenue

Build Em’ Invitations


Catch My Party

Film Canister Invitations With Tutorial On Source Link


Photo JoJo

These Awesome Elementary School Throwback Invitations


Paper Truly on Etsy

DIY Felt Christmas Wreaths

14th December 2015


1-PicMonkey Collage-001

All wreaths are handmade by me with the affordable, ever flexible felt.  With a trusty pair of fabric scissors, I cut and imagine to my hearts content.  I never really know what a wreath will look like going into it.  I just start and figure out what works as I’m working.

Here are some of my simple, holiday creations. I hope you find some inspiration!


Scallop cut felt pieces wrapped on a wreath with an over sized, funky felt flower with spiky holly leaves.

Off beat winter wreath with icy/snowy colors.

Almost all fabric wreath with handmade pleated flowers with button centers.

Scallop edge strip of felt on the interior rim.

Tips For Throwing A Frugal Party

23rd November 2015


Beg, Steal, okay…Borrow 

Everybody has a friend or friends that loves to throw parties or entertain.  Maybe you have friends that are good decorators or artistic.  Maybe you have a friend that saved all of her cool table runners or mason jars from a great outdoor wedding. Pool your resources, be creative and borrow anything you can that would work for your party.  Maybe it’s a friend’s awesome vase or re-using displays or decor from a friend’s previous party.  Nothing says frugal like FREE!

Dollar Store It Up

Dollar stores get a bad wrap and when it comes to parties, they don’t need one! Any budget savvy party throwin’ diva will tell you, there aren’t just diamonds in the rough there…there are straight-up diamonds! Patterned snack cups, paper straws, little neat containers for party favors, candy, favor boxes, solid plates in round and square, and on and on.  No one will know and it can be just you and the change in your pocket’s little secret.  Or you just can blab about, “Can you believe I got this for this price?!”  That’s my favorite.  Wallow in the victory.

Save BIG on Printing With These Tips

Buy a REEM of white card stock (110 lb minimum-that’s what I buy) at Staples or like copy center and use your own card stock to have your files printed on.  One reem will last you a bazillion parties and save you big!!!!   Supplying your own paper rather than paying per piece saves you loads per order and you have lots of paper for future orders.  Another important thing to know is that copy centers charge you per cut so a 4 x 6 invite fully cut invite will cost you  up 40 cents PER invite more,  JUST FOR THE CUTS!  I typically save 12 dollars or more for each order and can get all of my invites (usually 25) and party packages items like cupcake toppers etc. for 8 dollars! It really doesn’t take that long to make your own cuts and you can get the same product(s) for SO much cheaper.

Staples is by far my favorite copy center to use and they are so helpful and full service copiers. You email in your order with all of your specifications and boom.  I even put in the special instructions, “Please pull a ream of 110 lb white card stock for printing these items and add that to my order.” It’s a great and easy process and I got 0 dollars and 0 discounts from Staples for saying that.

Have Favors That Pull Double Duty

Consider “giving” a favor that is one of the party activities.  Did kids make sand art at your party?  Did they tie-dye shirts?  Did you serve drinks with crazy straws in non-throw away themed cups?  Send them home with them!  Favors can pull double duty even beyond the activity being the take home favor.  You can also use your favors as table decor/centerpieces. Why buy both favors and table decor when they can be one in the same and save you some money? If you make your table decor an activity that also goes home as the favor, then you have won at life.

Invest In Reasonable/Versatile Party Pieces

When I say invest, I don’t necessarily mean “make a big financial investment”.  I simply mean, if you see a neutral table cloth you like at Home Goods, buy it an re-use it at as many parties as you can think.  When Target has glass jars or glass milk bottles or pitchers in the one spot aisle, stock up and have a set you can use over and over as drink ware at several parties.  An ultimate way to be frugal is to build a supply of highly usable items so that what you do need to buy at each future party, goes down and down


Spray paint is my BFF.  Just asked my husband who thinks I would even spray paint a fabric chair.  Oh wait, I did that.  Sound too good to be true?  Dang.  It was, girl.  It was.  But moving on…Take your metal cupcake stand and spray that puppy in as many shades as you have parties. Paint that basket, re-cover the fabric, change out the ribbon on the banner, paint the pots, do what you have to do to make what things you have, work for you over and over again.

Save on the Cake

I use to decorate cakes from my home and they are awesome and WORTH the money when you pay for the skill, cost, time and labor from a home decorator BUT, it isn’t typically very frugal.  Consider buying a smash cake for any age of child so that they have their own personal themed cake but then, supply cupcakes for the rest of the guests.  You can build really cute displays around a smash cake and truly, with the right icing and a basic icing tip, most anyone can make great looking cupcakes.  If you make them yourself, you can save big bucks.  Buy a small smash and save on the 35 person serving cake.


Chuckie Cheese is great if that is what you want, but it is also like paying for 10 kids to go to Disney World.  Chuckie don’t come cheap, honey.  Try going outdoors for your party. Mother nature comes cheap or free. Consider renting a pavilion at a park which costs basically nothing.  Here in my town, it’s 8 dollars for 2 hours.  Or, if you want to book a place, try a week night or off-peak hours to get a less busy facility and sometimes, better rates!  Do you go to church? If so, check with your church because depending on the place, they will often let you use their facility.   You can also do a double party where two friends host together and split the cost. Think a double party for 2 BFFs.  There is a gymnastics facility locally that does splits for people often: same deal, half the price for you.  When it comes to venue, think outside of the box on how you can save money and when you can, pick one that allows you to bring in outside food and drink.  That way you have what you want, at the price YOU can control.

Other Saving Savvy Tips

Avoid helium.  Due to the helium shortage, 6 months ago I paid 40 dollars for 2 mylar balloons and 12 plain latex balloons.  BOOOOO.  Try searching Pinterest for creative ways to use balloons that don’t involve paying for the gold priced helium.

Never pay more than a dollar for tablecloths.  I almost always use plastic table cloths.  You can get them in almost any color, shape and size at dollar stores and just pitch them when you are done.  You can use tutorials to make them ruffled, layered, and so on.  I always buy contrasting colors and make table runners.

Try to keep your party favors 2 dollars or under per guest.  It can be done.  Years ago I did these over-sized balls for my 1 year old’s birthday.  They were a substantial, affordable, decorative, fun and practical gift for the little tots and was season appropriate.


Enjoy, Pin and SAVE!

Giveaway: Win This Garland

17th November 2015




Win this felt garland {made by me} from my mountain shower.  It is perfect for a party with a complimentary theme whether it be adventure theme, outdoor, camping, winter, or even, yes, Frozen.  Not throwing a party?  This would look PRECIOUS as decor above a bed or dresser in a baby’s nursery or kid’s room.  To enter to win, follow herpartypants on Instagram and share this photo, tagging my account in the share!

If you are already a follower on Instagram, and with that new account, I can promise you probably aren’t, haha.  You can share this post on Facebook and tag herpartypants Facebook fan page in the share. Of course I think you have to be following that page to tag me.  I know who all is following me already and who isn’t so I will know to count you in that way.

A winner will be announced via my Instagram on Friday!

Cactus Theme Party Ideas

5th November 2015


1-BeFunky Collage-001


1- Fiesta/Mexican Theme

2- Someone is moving out west or going to college out west

3- Summer Theme

4- Country/Cowgirl/Cowboy/Sheriff Callie anything cacti-tical

5- Any party that can make a play on words related to cactus.  Think that can’t be done? You better just dare me.  Go ahead, say I dare you to make cactus word play.

6.  You are creative.

Now that-that is out of the way,  I can show you this round-up of cactus ideas I loved!


DIY Cactus Balloons





Paper Cacti and Desert Plants




Mini Cactus Pinatas




Taco Theme With Cactus Accents




Potted Cactus Macaroons




Real Cacti in  Spanish Cans




Cactus Doughnuts




Printable Mini Cupcake Cactus Cupcake Stand




Cactus Pumpkins/Vegetables




Cactus Cake Toppers and Cupcake Topper Cacti Made With Icing




Use A Rubber Cactus Stamp To Embellish and DIY Any Party Detail


Source:  Etsy shop byhoneysuckle


Potted Cactus Candles



Source:  Etsy Shop CanadianWesternLife


Handmade Succulent Magnets Could Be Used For Favors

(They would break down to 2.50 each.)


Source:  Etsy Shop This and Thatish


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