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DIY Cactus Letters

26th July 2017




I couldn’t think of what to do for an inexpensive but creative centerpiece for my sister-in-laws Fiesta Baby Shower.  I remembered seeing these big letters at Hobby Lobby and it hit me: cactus letters!  Admittedly, cacti are getting overdone and letters are way overdone but, every now and then, I like a few trends too much not to use them because they are just too cute for their own good.

It’s simple to do these and really cheap!  Take any letter, or shape for that matter, from the paper craft section of the store.  I’m not sure what you call this material…it’s like a thin cardboard.  Help me out, people?


Paint your shape with any craft paint, cut toothpicks in half with scissors, add a dab of hot glue and place each toothpick half pointy side up in each glue dot and get er’ done! Lastly, attach any fake desert looking flower to the top of your piece like a good old real-deal cactus.  It’s that simple! You’ll notice I pointed the “cactus needles”  in sightly different directions for a real-life look.  It looks weird for them all to be stuck straight up and down.

You can do whole words, colored toothpicks, different colored letters, ANYTHING!  If you have a cactus themed room in your child’s room, you better do this right away!  I know I made this but….I think it’s adorable all while being on trend and not too cute-sy.  What do you think?

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DIY Candy Necklace Bar

12th April 2017


I threw my first birthday party for one of my children where activities were 100 percent of the entertainment.  In the past they have wanted inflatables etc., and with those, you don’t fill the time.  You just let those puppies run!  I was nervous to do an all activities party because I didn’t know how many activities I would need or how long each would last with a bunch of 4-ish year-olds.  I pictured flying through everything and then all of the kids just sitting there staring at each other and their parent’s staring at me and I’m naked!  No wait, that is the nightmare I had about it the night before.  I did wear clothes and successfully left them on.

This simple activity was what dreams are made of and how cavities come to be:  DIY Candy Necklace Bar.  They can wear them, eat them, or take them home as a super unique and easy favor they made themselves.

I bought different colored string and used Fruit Loops and several different types of Life Savers (gummy, orange mint, etc.)  I also tried to use one inch cut pieces of Twizzlers, but the holes were not big and circular enough.  Note to yourself:  If you do this activity, use Red Vines instead.  I think those would work much easier!

How cute and fun was this?!?!  It’s affordable and not something you have likely done at a party before!  Pin, share, enjoy and follow all of my party pants, right here…right now, y’all.

Photography Credit:  Shelly Griffin Photography

Perfect Summer Party Favor For Kids

6th June 2016


If you are having a beach/pool/water party and more, try on this super easy, cheap and colorful party favor!

I got these cute buckets/shovel combos at the Dollar Store for..well…one dollar! Then I got an 80 count box of Pop-Ice Popsicles for 3 dollars! I filled the pails as a cute take-home and freeze summery pool treat! It was perfect for my 2 year old’s pool party and could easily be done a hundred fun ways for tons of themes!

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Dollar Gumball Machines: Easy, Cute & Cheap Party Favor

1st May 2016

1-20160430-IMG_5516 (1)


Whether you are fancy pants or not, whether you know it or not…the dollar store has been and will forever be your best friend when you are party planning.  Even swanky parties can slip in dollar store items all the time.

For my girls double birthday party this weekend, I went with gumball machines and bagged baker’s twine tied baggies of multi-colored gumballs.

The machines came from the Dollar Tree for 1 dollar a piece.  The gumballs I got in the candy aisle at Walmart and I got just over 6 pounds for 15 dollars after tax.

28 machines= 28 dollars

6 pounds of gumballs= 15 dollars

Total:  44 dollars

Price per favor:  $1.57

It’s substantial, unique and the kids LOVE them!  It’s hard to do favors for that good of a price that isn’t a random bag of nick-knack throw away toys.  I think it’s a win!!!

Plus, if your child brings one home, don’t throw them away!  Fill them up with jelly beans, M & Ms, or any small candy and use them as reward jars for good behavior, good school work, or whatever the going rate is for a jelly bean in your house!

Love the idea and want to do it?  You can pre-order and do site-to-store and assure the number of items you want for your party.  Nice little tip there….   That way you can avoid being there the day of the party praying they unloaded the truck with gumball machines on them.  That sounds very familiar.

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1-20160430-IMG_5510 (1)


Awesome DIY Party Garlands

21st April 2016



Sticker Garland on Baker’s Twine

How easy and how cute!!!





Mini Fruit Balloon Garland



Oh Happy Day


Folded Cupcake Liner Garland


Handmade Charlotte


Party Hat Garland

The House That Lars Built has an awesomely cute party hat garland tutorial!  You could make this one yourself following their post or even use pre-made party hats to save yourself some crafting!  So cute and great for a billion themes!


The House That Lars Built


Pool Noodle Popsicle Garland

If this isn’t cute enough for you to choke, then you will never need the Heimlich!  Follow the easy tutorial on the source link below the pic from Oh Happy Day!


Oh Happy Day


Tissue Paper Fringe Garland

Easy, cute and CHEAP!




Cupcake Liner Garland

Just needle, thread and string together some cute and colorful liners.  Don’t want to make your own?  You can buy one from Ella Jane Crafts on Etsy!



Ella Jane Crafts


Balloon Garland

This might be the easiest and cheapest of all!  Blow up balloons (no helium cost, yay!), use a needle and thread to pull a string through the balloon tip you blow into and hang!



Young House Love



12 Awesome Party Activities For Kids

4th April 2016


1-BeFunky Collage-002



Color Spray Shirts

This is an easy craft for all ages and pretty much mess free!


Kids Activities Blog


Spray Tie Dye Shirts


Skip To My Lou


DIY Candy Necklaces


The Love Nerds


DIY Mason Jar Aquariums


A Little CLAIREification


Glow in the Dark Galaxy Jars

I did these at the GLOW party I did for a little girl and they are SO neat and SO easy!


Mom Dot


Decorate and Take Pillowcases

This is really cute for a slumber or art party!  I love anytime activities can double as favors!


Be A Fun Mum


Squirt Gun Painting

Art even the boys will get excited about!


Fire Flies and Mud Pies  


Sand Art


Pig Skin And Pigtails 


Rock Painting (Monster Rock Magnets Shown)


Coco 29


Make a Pizza….Fruit Or Regular!


Smart Schoolhouse


Wedding Fanatic


Painting Pots

Any age can do this craft, but late elementary/pre-teen girls may really enjoy this craft!


Shoes-Off Please


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Simple Rainbow Cake

20th March 2016

Now THIS is a simple cake from my rainbow party pre this site! Even if you aren’t all that crafty, I created this cake largely using fondant cutters. What’s easier than basically using cookie cutters, guys? Nothing. It’s sort of like being a Playdoh expert.  Just make sure that you use a fondant roller to make your cut outs even pre-cut, Playdoh queen.

I free handed the rainbow and cloud, but I used a circle cutter and petal cutters in 2 sizes to make this beast mode sun. Like the rainbow, I love doing cakes where designs spill over the side!

I used a different flower cutter, daisy I believe, to make the grass border. I cut solid green daisies out, sliced them horizontally and laid them end-to-end making a grass trim. I added tiny little flowers to the grass to add a little simple touch and guess what? I used fondant cutters for that 🙂 And the number 1? I won’t insult your intelligence

I designed this simple, clean, playful and colorful cake and I truly believe you can make it. Go be a baller and if you’re lucky, a shot caller.

Simple Rainbow Cake

Simple Rainbow Cake

Simple Rainbow Cake


Rainbow Party Favors For Older Kids

18th March 2016


This detail is from my Simple Rainbow Birthday Party I did years before I ever thought I would start planning parties.  I still LOVE these favors.  For these I used Izze drinks which are a colorful, healthier and already sweet in their original packaging.  ‘

In small celophane bags, I added colored gumballs and Skittles to the bottom, centered a drink in the middle of the candy and added colorful paper straws.  I tied them with orange ribbon and “Thank You” tags I stamped myself.  They looked awesome on the tables and the kids loved them.  AND I think they are unique which, you know, gets me all kinna’ excited!

I love the display, the color and the clean modern look.  This favor WINS!

P.S.- These pictures were taken under fluorescent lights, our home’s previous owners favorite thing. The show must go on!

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1-057 (2)

Elephant Toothpaste: How to Achieve My Volcano Gender Reveal Effect

1st March 2016



Baking soda and vinegar volcanoes never get as crazy, big and fluffy as I would like and I needed a big effect for my party of 35 to see my gender reveal “lava” color.

I decided to go with elephant toothpaste and here is how you do it:


1/2 cup of 40 Volume hydrogen peroxide (This can be found at beauty supply stores.  You can not use any old hydrogen peroxide for this.  This is a 6% solution and for $3.50, I got enough to do this experiment a good 4 to 5 times.)

1 Tablespoon blue Dawn liquid dish soap

1 packet of active dry yeast

3 Tablespoons warm water

Food coloring of your choice (10 to 20 drops depending on how bold you want the color)

Casserole dish or tray with a high lip to catch the flowing action!



Mix hydrogen peroxide and Dawn soap together in a water bottle/vase/ etc.

Put mixture on to the casserole dish or lipped tray you want to catch the goods.

In a separate bowl, mix 3 tablespoons of warm water with one packet active dry yeast until it is mostly dissolved.

Using a funnel or measuring cup, pour yeast mixture into the peroxide mixture and immediately see a result!

It is so fun, warm and fluffy and perfectly say to touch and play with!  It’s mainly just oxygen and something else but I can’t remember.  What am I, Bill Nye The Science Guy?


Do it for fun, a science lesson or for a reveal like mine!  The kids go crazy for this stuff and it was just what my party needed!

*Color much more vivid in real life!


How to make these volcanoes:

1-ParrotGenderReveal-21 - Copy

What you will need:

Acrylic craft paint in the color of your choice for the volcano

Paper trees in various sizes (When I say paper, they are more like chipboard and in the crafting and chipboard section of Hobby Lobby.  Also, sold at Christmas for Christmas crafts.)

A cheap plastic baby bottle

Hot glue gun

Serrated Knife

Tissue paper in orange and yellow, cut into flame shapes and stuffed into the opening while the reveal awaits!


Paint volcanoes in the color of your choice, adding a question mark for the reveal cone.

Cut off the top of your “tree” about 3 inches from the top with a serrated knife.

Take your baby bottle and wedge it firmly through the bottom of the cone, up to the opening you cut.  If it does not get close to being flush with your opening, cut the cone off a little more.

1-ParrotGenderReveal-48 - Copy

Once wedged, take your hot glue gun and fill in the rim of the bottle generously to the inside of the volcano to give it extra security.

1-ParrotGenderReveal-49 - Copy

Follow directions above and lava away!




Easy Cakes Anyone Can Make {Seriously}

9th December 2015


1-PicMonkey Collage

Log Cake

Cute for a lumberjack theme, camping, woodland creature, adventure, or any outdoor-esk party!  All you need to do is make or buy some chocolate buttercream, ice the cake (imperfections make no difference with this cake), let the icing harden in the fridge, and then use a toothpick, wiping frequently, to doodle in a wood grain.  Easy!


The Project Girl


Plain White Icing With Non-Edible Toppers/Banners You Make, Order or Buy Retail


Mint in the Middle


A Subtle Reverly


ANY Naked Cake

I LOVE naked cakes.  Fill the layers with icing in between and faintly ice the outter edges.  Cover it in fruit or flowers or use a pre-made/homemade topper like above.  As an ex-cake decorator, this idea is like a dream of easy!They can sophisticated or even playful!


Just Destiny Mag


Martha Stewart


Sprinkle Cake


Little Life Of Mine


Decorate with Food

Is there anything easier than this cake?  I don’t think so.  Minus baking.  You are on your own there.


Cooking Classy


Twizzler Flowers aka Genius



Handmade Charlotte


Monster Eye Cake


The Cake Blog


Edible Images On A Store Bought Cake (Yes, they are the easiest thing to do.)

You can find a million edible image Etsy shops where you can shop by theme or submit an image to have them make you your very own!  Below there is a link to a free template you can use to print and order this very image for your own cake!  This is basically like a big sticker and you CAN do it!


The Cake Blog

(You can find the edible Image Free Template for “This Is Your Day” and link to a shop who customizes edible images for you!)

Powder Sugar and Stencils

Shifter, powdered sugar, stencil, go!