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Simple Rainbow Cake

20th March 2016

Now THIS is a simple cake from my rainbow party pre this site! Even if you aren’t all that crafty, I created this cake largely using fondant cutters. What’s easier than basically using cookie cutters, guys? Nothing. It’s sort of like being a Playdoh expert. ¬†Just make sure that you use a fondant roller to make your cut outs even pre-cut, Playdoh queen.

I free handed the rainbow and cloud, but I used a circle cutter and petal cutters in 2 sizes to make this beast mode sun. Like the rainbow, I love doing cakes where designs spill over the side!

I used a different flower cutter, daisy I believe, to make the grass border. I cut solid green daisies out, sliced them horizontally and laid them end-to-end making a grass trim. I added tiny little flowers to the grass to add a little simple touch and guess what? I used fondant cutters for that ūüôā And the number 1? I won’t insult your intelligence

I designed this simple, clean, playful and colorful cake and I truly believe you can make it. Go be a baller and if you’re lucky, a shot caller.

Simple Rainbow Cake

Simple Rainbow Cake

Simple Rainbow Cake


Easy Cakes Anyone Can Make {Seriously}

9th December 2015


1-PicMonkey Collage

Log Cake

Cute for a lumberjack theme, camping, woodland creature, adventure, or any outdoor-esk party!  All you need to do is make or buy some chocolate buttercream, ice the cake (imperfections make no difference with this cake), let the icing harden in the fridge, and then use a toothpick, wiping frequently, to doodle in a wood grain.  Easy!


The Project Girl


Plain White Icing With Non-Edible Toppers/Banners You Make, Order or Buy Retail


Mint in the Middle


A Subtle Reverly


ANY Naked Cake

I LOVE naked cakes.  Fill the layers with icing in between and faintly ice the outter edges.  Cover it in fruit or flowers or use a pre-made/homemade topper like above.  As an ex-cake decorator, this idea is like a dream of easy!They can sophisticated or even playful!


Just Destiny Mag


Martha Stewart


Sprinkle Cake


Little Life Of Mine


Decorate with Food

Is there anything easier than this cake? ¬†I don’t think so. ¬†Minus baking. ¬†You are on your own there.


Cooking Classy


Twizzler Flowers aka Genius



Handmade Charlotte


Monster Eye Cake


The Cake Blog


Edible Images On A Store Bought Cake (Yes, they are the easiest thing to do.)

You can find a million edible image Etsy shops where you can shop by theme or submit an image to have them make you your very own!  Below there is a link to a free template you can use to print and order this very image for your own cake!  This is basically like a big sticker and you CAN do it!


The Cake Blog

(You can find the edible Image Free Template for “This Is Your Day” and link to a shop who customizes edible images for you!)

Powder Sugar and Stencils

Shifter, powdered sugar, stencil, go!