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DIY Candy Necklace Bar

12th April 2017


I threw my first birthday party for one of my children where activities were 100 percent of the entertainment.  In the past they have wanted inflatables etc., and with those, you don’t fill the time.  You just let those puppies run!  I was nervous to do an all activities party because I didn’t know how many activities I would need or how long each would last with a bunch of 4-ish year-olds.  I pictured flying through everything and then all of the kids just sitting there staring at each other and their parent’s staring at me and I’m naked!  No wait, that is the nightmare I had about it the night before.  I did wear clothes and successfully left them on.

This simple activity was what dreams are made of and how cavities come to be:  DIY Candy Necklace Bar.  They can wear them, eat them, or take them home as a super unique and easy favor they made themselves.

I bought different colored string and used Fruit Loops and several different types of Life Savers (gummy, orange mint, etc.)  I also tried to use one inch cut pieces of Twizzlers, but the holes were not big and circular enough.  Note to yourself:  If you do this activity, use Red Vines instead.  I think those would work much easier!

How cute and fun was this?!?!  It’s affordable and not something you have likely done at a party before!  Pin, share, enjoy and follow all of my party pants, right here…right now, y’all.

Photography Credit:  Shelly Griffin Photography

12 Awesome Party Activities For Kids

4th April 2016


1-BeFunky Collage-002



Color Spray Shirts

This is an easy craft for all ages and pretty much mess free!


Kids Activities Blog


Spray Tie Dye Shirts


Skip To My Lou


DIY Candy Necklaces


The Love Nerds


DIY Mason Jar Aquariums


A Little CLAIREification


Glow in the Dark Galaxy Jars

I did these at the GLOW party I did for a little girl and they are SO neat and SO easy!


Mom Dot


Decorate and Take Pillowcases

This is really cute for a slumber or art party!  I love anytime activities can double as favors!


Be A Fun Mum


Squirt Gun Painting

Art even the boys will get excited about!


Fire Flies and Mud Pies  


Sand Art


Pig Skin And Pigtails 


Rock Painting (Monster Rock Magnets Shown)


Coco 29


Make a Pizza….Fruit Or Regular!


Smart Schoolhouse


Wedding Fanatic


Painting Pots

Any age can do this craft, but late elementary/pre-teen girls may really enjoy this craft!


Shoes-Off Please


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