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Sarah’s Stitches: Custom Hand Embroidery You HAVE To See

23rd August 2017


Are you familiar with hand embroidery?  Girl, I wasn’t either and IT IS GLORIOUS and such a beautiful and intricate craft! The art below is the PERFECT, unique, and customizable gift that you can give, wear or decorate your home with!

Sarah from Sarah’s Stitches make the most INCREDIBLE custom and one-of-a-kind hand embroidery art pieces and jewelry.  It’s been a long time since something impressed me this much. She has raw talent and the detail makes me tired just looking at it.

It’s an old fashioned art, but with a modern and custom flare that makes me want to embroider my eye balls to a hoop of it so that I can never look away!

See the bottom of this post for a chance to win one of these pieces!


And now for your chance to win!

You know it is your heart’s desire to win this cactus necklace…

Win this 1.5″ wood mini embroidery hoop pendant on a 30″ brass chain and make your other jewelry necklace that they aren’t handmade.

To enter:

FOLLOW Sarah and her party pants on our Instagram accounts and COMMENT on the post with the Win Me image above.  Be sure to take note that Sarah’s Instagram has an “e” between Sarah and Stitches.  I made that mistake once before.  If you already follow us, GREAT! Just leave a comment as an entry ON OUR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS and for good measure, give this post a share on Facebook.

Winner will be announced this Friday on our Instagram accounts!  Happy winning! Thanks to Sarah for letting me share her work and for giving the ole’ party pants a giveaway!

Simple Back To School Gift For Mom

31st July 2017

Have you sent your first child to kindergarten? It can stink to the emotional high heavens. Some moms are like “Bye Felicia” while some are crying in their coffee for hours after the first day drop off.

I have an empathetic spot for mommas in the sad bunch because it was a difficult transition for yours truly. I saw these note napkins last year at Kroger and fell in love with them. If you can’t find them at Kroger, Amazon has everything basically. You can probably buy human body parts on there. Anyways….

Wrap these napkins in a ribbon with a pen, small Starbucks card, and little encouraging note. While kids are still little, they love notes from mom and it gives a mom on the struggle bus a way to be there for her kid while they are gone. Plus, your child will typically be reading by mid-kindergarten so you can leave actual simple messages that they can read themselves as the year progresses.

This is also a great little gift for a child starting at a new school! (Disclaimer: Not big kids though because, they definitely don’t want this poppin’ out of their lunchboxes.)

Just a little thoughtful gift from one mom to another! Have a great first day back, whenever that may be for you! Your kid’s will love school and eventually, you’ll love it too. Mommin’ ain’t easy. #momsagainsteducation #babiesforever

Birthday Gifts for Kids that aren’t Toys

25th May 2016


1-266H (1)

You know ALL those toys your kids have that they have played with once?  They get gobs of exciting toys at their party and play with them for a short time and then they’re yours to store.  Good luck.  You have two options:  have a big house or know how to get rid of clutter.  When I go to birthday parties, my kids brings non-toy gifts about 95 percent of the time.  It’s something much more practical to do, fun for the child, and something a parent can really appreciate.   Here are some ideas and some of the gifts that we like to give.


1.  Gift card to self-serve yogurt shop.  A small gift card gives several visits which can all be used for the child, their siblings, and maybe the whole family.  It’s a special treat, a fun trip, and they will love getting to build their ice cream/yogurt and pick all their toppings.  This can be packaged in really cute ways.

2.  A balloon filled with a dollar for each year of their life that they have to pop.  Even young children know that cash money means you get what you want!

3.  For a toddler, buy a bunch of carousel tokens from the mall and package them by wrapping the coins in a tiny box and using them as a balloon weight to a bundle of birthday balloons.

4.  For a little girl, get a gift card to a spa that offers children’s chairs and pedi/manis.  She can take a friend along or do it as something special with a mom or sister.  She will remember this forever, unlike a toy.

5.  Passes to a zoo or children’s museum.  If you know the parent’s well and live within an hour of one of these locations, this is a gift that many won’t mind driving for if there aren’t zoos or museums in their hometown.  It’s active, stirs the imagination, and gets the whole family going.

6.  Gift card to a painting place.   Again, they can do this with friends or family and use their imagination picking and painting their own pottery.

7.  Gift certificate for bowling, putt-putt, ice skating, go karting, or roller skating.  Get them out of the house and active, doing something they only do maybe once or twice a year at best.

8.  Do your research on your hometown and see what’s offered locally.  Where I live you can go on cave tours, boat cave tours, butterfly gardens, zip lining (offers a course for children),  and horseback riding which is offered in most towns. Buy them a gift certificate to do some of what makes your city special. Let a little one get to know what’s neat about their town and get them experiencing new things!

9.  If you are going to a summer party, buy a pass to a local or near by water park or amusement park if it’s offered near your town.  Have your child give the gift and package it with flip flops or sunglasses in a confetti filled cellophane bag with a tag that says “A day at the water park with me!”

10.  If you can’t attend a party for a toddler or young child but want to do something special for them, go to Baskin Robbins and get one of their classic clown ice cream cones made up with their favorite ice cream.  Grad a balloon or two and stop by their house with their clown cone.  They will be excited for the unexpected surprise and yummy, personalized treat!

11.  Give a gift card to a play place where they can run, jump, and slide no matter the time of year or weather!

12.   I bought two one dollar stinkin’ cute pails from the one spot aisle at Target and filled it with tokens to Chuckie Cheese.  The party was for two kids so I bought 150 coins and split 75 in each pail which is 75 games and or rides/kids!  Whoa.  This means they will get more than one trip from the gift.  The coins were tucked inside in a Chuckie Cheese coin cup that I put down in a clear bag tied with decorative ribbon.

1-20160520-IMG_0246 (1)

Fun to receive, fun to get gifts that require activity, encourage family fun, and ones you will NEVER have to store….except in your memory box in your head.  All the moms will think you are one smart cookie and the kids will have something as unique as them and something tailored to what they already like or a chance to try something new!

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Fun Gift For The Coffee Drinker Or Cookie Lover

25th April 2016


I love unique.  I love fun.  I love practical.  Meet these guys below:  Face Mugs for your favorite drink and mouth holes for your favorite drink topping or drink compliment.  These are from uncommon goods and I have owned these for a few years.  My kids LOVE them for milk and cookies and they are loads of fun to pull out for guests because most people haven’t seen them.

If you want just one, you can buy a single white face mug for under 20.  If you prefer the color, they come in a mixed pack of 2 for 35.  They are big, heavy, quality and did I say fun?

Don’t you love them?!!?  I think they are a fun teacher gift, too.  You win, face mugs!  You always do….


Source: Uncommon Goods and you can buy at the direct link embeded there!

DIY Spring Gift and Kid Activity: Mini Bird Feeders

29th March 2016


I found this recipe in a Kroger magazine of all places and thought they were easy, cute and fun for kids to make!

For 10 dollars or less, you can make a few shy of 2 million bird feeders.  It’s fast and you can be creative. Shapowzers.  I also used cookie cutters in the shape of trees and houses to make different shapes.  It was easier to fill up and pack down a cookie cutter then to mold them by hand.

Mail a half recipe of the dry ingredients to a friend and her kids as a fun spring craft or package it in a colored mason jar like I did below. Just fill the mason jar in layers of ingredients, just like you would a food recipe in a jar gift. I attached a craft paper envelope with the recipe, as well as an example feeder as decor.  Pretty special, y’all.  Pin, share, and enjoy this craft or easy spring “Just thinking of you” affordable gift!!

1-20160329_110057 (1)


1 envelope gelatin

1/2 cup warm water

3/4 cup flour

3 TBSP light corn syrup

4 cups wild bird seeds


Apprx 20 wreaths or more!  Whoa mini bird feeders….calm down.


Mix all ingredients together with a whisk in a mixing bowl.  Add bird seed once everything else is mixed through.  Use a spoon, or ice cream scooper worked best for me, and dollop balls onto wax or parchment paper.  Press down with a large wooden or plastic spoon.  Use finger to make a hole in the center and let dry overnight!  Use ribbon or string to hang your feeders in a semi-sheltered place from rain.  Get your birdie on.


Creative and Practical Gift For A Family With A New Baby

14th March 2016




A friend of mine recently had a new baby and when someone has a few kiddos already, you get creative and gift the whole family!  I made a practical family gift box (and it literally was a box wrapped in paper)  and I included something little for everyone.

What’s in the box?

Mom and Dad’s favorite chips and a drink for each

BabyGanics bubble bath for the 2 big sisters (completely free of all dyes/perfumes and ANYTHING that can bother little girl’s particulars in the bath)

Diapers for the new bundle

A gift card to Pizza Hut for an easy, hassle free meal

Disposable cups and plates to save mom the chore of dishes for a little while




Easy, practical and you can make it anything you want!  And before I go, can we get a moment of silence for that killer wrapping paper?!!!!  A little known factoid on me:  wrapping paper is my favorite and this Ikea gift wrap was so perfect, I bought in two colors!  Hollllerrrrrr! The colors aren’t really neon-y in person but either way, killer!!!

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Awesome Customizable Gifts For Kids

19th February 2016

1-BeFunky Collage-001

Personalized Dishes & Place Mats For Kids



Sarah + Abraham


Custom Leggings With Your Child’s Name



Lolly Wolly Doodle


Lost My Name Book

{A well done, fun personalized story for your child.  The story based around the letters in your child’s name that all comes together in the end. You can even pick the character and their hair color.}


Lost My Name


Citizens Collectible

Okay, so these are amazing and custom made on Etsy from a seller in Europe.  You CAN do just one doll customized to look like your child, BFF, etc.  OR for quite a bit more, you can have a whole family!  Ack, I love it!  Admittedly, most people couldn’t pay for a family for something so novel but since one doll is under 30 and because they are so crazy cute, I had to include them.



The Citizens Collectible


Personalized Rubber Stamps


Skull And Cross Buns


Personalized Mini Rolling Pin For Crafts


Uncommon Goods


Custom Cookie Pocket Mirror


Nikki M C Williams on Etsy


A Photo Book Made For Child Of Their Artwork


Pop Sugar


Personalized Beach Pails 


Down South Monogram on Etsy


Custom Tooth Fairy Pillows

Have a handmade tooth fairy pillow made to hand your child’s door with their name and tooth pocket on the back.


B Boutique Beauties on Etsy


Turn Your Child’s Art Into A Plush

Budsies was on Shark Tank and while everything on this list prior is under 30 dollars, some things even less than half of that, this one is a go big or go home price point.  BUT hey, there’s always grandparents. They are under 100 but still, not your everyday gift.  Come on, though, a one of a kind, handmade quality plush is pretty awesome for that one special art loving kid.  I just had to include them.


Image from

Site for purchase


Winter Gift Under 10 Dollars

15th February 2016

There is still plenty of snow left in the season…unfortunately…said the mom on her kid’s 8th snow day. Why not package this cute, non-toy gift idea for a friend or grandchild this winter? I scored this bad boy at Aldi for just under 10 dollars. They also had snow fort maker cubes which I was too slow to get. Dang.  This is also a really easy gift to mail a special kid you love! Just wrap it in brown paper and it’s good to go!

He comes with all of the snowman accessories you need, including two snowmen paint pens in blue and red to REALLY make him fancy!

Want one? I will mail this one to you! To enter, follow me on Instagram, comment on this Instagram pic and I will choose a winner this week. That’s the good thing about me here on herpartypants….I’m always snaggin’ good deals I see and giving them away!  Giveaways don’t have to be huge, they just have to be free!

Happy snow day! In Kentucky anyways =0)


Gift Idea For Siblings Of A New Baby

6th February 2016


Usually I feature gift ideas that I’ve come up with but this time, this was a gift given to my girls by my long time friend, Katie Dendy.  These gifts below are busy bags for big brothers/sisters.  She went to the dollar store and filled up bag with lots of dollar items from Grow A Flower kits and sunglasses, to pre-bagged crafts and sticker books.  For a dollar a piece, anyone can give this gift and both mom and kids appreciate them for very different reasons.  Kids feel special and mom has something to entertain the kids with while she is busy and nursing or when she just needs rescue from the kids boredom.

I LOVE this affordable, fun, thoughtful and helpful gift idea!  Thanks, Katie!  My girls loved them!

P.S.- The cupcake book came from Target, not the dollar store, and was for my new bundle.



Easy DIY Silhouette

16th December 2015




If you have a steady hand, I promise on your favorite granny that you can do this easy DIY silhouette.  I did one of each member of my family and this year, I decided to do one as a gift for my sister-in-law.  Here is my simple tutorial!



paint to cover wood canvas

acrylic paint for silhouette in color of your choice

 quality fine to medium-fine tipped paint brush

photograph of person you wish to paint

quality scissors


sealer if desired


1.  Take a picture of your subject’s profile, neck up against a solid background to make outlines distinct.  Take picture close enough so that there is only a slight margin around the profile.  Why?  This way when you choose the size you wish to print your picture, whatever size you enlarge it to be will also be the same size of the actual profile.  So if you need your silhouette to be a 5 by 7, if the image takes up the whole picture, you can be sure that your silhouette will be a 5 by 7 when you print it,  if you leave only a small margin around the profile.

2. Paint canvas/surface you wish to put your silhouette on if needed. I painted and distressed mine first.

3.  Take printed picture of subject’s profile and cut out slowly with a good pair of scissors to get accurately all of the lines of the profile, neck, head, etc.

3.  Lay cut out silhouette on to surface and trace.

4.  Using the acrylic paint of your choice, take your time to paint the outline steadily.  A good paint brush will make this much easier and precise.

5. Finish painting in the remaining space of the silhouette.  I typically do two coats.

6. Seal portrait if desired.

7. Say “I’m a boss!” You’re done.


I didn’t like the above orientation so I flipped it for the final product.


You can use this technique in a million ways including cutting out animals and people on patterned paper,  making paper silhouettes if painting them scares you.  You can silhouette just about anything and cut them out of any medium that creates clean edges.

My sis-in-law loved this gift and I loved giving it. I wrote my nephew’s full name and age on the backside for keepsake.  Pin, follow and enjoy!