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Lochness Monster Party: Her Party Pants Original

14th August 2017


I geeked out big time on this party with word play and details that doubled for my son’s birthday and the existence of Nessie.  Rarely do I geek out…this was full on geek.  I prefer ganster rap, but every blue moon, I get nerdy….

I loved doing this party, aka the first one I’ve ever done for a son!  I did a little party for my friend’s son (Food Fight Party), but other than that, this is the only other boy shindig I’ve ever done.

I for real believe in the Lochness Monster, but don’t let that run you off.  You have to at least believe in him for 5 seconds with me.  Come on, it’s magical.

For those of you that don’t know, Lochness is a sea dinosaur that has been spotted hundreds of times over decades from Scottish locals around the Lochness Strait, to tourists, to images from Goggle Earth.  It’s basically my favorite mystery.

Check this party out, buddy.

I drew these Lochness guys freehand on scrapbook paper while looking at shilouette images on-line.  I was pretty proud of them, because even though I am somewhat artistic, the more life-like, the harder.  And for an even sweeter detail?  Read the caption on the picture below!


I wasn’t sure if anyone would say anything about me using a gold glitter banner for a boy’s birthday, but since my son can’t talk or have opinions….gold glitter it was!  I had this custom made from Contagious Events on Etsy.  The quality was great and I love the black and white baker’s twine it came with that the letters hung on.  HIgh five team, Contagious Events.

I was super giddy at how the “so happy you exist” idea was perfect for a birthday and for believing in Lochness.  I’m not gonna lie. I stole it from a greeting card.  Good job, whoever you are who thought to put that on a card with a creature like this.  You win today’s favorite person award!

If this cake doesn’t give you all the monster feels, than you must not have feels.  I drew a detailed color diagram of the cake that I wanted for 3 reasons:

1- I am a past cake decorator and I have a specific vision for my cakes.

2- It’s the only way to almost guarantee you get what you want!  I recommend drawing your orders if you can if it is a cake you are creating.  If not, definitely bring a good picture of what you want.

3- I’m a dork about cakes.  Here is one I made for my daughter’s 1st birthday party many moons ago.  But let’s get back to Nessie…

This cake was made by Sweet Temptations, a local bakery in my hometown that I use for all of my cakes when I can’t muster the strength to make one…which is almost always.

The detail on the face was a million times above and beyond what I had hoped for.  I drew the most simple Lochness head of all fondant times.  I ADORED this little guy!

I deserted the “Happy Birthday” for “Love You A LOCH”….get it….wordplay….fun for days.  And don’t miss the tail detail on the side of the cake there.  LOVE!

These Target plates by Cheeky were perfect for my party because not only was the color scheme correct, it looked like waves/Nessie hump.


AND my favorite….


Ha ha, get it…people are always trying to get good pictures of him….

I found some Lochness stamps on Etsy at  The Crafty Carvery .  They were very fast and 3 cheers for them providing something unique!  The Lochness was whimisical enough to add some childlikeness to this 1 year old birthday party.

Using waterproof inking pads, I stamped Nessie and each sentence individually.  It actually doesn’t take that long and after I made my own napkins with stamps for the fiesta baby shower I just threw, it’s become a love of mine!  Whenever you can, go custom!  Keep it original!

In case you missed it above, and I can’t allow you to, “I never look good in photos” is what these high five napkins say.

I found this Lochness figure (Elasmaosaurus) on Amazon and made him appear to float in the chocolate milk for the kids.  It looked like he was right at home in his lake water.

Somebody call the doctor!  I’m going to have a stroke for these little favors I gave to the guests. I bought these little glass candy jars from Amazon and spray painted the lids to be color appropriate. It took less than 5 minutes to get them all coated and finished sooooooo that is pretty super.  I purchased these stickers that I used on the side of the jars from my favorite custom, has anything you want site: Zazzle.  This image is of the famous scam picture taken many moons ago that became famous.  I know that because I’ll give you a hint about me and Lochness and it rhymes with…week.  No, it’s not that I’m on fleek.  But this party might be…

These super sweet jars hold 5 Hershey Kisses and the stickers on the bottoms with my son’s face, hold about all of my dreams! I found them at Silly Wise Kids  on Etsy.  This shop offers several face customizable party products.  I thought it was an unexpected and fun little detail!

I simply cut the huge letters out of gold poster board that i laid vertical for extra height.  If you aren’t too good at free-handing, and trust me, I didn’t want to freehand these, I have a stellar tip. Go with a pencil in hand to Hobby Lobby to purchase your poster board and while you are there, go get some of their huge wall letters and trace them on to your poster before you buy the poster.  I meant to but I left my pencil, because something always goes wrong when I go on kid free errands.  Truth.

The Nessie details I cut out of left over scrapbook paper from the Lochness famiy I made for the backdrop.

The kid’s table was sooooo much fun!  A grass tablecloth underneath a blue flowing water tablecloth, which is just a plastic one I cut a bunch of curves into. This grass cloth here is really a heavy plastic lined printed one from Party City, but I really wanted a textured grass one like this one here on Amazon.  It is technically a rug but thin enough to be on a table.

Last but definitely not least, I bought a Styrofoam cake dummy, cut it in half, and spray painted it to make look like humps coming out of the water.  When this idea hit me, I couldn’t wait to find something to make the humps with and these cake rounds were perfect! I bought my cake dummy from Hobby Lobby, but you can buy one just like it here on Amazon for 9 bucks and some change.

I used plastic tablecloths to turn the adult tables into huge Scottish flags.  Hip hip hooray!


If this balloon garland doesn’t change your life, nothing will.  I don’t want to throw anyone for any curve balls here, but I had the colors customized and ordered it from Twigs and Twirls LLC on Etsy.  In my heart, I hoped it never deflated, but in real life, my kids ripped it apart after the party and had a blast with it.  I love this Etsy shop/site and I will use them again for a party source!

Since Lochness is all about sightings, I used the stamps I used for the napkins and stamped 45 of these critters and cut them out to hide around the room.  Whoever gathered the most sightings, won a Target gift card!

“You’re my favorite Monster” so sweet for a 1st brithday!  This is a tiny bag I stamped and stuffed for the prize for the Lochness sightings game.

Just like for my daughter’s Ketchup and French Fry Party and my oldest’s Diaversary party, I bought a custom party shirt for the person of honor which was this little man this time.  I bought this shirt from Zazzle, one of my 2 favorite custom sites.

This just in:  he’s been caught!  I knew I was right.

Happy birthday my sweet boy!

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Fiesta Baby Shower

24th July 2017


Hey, girl, hayyyyyyy!  Check out this Fiesta Baby Shower for my sis-in-law this weekend!  Fiesta is a theme you have heard of but, not as common for a baby shower.  I love the bright colors and, obviously, the food.  The colorful theme is perfect for anyone who is hosting for someone who is having a rainbow baby (a baby after the loss of a baby).

I love all of these details and I put a source list for you at the end so you can see where I got everything. Ole, y’all!

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Nacho bar, fruit, and churros for dessert!  Small, simple menu that is on point with the theme.  Who doesn’t like Mexican food?!  Monsters, only I’m sure.

Believe it or not, that is 100 churros!  100 delicious foot long crispy, sugary goodness.  No cake for this party, just churros alll the way.  Make it more fabulous with ice cream and chocolate drizzle.  Another bonus is that it only cost 50 bucks for 100 churros!  This was in place of a cake/cupcakes and a decorated cake for 40 would have easily been 65 plus!  It saved money and spiced up the old traditional shower cake theme.

Do you love this M I made?  AHHHHHHH, I have a post just for this guy for tomorrow.  I was thinking for a week about what I could use at the centerpiece and when I thought of making this, I knew it would cute, unique and affordable!  AND this runner underneath, going across the food table?  I could have bought a serape for the table for a range of prices depending on where I bought one from and it would’ve been cute, for sure.  HOWEVER, how PERFECT does this tasseled rag rug under the centerpiece for a runner?!! AND guess what: 5 dollars from Five Below, a dollar store.

The kid’s table was ballin’ hard and out of control.  Too bad kids actually sat there because it was super pretty.

Is there anything more fabulous than these Spanish canned goods as vases? NO.  I used 2 sizes and you can see where to buy them on the source list.  These are real canned goods….not decor jars/vases.

These guys are a given.  You can buy them customized with words of your choice on Etsy.  Add the baby’s name to the banner or get ones that have “baby shower” cut out of some panels with baby theme designs.

If you can’t find a napkin you want….you make it!  I used waterproof ink so when the guests were wiping their faces, they wouldn’t be dragging pink all over the place.

I put these fans in the window above the kid’s table because nothing says cha cha cha quite like these colorful fans.  Maybe.



Colorful fans, Banner, El Pato canned goods, tissue flower kit:  Amazon

El Pato cans can also be found on Etsy in groups

Rag Rug Runner: Five Below

100 Count Churros:  Gordon Food Service special order (GFS)

Fiesta Plates:  Hobby Lobby

Napkins:  Made by me using stamps from Hobby Lobby

Invititations:  Soiree Papery on Etsy

French Fry and Ketchup Birthday Party

9th June 2017


Woo hooooo!  When my now 3 year old asked for a french fry and ketchup party, I’m not sure who was more excited!  Check yourself on this super fun, simple and mainly ALL DOLLAR STORE party.  Below is all of the french fry and ketchup goodness you have ever hoped for!

Let’s start off with this entry way door with scrapbook paper splats I cut and a dollar store ketchup bottle.  The bottles came 2 in a pack for 1 dollar so basically all of my dollars cheered for joy in my pocket.  The BBQ products they had out this time of year sure came in handy!

Also, you can see through the doorway the island with the cute 3 dollar tablecloth from God’s country aka Target One Spot.  I’m not sure that “One Spot” should be capitalized, but it feels like a legitimate place so technically, it’s a noun for me.  The little red food baskets came 3 in a pack for one dollar from Mighty Dollar, which is a party secret weapon favorite.  Never underestimate dollar stores for ANY party….even for the President, guys.

This french fry garland below is cut up pool noodle, glued on to burlap string from Hobby Lobby.  I added ketchup splats to cover up the end pieces and the McDonald’s french fry boxes I literally swiped from some Happy Meals the day before not knowing how I would use them.  Yellow dollar store pool noodle for the win!

Large inflatable french fries from Target One Spot years ago that someone held on to and sold on Amazon.  Score-ville!  In real life it was probably about 9 inches across by 12 inches tall of super fun.

Work it, party people!  I saw ketchup favor tags on Etsy from thepapervioletshoppe.  I had her customize the wording and then I cut out the bottles from the tags, taped toothpicks on the back and smack your granny:  cupcake toppers.  They say, “She’s growing up! KETCHUP Mendel’s 3rd Birthday.”  And in case you didn’t know…Mendel rhymes with Kendall.  It’s Hebrew, y’all.


Hallelujah, I found these french fry food sticks from a fun Etsy shop: Cranky Cakes Shop with lots of vintage and off beat party accessories.  How perfect are these!!????!!!????

Look at these french fry boxes I used for party favor boxes!!!  I bought them 3 years ago from Target One Spot with a dream that they would someday, somehow, fit into my future.  Sooo glad I did!  I put the birthday girl’s favorite candy bar inside with One Spot fast food theme favors:  a 6 color click fast food printed jumbo pens, old school hot dog crayon where you take a color tip–push it through the bottom and the next color pops up, and hot dog and pizza flashlight necklaces.  Secretly, I like playing with all of these things.

Here is my fireplace decorated with hanging ketchup bottles and the burlap and tissue garland I used for Mendel’s 1st birthday:  Growing Like A Weed party.  The oversized french fry carton is a 2 dollar trashcan I spray painted red and filled with cut mini yellow pool noodles.  I attached a number 3 and all of my dreams came true.  Tip:  pool noodles cut super easy with a large serrated bread knife.


Sweet Potato fries (that didn’t quite make it)

Steak fries and ketchup


Sugar cookie fries with Nutella dip

I took 2 rolls of sugar cookie dough, rolled it flat, baked it, and sliced it into fries with a serrated knife.  SOOO cute, theme appropriate and fun!  Who doesn’t like Nutella?  If you don’t, we can’t talk to each other anymore. The baskets, checkered liners, and condiment cups all came from Mighty Dollar.  Mighty Dollar is so stinkin’ mighty.


If you don’t like Nutella, you can at least make it up to me by fully loving and appreciating this shirt.  It’s a kid’s shirt. With a ketchup bottle.  At a ketchup french fry party.  Seriously.

I get shirts like this and this one from my daughter’s Diaversary Party (type 1 diabetes diagnosis anniversary), from Zazzle.  You can find, customize and create anything under the sun on this site.  I’ve used them for shirts, to stickers, to business cards, to your mom.

I had a BLAST doing this party!  I did the whole thing for 30 people for 125 dollars.  It may have been less but I’m erring on the safe side.  Pin, share and enjoy all of the her party pants goodness!  Until next time, players….

Unicorns and Rainbows Party

2nd May 2017


So every year I have tried to have a party at the in-laws horse farm…it rains.  I tried to have one there on my eldest’s daughter’s first birthday and then again on the 7th.  Both parties were cold and rainy.  I had some BIG plans for a unicorn party at a horse farm.  All in all, it turned out cute either way.  Plus, I felt a little like jumping a plane and heading out of the country with my original plans anyways so, all’s well that ends well!

When you see this cake…do your bones light up with magic?  If I could take this cake to bed to look at it every night, I would.  Believe it or not, this is not a hard cake to make!  Okay, so the fondant horn and ears maybe, but you can buy these on Etsy and add it to a cake you did all the icing work for.  Icing swirling a bag is easy peasy and then, it is just simple, simple rosettes.  I believe in you!

Tall birthday candles for the win!  Target…you are my hero.  You always are…

Next up, face painting!  Hire a friend or artsy college student like I did and it will be good money for them, but savings for you!  I snagged and printed some unicorn and rainbow face paintings from Pinterest, printed them out and let the kids choose.


Now is where the big plans came in and got smaller real fast, y’all.  BUT, it was still magical!  I made this horn/flower headpiece and fitted it on our mini horse.  The fact the HE, yep, a dude horse, is mini, made it even more magical.  The fact that when they came to the barn, they didn’t know a “unicorn” would be there?  Even better! Every guest took a picture with the birthday girl and the unicorn…boy…the unicorn boy.

The DIY unicorn horn I made below took only about 15 minutes.  I didn’t follow any plans.  I just went to Hobby Lobby and looked for anything horn-like.  I settled on a Styrofoam cone that I shaved down with a bread knife.  I wrapped it in 2 white felt sheets, added fake flowers to the bottom, and wrapped the finished horn in a skinny gold ribbon from the trim aisle.  I added two sturdy wide cotton ribbon to the underside at 12 and 6 o’clock.  Those straps were used to tie the horn to the bridle of the horse so that nothing was attached to the actual horse.  I used hot glue to make this whole horn which is perfect because hot glue has the power of 20 marines.

For one of the party activities we did sand art!  Why is this awesome 80’s/90’s craft forgotten??!! Kids LOVE to do this!  It isn’t near as messy as you think and the kids have a blast doing it.  It’s colorful, creative, and something the children have either NEVER done or haven’t done in a while.  It’s an activity AND a favor!  Double duty party details are MY FAVORITE! JUST LIKE USING CAPS OVER AND OVER AGAIN IN THIS PARAGRAPH!  Hobby Lobby has all you need to make your sandy dreams come true!

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March Madness Gender Reveal

13th March 2017


My sister-in-law wanted to do a gender reveal for her last baby and what better theme for college basketball fans than March Madness! This is a house divided between a die-hard UK fan and a die-hard U of L fan. whose teams of course just happen to be rivals!  For the party, U of L red stood for girl and UK blue for boy!  Everyone who came was asked to wear their favorite team apparel.  It was simple, low stress, and fun!

Enjoy the details, you crazy animals!

Photo Credit:  Joel Ham Photography

Address removed…..clearly…..

Concession stand food was served for this midday reveal. This cotton candy is from Fluffy Puff Gourmet, a local gal and old friend who spins up some delicious stuff!

If there was all the money in the land, we would’ve gotten foam fingers for everyone because…hey…that is so fun.

Confetti cannons are as boomtastic as they sound.  They shoot 10 feet up in the air with a pop.  I liken it to confetti fireworks!  It wasn’t the original idea but my sister-in-law wanted something less messy since we would likely be indoors.  Bonus:  it’s like the confetti at the end of the championship game during March Madness so 4 cheers for being theme appropriate!

We brought out a karaoke machine and had my husband take on the role of arena announcer. He announced the family of honor, one member at a time like players while they ran out to the Bulls entrance theme song.

3, 2,1…twist and BOOOOOOMMMMMM! The ceiling fan swirled this cloud of pink around and around as it floated around.  It was a really neat effect!



  • Huge 4 by 5 March Madness bracket used as a guest list and/or bracket for guest’s gender guesses
  • Invitations that looked like final four tickets
  • Concession style foods for snacks
  • Guests in favortie sports team apparrel
  • Announced family of honor to Bulls theme song as they ran out to do the reveal
  • Confetti Cannons to reveal the gender, just like end of championship game confetti
  • “One Shining Moment” playing on a speaker after the cannons went off
  • Basketball theme decor:  foam fingers, MVP he or she cake, Spalding balloons, pom poms, and cheerleader horn things (Haha…What are those called, anyway?)

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Food Fight Birthday Party by Her Party Pants

28th February 2017


Food Fight Birthday Party by Her Party A unique, fun, affordable summer party!

All photo credits to Joel Ham Photography

Before I found out I was even pregnant, much-less with a BOY, I told my good friend and photographer for lots of stuff on my site, that I had the most fun party idea!  Being a mom of 3 girls, I had never really dreamed in boy for parties, but the idea of a food fight party came to me and really got me pumped!  We decided to do it for my friend’s son’s birthday and it was the perfect, affordable summer, boy-approved theme to date.  All you need to achieve this is a water hose, clothes you can ruin, goggles, and some cheap throwing food!

I have a friend who can get perfectly good shirts for free that were considered slightly defective by the manufacturer, so I headed to him to get colorful over-size t-shirts that would be perfect for….destroying.  Goggles are a necessity for a party like this to protect the eyes from flying who knows what.  Each shirt was wrapped in, yes, dollar store goggles.  Perfect to wear for the fight and perfect to toss when it’s done!

Hit up Aldi or any food discount store for cheap food fight weaponry.  Boxed spaghetti, dry cereal, whipped cream, ketchup, mustard, rice, flour, chocolate sauce…the list goes on and on.  A little goes a long way and you can get these things for next to nothing.


Line them up on the hose line, set 2 table food stations on each side for each team, count em’ down and let them go!

You really can’t help but smile when you are launching spaghetti at your friend’s heads….

Birthday boy for the win!!!!!!

They had a blast and they were quite the food tossers.

Have every guest bring a change of clothes, line them up, hose them off, and toss the goggles and shirts.  So simple.  Believe it or not, they got really really clean from the hose off.

The messiest of them all won the 1st Place Mess Bucket full of silly string, slime, water bombs, water balloons, and candy because….kids love it.  Here I used a paper popcorn bowl from the dollar store that I spray painted gold and embellished.  All of the items inside the bucket are from the dollar store as well.  Easy peasy and cheap!

I was going to make a crazy cake for this party but 2 things happened:  I was 37 weeks pregnant with crippling insomina in one of the hottest summers of my life and 2:  I saw this hamburger cake at Meijer for 12 stinkin’ dollars!!!!  What is better than a hamburger cake for a food fight party?  Unique AND cute!  Just stop it already….   If you have a Meijer in your town, this is cake they have that you can order year round, even if it isn’t in the display case or cake book.


Other fun party details were a taco pinata and napkins that looked like pepperoni pizza. The tablecloths and plates were yellows and reds to match the hamburger cake. Let’s break for a cell phone picture from Target. Either pinata is cute, but I used the taco one since the cake was a burger. 15 bucks doesn’t get much cuter!

You can use any hodge-podge of food looking products for a food fight party! I had a few party details that didn’t get done for this one because of the aforementioned about to give birth and not sleeping.  Another party, another time… Lacking from this post are invites and the container idea I had to package the candy from the taco pinata.  Just pretend like you saw it and it was everything you had hoped for.

If you have a little grass, a good hose, a small budget, and an adventurous boy…or girl….  I highly recommend recreating this food fight party!  Please pin, share and enjoy!!

Awesome Food Theme Parties For Kids

13th June 2016





Food parties are the best because you can get as quirky as you want!  I dream of the day that my child wants a sushi party or peanut butter and jelly party….  Anything your child just LOVES, can turn into a party and food is no exception.  Here are some cute food theme parties to get your wheels turning and don’t be afraid to diverge into weird or random foods!  That’s where creativity starts!  If you need help, ask me!!

Strawberry Theme Party


Everything Fab

Cookie Party

6a012876eb143a970c01a3fd332a85970b-800wi 6a012876eb143a970c01a511e2e1ed970c-800wi

Honest to Nod

Watermelon Theme


Brenda Landrum

Taco Party


Studio DIY



Kara’s Party Ideas

Pizza Party

pizza_party_pizzeria_cake_party_decorations_party_ideas_printable_personalised_buntings pizzeria_birthday_pizza_party_lolly_bag_favor_

Catch My Party

Fruit Theme ( Two-tti Fruity Birthday Party….I DIE!)

fruit-themed-birthday-cake orange-fruit-cup-holders twotti-fruity-birthday-party-blakely twotti-fruity-oreos-party


Doughnut Party



Hostess With The Mostess

S’mores Party


Laura March Banks

Farmer’s Market Theme (This is, “Are you kiddin’ me?” Cute!)

image (4) image (3) image (2) image (1)

Catch My Party

Waffle Theme 

DSC_4760-960x500-1429152022 DSC_4746-620x939

The Sweet Lulu Bug


Dia-versary: “Giving It Our Best Shot” 2 Years Of Fighting Type 1 Diabetes Party

22nd May 2016

Any diagnosis is hard so I am happy to add to this category of “You Had A Party For What” a celebration of surviving, being brave, and working the heck out of the hand you’ve been dealt!  This has endless applications and possibilities for any diagnosis and any milestone within that.  This party has all of my heartstrings!

My little girl was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Type 1 diabetes (not to be confused with the much more prevalent and different Type 2 diabetes) a few weeks after she turned 4 and she takes it all in stride!  Here’s a party to show her our support and to commend her tough girl bravery!  I hope this party blesses someone and encourages like parties for those in your life who have been given an unexpected hand to play.


I had my good friend at Red Haven Letters on Etsy create a custom tag for me for “Giving it our best shot”, don’t you love the play on words?!  I pretty much got so excited I peed when I thought of it.  I knew I wanted to do something with syringes because unless you pump, that is the type 1 life! Megan is super talented and did these for me wayyy last minute.  Like, 48 hours before the party last minute!  You can order these cute tags and signs from her there if you like this party.  They aren’t listed in her shop, but you can tell her you saw this party and she will have the file!


What’s more positive than good vibes napkins at a diagnosis anniversary?  Oh, I know…these awesome printed plates to go with the cute good vibes napkins!  I got them both from Target and they are the Cheeky design brand.  They donate meals for every purchase of their paper goods!


Listen, in my past life aka before kids, I decorated cakes for people.  I thought, “Oh, I’ll try sugar cookies decorating for this party for my daughter.” It’s safe to say, I prefer cakes.  I super-tron hated the experience so these were my first and last lazy attempt at making and decorating sugar cookies.  My little girl was pleased and the favors looked how I had hoped as a package deal so we all win…


Okay, so the shot tags are even cuter when paired with the shot cookies and band aids!


These pens were 6 for 3 dollars from the Target Halloween favor aisle.  Yes, I’ve been hoarding them since Halloween….  You can still find them on line in many places, including Amazon.

1-20160520-IMG_0240 (1)


I made this shirt for my girl on Zazzle, where you can literally customize anything you want!  The back wasn’t supposed to print out in black or with the word butt so she could wear it to school…or really…it wasn’t supposed to say anything at all but it was funny and she looked cute. If there ever were a shirt I wanted my 6 year old to wear that said butt, it’d be this one!


1-20160520-IMG_0169 (2)


My sweet sister-in-law gave my child this sweet necklace that says as you turn it, “Be Brave & Keep Going”.  The perfect thoughtful gift for a night like this!  She has a matching one she wears so it was even sweeter!




1-20160520-IMG_0233 (1)

1-20160520-IMG_0288 (1)

The 2 on this cute little cake comes in to play because it’s her 2nd anniversary of her Type 1 diagnosis.  She’s not the world’s biggest 2 year old.  Didn’t want any of you confused.



If this isn’t the most funny and relate-able Type 1 thing to write on a cake, I don’t know what is!!!



Photography Credit:  Shelly Griffin Photography

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Volcano Theme Gender Reveal Party: Her Party Pants Original Party

29th February 2016


When I came up with this idea, I needed an invite and Megan at Red Haven Letters on Etsy, made this for me!  She’s a friend and she’s talented and rolled this out for me so there was lots of winning involved.  She creates prints, invites and does custom work as well.  Check her out!  She is on a short break after just having a sweet baby but she shall return!

And before we really get rolling, a HUGE thanks to Joel Ham Photography for providing me with these awesome pictures and for providing many of the stock images I have used over the years between my 2 sites!  

RebeccasVolcano Invitation_bleeds (1)

1-ParrotGenderReveal-27 - Copy

Pink or blue?  Either way we’ll LAVA you!

Don’t you LOVE this tissue paper garland I found on Amazon?!

1-ParrotGenderReveal-028 - Copy

1-ParrotGenderReveal-16 - Copy

1-ParrotGenderReveal-21 - Copy

Do you recognize these “volcanoes” I made?  These were the mountains I made for my sister’s super simple mountain shower.  I painted them black, cut of the top, stuffed them with tissue paper I trimmed to look like lava and there you have it.  I’ve used these cones/tree things 3 times now!  They are now laid to rest.  You’ve been good to me, guys.  Thanks for the memories.

1-ParrotGenderReveal-12 - Copy

1-ParrotGenderReveal-5 - Copy

Pick a lei!  Solid color for a boy, rainbow colors for a girl.


1-ParrotGenderReveal-39 - Copy



1-ParrotGenderReveal-38 - Copy


Mini lava cake bar with options for hot fudge, caramel sauce, fresh pineapple chunks (from coring the pineapple vase), strawberries, powdered sugar, and cinnamon!  Simple, cute and yummy!




Cupcakes with chocolate Lindor truffles on the inside.  Fill the cups, plop a truffle in and cook to cupcake directions.  I’ll admit, these are lazy man’s lava cakes and they weren’t very “lava”, but they were easy, good and best of all THEME RELATED bam!  A lava cake bar is unique too, y’all, and I love unique!  They were rich cupcakes at the end of the day but the hot fudge helped make them lava like.  Pretty much all lava cakes are from scratch and made and served on the spot.  That is hard/impossible to do at party!  I looked at GFS and they did have frozen individual lava cakes but for 65 dollars for 24 and I needed 35 or more.  PASS! On to lazier, cheaper, less stressful ways…


NOW FOR THE BIG VOLCANO REVEAL!!!! I will post this week how I made the reveal volcano and what in the heck I did to get this effect.  I did not use baking soda and vinegar!  Not big enough effect for me!


Yep, that’s blue!!!! Much bluer in person!  Check out those reactions! That’s how people look when you’ve had three girls in a row and then a surprise boy!





Come on!  This is great!



Our little hula girls were SO excited!!! It’s what they prayed for! (Minus the baby who is in denial.)

ParrotGenderReveal-142 ParrotGenderReveal-149


I let all of the kids at the party play in the volcano after it was revealed!

1-RebeccasVolcano Invitation_bleeds_NoWords (2)



I ALWAYS do a name reveal.  This time I did name cards and sent them home with family.  All of the cute with none of the opinions, haha.  Frances Jane Crosby, the full name, is neat because my mother-in-law is Jane and her mother was Francis.



1-ParrotGenderReveal-18 - Copy

Kid favors: Volcano brand (how perfect) popping candy!  I put 5 in each bag and topped them each with tissue paper “lava” and tied them with baker’s twine.  You can never go wrong with baker’s twine.

1-ParrotGenderReveal-50 - Copy

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Affordable Easter Themed Birthday Party

26th January 2016



Enjoy my Easter themed children’s double birthday party!  It was for 36 guests and EVERYTHING cost under 150:  snacks/drinks, cakes, cupcakes, printing of goods, invites, favors for 14, decor…you name it!  Read the captions to see my ideas or tips at saving money.  Pin and follow me on Pinterest and here on herpartypants!  Thanks for lookin’, pals!



My invitations and party pack came from the wonderful Dee Dubs Designs on Etsy.  She is fast, talented, creative, and affordable.  I have used her before when she customized my Gender Reveal for me and I will use her again. I loved the vintage bunny and simple design.  My little girls LOVE glasses so it was only fitting to have a bunny in some.  Check out this gal’s Etsy shop to have her create something just for you or browse her other unique party invitations and packages.



 Invites on the party plates from Target that I fell in love with!



I had a neat idea for party favors.  Since it was an Easter theme party, an egg hunt seemed like a natural fun party activity but I decided to tweak it a little in a creative direction.  Instead of packing a million eggs which required a lot of candy and each child to bring a basket, I bought 2 pack Hobby Lobby medium fillable eggs at 50 percent off and hid only one egg per child in the yard.  Beats the same old gift bags.  To do one better, since none of the little kids could read, I used my patterned scallop tags from Dee Dubs Designs and mounted a picture of each child on each egg so they didn’t have to look for their names, just their picture to know which favor was theirs.  I downloaded pictures of the guests from Facebook and punched them out with paper punches and tied them on with string from Hobby Lobby.  Boom: activity and favor all in one without a kid or parent having 50 plastic eggs to keep up with.  Each favor broke down to a little over a dollar each.  Notice I gave each girl attendant sunglasses to match the invite and to implement something my little girls love:  some shades!






 For the big kids, about 8 and up, I made Peep S’mores bags. Again, each favor bag broke down to about a dollar each and they gave the older kids something to take and make at home.  They weren’t too childlike but still kept in the theme.  They loved them and they look precious.  I put them in a chicken wire basket from Target’s one spot that I spray painted.  Cheap, cheap!





Helium balloons are so expensive these days.  Especially mylar ones!  Hang balloons instead of inflating them.  I got two packs of latex balloons from Walmart/Hobby Lobby and draped them into a banner with one dollar gift wrap string from the dollar store.  I scattered some extra balloons on the floor because hey, kids love some balloons!





 The table set up was thrown together the night before and I didn’t know what I was going to do as I was going.  I used one dollar plastic cloths from the dollar store and used a contrasting color as a runner.  I used a pot I already had, bound it with the two toned baker’s twine from Hobby Lobby that I used on the favors and wrapped it around and tied it into a bow.  I used a fake branch I have in my home decor from Z Gallerie and hung painted styrofoam eggs on them that were a dollar a pack at the dollar tree.  Super simple and still a little chic.  Did she say chic dollar tree items?  Oh, I did.

The cups were from the Dollar Tree and plates from Target’s Easter aisle.  I adore the bold and bright geometric plates.  The pinwheel straws were from Target’s Easter aisle as well and they brought a little spring whimsy to the table.










Each of my girls had individual bunny cakes that were made by a local baker for only 8 dollars.  Even though I made cakes for years, with this big ole’ pregnant belly and two toddlers, I’ll just pay someone else!



Instead of having someone scoop ice cream, just like we did at my daughter’s One Direction Birthday Party, we served individual ice cream sandwiches.  It is way easier on everyone and the kids love it!  I got 24 ice cream sandwiches for 5 dollars taking advantage of a deal at Kroger.  Gotta love it!



2 dozen glitter dusted cupcakes for the kids.  I failed to get the cupcake toppers on in time.  You can let your imagination run wild!  They were bunny heads with glasses like the invites =0)  The colors were to bold too leave a picture out, toppers or not!




Due to the time of party, I didn’t have to feed the guests but I did these little snack cups filled with mini-appetizers, if you will.  I was going with a bunny/garden food theme with carrots (and ranch) cups, fruit/berry cups, but then the rascally pretzel cups with cream cheese pineapple dip slipped in too.  The snack cups can be found for 1-2 dollars a pack in all sorts of sizes, colors, and patterns at almost anywhere: dollar stores, Wilton aisles at Target/Walmart, party stores, Hobby Lobby, etc.

Each cup requires little food and each person can have a sampling of everything.  It’s like the cute cheap version of passing h’orderves at a wedding.  It was an unbelievably cheap way to serve food with a fun presentation.  As you can see, I used a cupcake stand for my treat cups. Super.



Outside I used my antique Coca-Cola cart and filled it with bubbles and chalk for the kids to do while they played outside.  Easy, affordable, and putting it in this fun crate gave it some flare, I think.



Sand treasure dig?  Absolutely. The girls were surprised with a sandbox for their party and I filled it up with party favors for each guest to have fun digging up little treasures to keep.  It was an activity plus another little take away for the kids that again only cost me a few dollars.  For an outdoor party, utilize whatever toys/things you have to make it into something new or fun at a party.  Outdoor parties at home have a million affordable play options and you save on a venue or inflatable, etc.




 Every year my kids wear a number shirt on their birthdays from Old Navy.  You can always find them on-line in most young ages and they cost around 8 dollars each when you catch them on sale.  You never have to wonder when you look back in pictures how old they were or which party it was.  Plus, they look really cute in them and get a kick out of wearing them.


444 432


I hope you enjoyed this simple and affordable party!  Share, pin, & enjoy!  Thanks to Shelly Griffin Photography for all of the great pictures.  No party is great without being captured well so thank you , thank you, thank you!