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Creative and Practical Gift For A Family With A New Baby

14th March 2016




A friend of mine recently had a new baby and when someone has a few kiddos already, you get creative and gift the whole family!  I made a practical family gift box (and it literally was a box wrapped in paper)  and I included something little for everyone.

What’s in the box?

Mom and Dad’s favorite chips and a drink for each

BabyGanics bubble bath for the 2 big sisters (completely free of all dyes/perfumes and ANYTHING that can bother little girl’s particulars in the bath)

Diapers for the new bundle

A gift card to Pizza Hut for an easy, hassle free meal

Disposable cups and plates to save mom the chore of dishes for a little while




Easy, practical and you can make it anything you want!  And before I go, can we get a moment of silence for that killer wrapping paper?!!!!  A little known factoid on me:  wrapping paper is my favorite and this Ikea gift wrap was so perfect, I bought in two colors!  Hollllerrrrrr! The colors aren’t really neon-y in person but either way, killer!!!

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Gift Idea For Siblings Of A New Baby

6th February 2016


Usually I feature gift ideas that I’ve come up with but this time, this was a gift given to my girls by my long time friend, Katie Dendy.  These gifts below are busy bags for big brothers/sisters.  She went to the dollar store and filled up bag with lots of dollar items from Grow A Flower kits and sunglasses, to pre-bagged crafts and sticker books.  For a dollar a piece, anyone can give this gift and both mom and kids appreciate them for very different reasons.  Kids feel special and mom has something to entertain the kids with while she is busy and nursing or when she just needs rescue from the kids boredom.

I LOVE this affordable, fun, thoughtful and helpful gift idea!  Thanks, Katie!  My girls loved them!

P.S.- The cupcake book came from Target, not the dollar store, and was for my new bundle.



Great Practical Baby Shower Gift Idea

10th November 2015


When a mom-to-be goes to register for her baby, they tend to get all the cutesy stuff and may forget the practical things.  I gave this to a girl this weekend and I think it’s a GREAT gift.  It’s very practical and really helpful when you need it the most.  Baby medicines are pricey for what they are and the bottles are so tiny, you can burn through them easily.  Just like diapers, you always need them and once your baby is sick, who the heck wants to go shopping for them?! You need them now! You don’t need them until you do and when you do, it’s sooo nice to have them there!

I piled in all the essential things you need for when a baby is uncomfortable or sick.  What’s even better?  I put them all in a cute plastic storage box that she can keep all of her baby meds in separately. It’s not just a “gift box”.  Here’s what’s inside:

Gas drops

Infant Tylenol

Baby Vapor Rub

Saline Nose Drops/Sprays



Diaper Rash Cream

It’s a good idea (and cute) to put little kraft paper tags with tips on the backs of the boxes for the first time mom like:  “You can’t use Ibuprofen until 6 months or older.  Once they can, you can alternate between Tylenol and Ibuprofen every 4 hours to treat a fever.”  Or, “An infant isn’t considered to be “having a fever” until 100.9.”

I like a gift that is helpful and helps them save money on things they HAVE to have.  You don’t have to go out and buy 40 pairs of cute footed jammies, but you will need these things as you raise your babies.  Works for me!  Pin, share, and enjoy!



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Love A Mom-To-Be From Afar: Baby Shower In A Box

26th October 2015


If my love for creative gift ideas and my love for my friends had a baby, it would be this idea:  Baby Shower In A Box.  As you get older and your friends scatter, it’s hard to get to them for all of the big events in life.  I recently had a friend who was adopting a baby girl and the problem was, she lived in a different city but I still wanted to do something special for her.  My idea for a baby shower in a box was born when I thought, “How neat would it be to send to her what I can’t do in person?  I’ll send her a party to her door!  Her own baby shower!”

Thus, I present to you the idea of planning and creating a party for someone that you pack and ship right to your loved one’s door!  You can make it any theme and in any price range.  I promise that you will be the only one giving them this gift.  It’s sort of a double gift:  a party and the gifts for the party.

Special thanks to Joel Ham Photography for making my idea come to life in these beautiful photos.  Check them out on Facebook and on their personal site.

Here’s a look at what I created:



This is a baby I borrowed, along with a box I bought and embellished.  Using scrapbook paper, chalkboard stickers, and an oil-based Sharpie, I made this “Baby Shower In A Box” label.  I will wrap the front in packing tape when it’s shipped so it will be delivered with this on the front!




When she opens the box, the first thing she will see is this handmade invitation I made to match the decor for the front of the box.




What’s in the box?  Well, a whole shower so…

  • An invitation
  • Cake mix and icing to make the shower treat with her son
  • Paper goods:  napkins and plates
  • A helium balloon that will pop-up when the box is opened
  • Gifts:  a dress for later, a onesie for now, and a headband to grow with her
  • Party Game with a game prize AKA a treat just for the mom
  • Big Bro Bag because you can’t forget the older sibling(s) while showering the new little squirt
  • Something for the nursery.  I ordered the print shown from Mandipity on Etsy.





What’s in the bag?  For the sibling bag I just put in a bunch of cheap thrills:  bath bombs, Ninja Turtle cup, Ninja Turtle bubble wand, M & M tube, and a party of pack of glow stick glasses and wands.  If the bag is for a little girl you could include: nail polish, pink cookies, glitter pens, plastic tiara, or one of the many paperbooks about being a big sister.  Lots of popular characters that both boys and girls love have cute books on becoming a big sister/brother.

If you want to go all Martha on the bags, check out my post on Big Sister Bags and Busy Bags for Toddlers for more specific bags that will really make a mom cry tears of jubilee.  You can do these for yourself pre-baby to build in a little sanity for after the baby comes.  Hey, if no one sends you a bag to busy your kids, by all means, be your own hero.







How did I make the box that holds the prize? I took a plain white gift card box from Hobby Lobby and embellished it to match my party theme. Using washi tape, a doily die cut and a chalkboard sticker, this little box became my favorite party detail.  And just for all you curious cats, the prize was a gift card to Starbucks for the mom because EVERY mom needs a little Star-cation.





One small detail you might have overlooked is the doily banner strung on twine across the backdrop.  That actually coordinates with the whole theme and will be sent in the box as more of the “party decorations”.  A banner can be personalized and used in the nursery or can be pulled back out and used it at their first birthday party.  It’s a sentimental touch and I’m a sucker for that.

If you want to add a few pieces that are personal to your special celebration, yet doesn’t require a crafty hand, the home decor space within Shutterfly has everything from custom art, plates, and pillows.  I love the chalkboard pillow or woodgrain monogram pillow print for a nursery I also adore the personalized placemats for kids as a big sibling gift.




This gift is creative, personal, thoughtful, and has more possibilities than the Powerball.  It’s for any person, for any party, for any celebration! Now that’s versatile! You don’t have to be close to a friend to be a part of the experience.  Pin, share and enjoy!