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DIY Spring Gift and Kid Activity: Mini Bird Feeders

29th March 2016


I found this recipe in a Kroger magazine of all places and thought they were easy, cute and fun for kids to make!

For 10 dollars or less, you can make a few shy of 2 million bird feeders.  It’s fast and you can be creative. Shapowzers.  I also used cookie cutters in the shape of trees and houses to make different shapes.  It was easier to fill up and pack down a cookie cutter then to mold them by hand.

Mail a half recipe of the dry ingredients to a friend and her kids as a fun spring craft or package it in a colored mason jar like I did below. Just fill the mason jar in layers of ingredients, just like you would a food recipe in a jar gift. I attached a craft paper envelope with the recipe, as well as an example feeder as decor.  Pretty special, y’all.  Pin, share, and enjoy this craft or easy spring “Just thinking of you” affordable gift!!

1-20160329_110057 (1)


1 envelope gelatin

1/2 cup warm water

3/4 cup flour

3 TBSP light corn syrup

4 cups wild bird seeds


Apprx 20 wreaths or more!  Whoa mini bird feeders….calm down.


Mix all ingredients together with a whisk in a mixing bowl.  Add bird seed once everything else is mixed through.  Use a spoon, or ice cream scooper worked best for me, and dollop balls onto wax or parchment paper.  Press down with a large wooden or plastic spoon.  Use finger to make a hole in the center and let dry overnight!  Use ribbon or string to hang your feeders in a semi-sheltered place from rain.  Get your birdie on.


Winter Gift Under 10 Dollars

15th February 2016

There is still plenty of snow left in the season…unfortunately…said the mom on her kid’s 8th snow day. Why not package this cute, non-toy gift idea for a friend or grandchild this winter? I scored this bad boy at Aldi for just under 10 dollars. They also had snow fort maker cubes which I was too slow to get. Dang.  This is also a really easy gift to mail a special kid you love! Just wrap it in brown paper and it’s good to go!

He comes with all of the snowman accessories you need, including two snowmen paint pens in blue and red to REALLY make him fancy!

Want one? I will mail this one to you! To enter, follow me on Instagram, comment on this Instagram pic and I will choose a winner this week. That’s the good thing about me here on herpartypants….I’m always snaggin’ good deals I see and giving them away!  Giveaways don’t have to be huge, they just have to be free!

Happy snow day! In Kentucky anyways =0)


Practical Just Because Gifts For Under 10 Dollars

14th December 2015


These are two gifts for under 10 dollars that you can grab on the fly just because you are thinking of a friend.  Most people don’t know that every year at this time, for just 7 dollars, you can buy a Chic Fil A calendar card that gives you free food once a month for a year!  Free nuggets, free sandwiches, free milkshakes, free chicken biscuits…these guys are the cheapest, a ton of bang for your buck, and who doesn’t love the heck outta some Chic Fil A?  Perfect for anyone from a college student to the mom who always lives at this fast food joint.

The next item is a shopping cart bag sold at Aldi and if you Adli, they are a dream come true!!!!! DREAM!  BUT, no fear, they fit any standard shopping cart.  Forget all of the plastic bags and have just this one sturdy little guy who folds up, holds 30 lbs, has an insulated compartment and zipper pouch for coins, and two handles for carrying the bag to your car.  LOVE THESE and they sell out any time they are carried and you never know when or if that will be.

I will give both of these items away to one lucky party animal who likes to give and receive helpful just because gifts!   To enter, follow herpartypants on Facebook, share this post, and tag herpartypants in that post!  I’ll announce the winner Friday.



1-Cart Bag-3144

1-Chick-fil-a Calendar-3120

Photo Credit:  Joel Ham Photography

Race Track Tape For Boys

4th December 2015


Boys, I have none…but I LOVE these rolls of race track tape that come with little cars!  With these guys, you can build little roads where ever you please! You can get them in different styles and colors, too. I snagged 2 of these at Cracker Barrel this week for under 6 bucks a piece and many brands are 15 per roll. Score! This a perfect little gift for your car lovin’ little boy.

Do you want one of these?  I have three daughters so I will mail them out to any 2 readers who have boys or knows one who would love them!  Just follow me on Instagram and comment on the post or if you already follow me, tag a friend on the Instagram post and I will pick someone.





Where To Find Affordable Toys

13th November 2015


These are the HUGE bottles of bubbles and the sand art kit and glowing bouncing ball making kits are large sets as well.  In the very front is a sidewalk chalk set with brushes and stamp set.  ALL of that was for 10 dollars!  You can’t even buy two jars of colored sand at Hobby Lobby for that price, much less the funnels and containers to fill with sand and this kit comes with 6 or 7 containers to fill and design.  Not only are these great gifts, they are affordable but still substantial in size and go a long way.  It’s a 10-12 dollar gift with a 3 dollar price tag.  Boom-badda-bing!

Talk about crazy.

And where is this jewel of a place where you can find toys and groceries?  Aldi!  A diamond in the rough!  Those who Aldi, swear by Aldi, and I am one of those gals.  The prices can’t be beat and you never know what you will find in the aisle that carries a range of seasonal, toy buys, etc.

You can buy name brand toys as well and I have seen everything from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Minnie Mouse, and Disney princesses.  They have also Fisher Price toys as well.  You truly never know what you will find but what you do find will GURANTEED be the best price you could find anywhere.

I buy a huge chunk of my monthly groceries there and snag little nuggets of greatness like these all the time.  Buy them for gifts or just as things to tuck away for a raining day.  Aldi, Aldi, he’s our man, if he can’t do it….

then I’m sad.  And broke.