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Transform A Pillow With Paint

17th October 2017


This is really easy to do if you have a pillow that needs a color change!  I had been looking at this pillow I had made on Etsy for one of my daughter’s nurseries and I really didn’t want to part with it, BUT my son probably wouldn’t dig a cranberry pink pillow in his room. You know because 14 month olds have strong decor opinions…  A snail is perfect for any gender room so I took to the paint!  I bought a fabric paint in black, pulled out an old paint brush I use for details, and basically just colored it in like a coloring book!  Whip out cha’ steady hand and treat yo’self to a new pillow!  It’s a lot more affordable than buying new pillows every single time you change a color scheme.

Here it is in process so you can see it going down.  I just followed the lines!

Here it is completed! From pink to masculine and all for the price of a tiny bottle of fabric paint!  Nursery reveal coming next!  You know…since he is over a year old now. Literally, I am still trying to fill out the details.


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Spring Felt Flower Wreath

31st March 2016



Me and this wreath fell in love and made heart babies.  This is one of my most favorite wreaths I’ve EVER made.  I love the fuzzy little fern leaves, mix of flowers and bright cheery colors.  I used a stick wreath vs. a covered straw wreath this time and I painted the sticks lightly, as you can see below.  Me likes.

Using a mix of regular old Hobby Lobby felt, good fabric scissors and a lot of that dangerously burning hot glue, I concocted this little wreath baby.

My favorite flowers are the big coral peony lookin’ one and the yellow rolled flowers with dark centers.  They remind me of anemones which makes me smile….big time.  (Even though it’s not really what they look like. I said REMINDS.  Let’s not get too crazy.)

Did you fall in love with this wreath?!?  Just remember, I did too and we made heart children so it would be inappropriate to get too close.  You can still love it from a respectable distance like an old woman Bieber fan.


1-20160331-IMG_4753 (2)



How To Look Like A Better Decorator Than You Are

22nd March 2016


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While I love to decorate and find that it comes pretty naturally, I have many friends who find decorating and figuring out what to do as fun as doing your taxes while listening to NPR.

To those of you decoration-ally challenged or to anyone who saw a room you just LOVE, you can put a room together better than you think with one easy step.

What is the secret?  What is the step?


Most people see a room and think, “I love it!” so I’m going to use those colors or buy that one rug or picture they have.  But, how can you get a whole room that is more tied in together? Whether you know it or not, you love that perfect home picture or perfect decor pin for more than just that print or wall color.  What you love and what you really  want is how it ALL ties together and how they did that is the “formula”.  It’s easier than you think!!

It goes a little something like this….check this, y’all.  Look at this picture here.  Let’s pretend I love this room from Young House Love, but no pretending necessary because I totally do! It’s a very simple room so a great example to start with.


Young House Love

The Formula:

Rug in a bold and LARGE print (Try Overstock for the best prices, free shipping and a gabillion choices to search by.  You can find a similar rug to what you are looking for there, I’m sure!)

Nuetral Walls

Bring the color of the curtain rods into the legs of the furniture piece.  Also note, they are both metal.

Use a chair in a SMALL, not large print.  (Tip:  If you use a large print focal point, you want to use smaller prints in other spots.  A room can’t be all large or all small busy prints, but a balance adds interest.)

Pull a solid color from the chair for the curtains.

Add greenery as decor and use a natural wood to add texture like they did in the table top.

Large metal pendant fixture, nuetral, but ties in with your rods and furniture legs.

If you can, paint your ceilings and make that color choice, your accent color.

Pull accent color down into the table and or wall decor.

If you cannot paint your ceilings and you are mimicking a room, use a large piece of art and pull a main accent from that piece.

The overall formula:  a few bold pieces and a simple 4 toned color scheme (including the white walls as part of that scheme) with simple decor.  Clean, non busy, airy, with pops of color.

You can do this with any room or pin you see!  How and where did they use a pattern?  What is the main color they use and what are the accent colors?  How often and where did they use those accent colors?   I’m basically telling you, don’t copy a room, copy it’s blueprint!  You can look like a better decorator than you are! You might just surprise yourself…and your walls….and your friends….and your family….and your eyeballs.

Send me a picture of a look you want to achieve by attaching a picture in the comments or sending me an email and I’ll break the code for you!


Cookie Jar Makeover

3rd March 2016

1-s-l1600 (1)


I got this as a gift from a sweet friend and I really wanted to use it but it didn’t match my kitchen so, I had to make it! I took this bad boy from Cracker Barrel to Crate in Barrel in less than 15 minutes with one simple step.

My husband rolls his eyes and says, “She thinks she can spray paint anything…” And the great news is, you totally can! I am apt to spray paint anything without a heartbeat.

I used Krylon’s Pistachio and rocked this beast to a solid, sleek look with a touch of vintage with the color chosen. You love it. You know it. Come on, let your momma know it.

This looks great with my white back splash behind it, sitting next to coral ranuculas and white ceramic numbered jars….which you won’t see because the lighting in my kitchen is like a dungeon. Maybe I should spray paint the lights….

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