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Fiesta Baby Shower

24th July 2017


Hey, girl, hayyyyyyy!  Check out this Fiesta Baby Shower for my sis-in-law this weekend!  Fiesta is a theme you have heard of but, not as common for a baby shower.  I love the bright colors and, obviously, the food.  The colorful theme is perfect for anyone who is hosting for someone who is having a rainbow baby (a baby after the loss of a baby).

I love all of these details and I put a source list for you at the end so you can see where I got everything. Ole, y’all!

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Nacho bar, fruit, and churros for dessert!  Small, simple menu that is on point with the theme.  Who doesn’t like Mexican food?!  Monsters, only I’m sure.

Believe it or not, that is 100 churros!  100 delicious foot long crispy, sugary goodness.  No cake for this party, just churros alll the way.  Make it more fabulous with ice cream and chocolate drizzle.  Another bonus is that it only cost 50 bucks for 100 churros!  This was in place of a cake/cupcakes and a decorated cake for 40 would have easily been 65 plus!  It saved money and spiced up the old traditional shower cake theme.

Do you love this M I made?  AHHHHHHH, I have a post just for this guy for tomorrow.  I was thinking for a week about what I could use at the centerpiece and when I thought of making this, I knew it would cute, unique and affordable!  AND this runner underneath, going across the food table?  I could have bought a serape for the table for a range of prices depending on where I bought one from and it would’ve been cute, for sure.  HOWEVER, how PERFECT does this tasseled rag rug under the centerpiece for a runner?!! AND guess what: 5 dollars from Five Below, a dollar store.

The kid’s table was ballin’ hard and out of control.  Too bad kids actually sat there because it was super pretty.

Is there anything more fabulous than these Spanish canned goods as vases? NO.  I used 2 sizes and you can see where to buy them on the source list.  These are real canned goods….not decor jars/vases.

These guys are a given.  You can buy them customized with words of your choice on Etsy.  Add the baby’s name to the banner or get ones that have “baby shower” cut out of some panels with baby theme designs.

If you can’t find a napkin you want….you make it!  I used waterproof ink so when the guests were wiping their faces, they wouldn’t be dragging pink all over the place.

I put these fans in the window above the kid’s table because nothing says cha cha cha quite like these colorful fans.  Maybe.



Colorful fans, Banner, El Pato canned goods, tissue flower kit:  Amazon

El Pato cans can also be found on Etsy in groups

Rag Rug Runner: Five Below

100 Count Churros:  Gordon Food Service special order (GFS)

Fiesta Plates:  Hobby Lobby

Napkins:  Made by me using stamps from Hobby Lobby

Invititations:  Soiree Papery on Etsy

March Madness Gender Reveal

13th March 2017


My sister-in-law wanted to do a gender reveal for her last baby and what better theme for college basketball fans than March Madness! This is a house divided between a die-hard UK fan and a die-hard U of L fan. whose teams of course just happen to be rivals!  For the party, U of L red stood for girl and UK blue for boy!  Everyone who came was asked to wear their favorite team apparel.  It was simple, low stress, and fun!

Enjoy the details, you crazy animals!

Photo Credit:  Joel Ham Photography

Address removed…..clearly…..

Concession stand food was served for this midday reveal. This cotton candy is from Fluffy Puff Gourmet, a local gal and old friend who spins up some delicious stuff!

If there was all the money in the land, we would’ve gotten foam fingers for everyone because…hey…that is so fun.

Confetti cannons are as boomtastic as they sound.  They shoot 10 feet up in the air with a pop.  I liken it to confetti fireworks!  It wasn’t the original idea but my sister-in-law wanted something less messy since we would likely be indoors.  Bonus:  it’s like the confetti at the end of the championship game during March Madness so 4 cheers for being theme appropriate!

We brought out a karaoke machine and had my husband take on the role of arena announcer. He announced the family of honor, one member at a time like players while they ran out to the Bulls entrance theme song.

3, 2,1…twist and BOOOOOOMMMMMM! The ceiling fan swirled this cloud of pink around and around as it floated around.  It was a really neat effect!



  • Huge 4 by 5 March Madness bracket used as a guest list and/or bracket for guest’s gender guesses
  • Invitations that looked like final four tickets
  • Concession style foods for snacks
  • Guests in favortie sports team apparrel
  • Announced family of honor to Bulls theme song as they ran out to do the reveal
  • Confetti Cannons to reveal the gender, just like end of championship game confetti
  • “One Shining Moment” playing on a speaker after the cannons went off
  • Basketball theme decor:  foam fingers, MVP he or she cake, Spalding balloons, pom poms, and cheerleader horn things (Haha…What are those called, anyway?)

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Volcano Theme Gender Reveal Party: Her Party Pants Original Party

29th February 2016


When I came up with this idea, I needed an invite and Megan at Red Haven Letters on Etsy, made this for me!  She’s a friend and she’s talented and rolled this out for me so there was lots of winning involved.  She creates prints, invites and does custom work as well.  Check her out!  She is on a short break after just having a sweet baby but she shall return!

And before we really get rolling, a HUGE thanks to Joel Ham Photography for providing me with these awesome pictures and for providing many of the stock images I have used over the years between my 2 sites!  

RebeccasVolcano Invitation_bleeds (1)

1-ParrotGenderReveal-27 - Copy

Pink or blue?  Either way we’ll LAVA you!

Don’t you LOVE this tissue paper garland I found on Amazon?!

1-ParrotGenderReveal-028 - Copy

1-ParrotGenderReveal-16 - Copy

1-ParrotGenderReveal-21 - Copy

Do you recognize these “volcanoes” I made?  These were the mountains I made for my sister’s super simple mountain shower.  I painted them black, cut of the top, stuffed them with tissue paper I trimmed to look like lava and there you have it.  I’ve used these cones/tree things 3 times now!  They are now laid to rest.  You’ve been good to me, guys.  Thanks for the memories.

1-ParrotGenderReveal-12 - Copy

1-ParrotGenderReveal-5 - Copy

Pick a lei!  Solid color for a boy, rainbow colors for a girl.


1-ParrotGenderReveal-39 - Copy



1-ParrotGenderReveal-38 - Copy


Mini lava cake bar with options for hot fudge, caramel sauce, fresh pineapple chunks (from coring the pineapple vase), strawberries, powdered sugar, and cinnamon!  Simple, cute and yummy!




Cupcakes with chocolate Lindor truffles on the inside.  Fill the cups, plop a truffle in and cook to cupcake directions.  I’ll admit, these are lazy man’s lava cakes and they weren’t very “lava”, but they were easy, good and best of all THEME RELATED bam!  A lava cake bar is unique too, y’all, and I love unique!  They were rich cupcakes at the end of the day but the hot fudge helped make them lava like.  Pretty much all lava cakes are from scratch and made and served on the spot.  That is hard/impossible to do at party!  I looked at GFS and they did have frozen individual lava cakes but for 65 dollars for 24 and I needed 35 or more.  PASS! On to lazier, cheaper, less stressful ways…


NOW FOR THE BIG VOLCANO REVEAL!!!! I will post this week how I made the reveal volcano and what in the heck I did to get this effect.  I did not use baking soda and vinegar!  Not big enough effect for me!


Yep, that’s blue!!!! Much bluer in person!  Check out those reactions! That’s how people look when you’ve had three girls in a row and then a surprise boy!





Come on!  This is great!



Our little hula girls were SO excited!!! It’s what they prayed for! (Minus the baby who is in denial.)

ParrotGenderReveal-142 ParrotGenderReveal-149


I let all of the kids at the party play in the volcano after it was revealed!

1-RebeccasVolcano Invitation_bleeds_NoWords (2)



I ALWAYS do a name reveal.  This time I did name cards and sent them home with family.  All of the cute with none of the opinions, haha.  Frances Jane Crosby, the full name, is neat because my mother-in-law is Jane and her mother was Francis.



1-ParrotGenderReveal-18 - Copy

Kid favors: Volcano brand (how perfect) popping candy!  I put 5 in each bag and topped them each with tissue paper “lava” and tied them with baker’s twine.  You can never go wrong with baker’s twine.

1-ParrotGenderReveal-50 - Copy

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Simple Mountain Shower Details

16th November 2015


I did a super simple baby shower for a family member.  It was a come-and-go, co-ed shower with no games or even gift opening!  It was a simplistic, say hello, congrats, and grab some food type of gig.  The lady of honor didn’t want a big to-do and isn’t in to themes really so I thought of something I knew she loved:  mountains.  She loves backpacking and her hubby does too so I picked fall foods and this adorable invitation from Etsy shop, Invited by Audriana.                .


I used kraft paper cones and few craft Christmas trees because they were half off, and painted them in to mountains.  I’m using them as they are on my mantle for winter decor.  LOVE IT! And believe it or not, they painted SO fast.



I found these 3 dimensional trees that you put together for 4 dollars at Hobby Lobby….before the 40 percent off coupon, of course!  I loved that they were a natural color and the leaf-less tress played into fall and outdoors for this October shower.


I made this banner by hand after seeing one on Etsy.  I made it for less than 5 dollars!  I used the thicker, stiffer felt and cut triangles and peaks and glued them to white thin rope.  Love!



I bought tree slices from, no shock, Hobby Lobby, and used them as serving pieces.  My mom made these mini pecan pies and they were delicious and cute.  Score.



These are so yummy, I could scream!  Click here for the recipe.  You MUST make these! I used this log that was cut in half, also from Hobby Lobby, so it was round on the bottom.  It looked neat on the table and actually balanced just fine.


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Outdoor Photography by:  Shelly Griffin Photography


Science Theme Gender Reveal Party

20th October 2013


Originally posted on, but it’s still me, y’all!

Move over balloon boxes and gender reveal cakes!  I came up with the idea for a science themed gender reveal when I wanted something off beat and creative and started to think about what sorts of things change colors. I thought, “Experiments change colors!”,  and from there, my science theme gender reveal was born.  Read the captions for what I did and how I did it.  Please share and pin and, enjoy my unique and affordable scientific reveal!

Thank you to JoelHamPhotography, as always, for making my stuff here on my blog look good since I take all of my own photos with a phone, haha.  Be sure to check them out! These party pictures were awesome. Thanks, you guys!




 I had these children’s science invitations customized into a gender reveal party with a: Come See Our Secret Concoction headline.  The beakers of blue and coral set the color scheme and I adore how it looks like doodles in a school notebook.  You MUST check out the Etsy seller, Dee Dub Desgins who designed my party package.  She has excellent products and she knew I was crunched for time and got it to me all within 24 hours!


Atom cupcake toppers on top of Gigi’s mini cupcakes:  chocolate chip, Reese’s cup, wedding cake, & blackberry cobbler

To feed 25 on a budget, we used good ole’ hot and ready pizzas from Little Ceasars for 5 bucks a pop.


Coordinating notebook-esk water bottle labels I had printed with : Baby Potion Drink With Caution.  They have coral color vials on them as well, not seen in this picture.


Party Favors:  Color change bath fizzers for the kids.  This favor compliments with the reveal experiment later.  I bought a pack of black tags at Hobby Lobby and used foam scrapbook letters to spell experiment phrases (aka the best ways to avoid ugly handwriting).  Elmo fizzes:  1 dollar a bag!  Ribbon:  1 dollar at dollar store  Tags and Letters: with coupons, 4 dollars for both



20131219ParrottRevealParty-120 I saw a board like this on Pinterest for a children’s party where they made words look like they were made up of elements from the periodic table.  The numbers across “Reveal Laboratory”  make up my due date.  I borrowed the beakers from a friend who is science teacher:  Free 99 Dry Ice: 8.50 for 5 pounds


Everything was science themed including the wording to my pre-reveal voting game: 

“Cast Your Hypothesis”

Dee Dubs Design made me a sheet of blank beakers and everyone wrote their name on one and put it in the beaker that had the sex they thought we were having.  Here instead of boy/girl, to go with the theme, we used chromosome gender:  XX girl, XY boy




The prize won by the name we drew from the winning beaker: 

Make Your Own Potion: a 10 dollar gift card to a create your own frozen yogurt shop.  I made this tag with scrapbook paper, scrapbook sticker letters I already had, a plain white extra Hobby Lobby gift tag I had, and by cutting up an extra invite and gluing the beakers on the front.


Name Tags:  We each wore a DNA contributor (#1 and #2) name tag on our lab coats which I thought was a fun themed idea.  We borrowed lab coats from a friend who is a professor at our local college:  Free 99.  Name Tags:  1 dollar for 25 at the dollar store   Our glasses were also from the dollar store for a dollar each with the lens popped out.


Tag:  Big Sister Prototype


Tag:  Big Sister Latest Model


THE BABY BOMB!!!!  This is the “experiment” piece itself.  Most experiments that change color involve toxic chemicals or too much work.  I took three layers of black panty hose from Walmart that come in those little plastic snap containers and wrapped a colored bath bomb fizzer inside.  The panty hose concealed the color and I added a tie and a question mark and fashioned it into a bomb. So fun!  I untied the top, dropped it in a huge vase with bubbling dry ice and stirred and……









Coming home outfit!  I love unique prints.  I bought this with Lance after we had the ultrasound from an electic kid’s boutique in my hometown. 



Name That (baby)  Concoction.  Come on, I had to do a name reveal, too! Everyone gathered round for a good old science version of hangman.  I guess if they filled up the beaker before guessing the name, I could never tell them my child’s name and they would just have to refer to her in pictures and symbols like Prince.  These black foam boards came from Walmart for 2 dollars each and the white opaque pen, from Michael’s for 1.79.


Lance rode the “dorky science guy theme” train hard.





About the Name:

Mendel (men-dull):  Mendel, like my other girl’s names, is Hebrew.  It means “one who comforts”  and “wise”.  Probably one of my greatest strengths is comforting and giving advice to those I love.  I even did it as a career before staying at home with my girls.  Also, my spiritual gift is wisdom/discernment.  In a special way, this is like naming her after me in a different way  than just giving her my name.  It’s unique with a rich personal meaning, all while being old and uncommon. Naming my daughter this is dear to me. Months ago I wrote it on our shower walls with bath crayons to see it everyday and to give Lance subtle messages about names I liked.  It’s true.

Covington:  This name comes from a place in our hometown that is significant to Lance and I’s love story.  For those of you who don’t know, I told my mom I would marry Lance in 6th grade, finally dated him in 9th grade, fell in love, and in true 15 year old fashion, broke up with him 9 months later.  For almost 4 years while I with another guy, Lance loved me, pursued me, and yes, tried to kiss me any chance he could even though I had a boyfriend.  It was on this street, Covington, that after almost four years of being apart, he kissed me again and I knew that I would marry him.  2 years later, we did.  I think it’s neat to pass down a piece of our love story to our children.  One day my grand-kids will ask, “Where does the name Covington come from?”, and they will hear the love story of their grandparents. History with a name is wonderful.

So without further adieu, and definitely last but not least, the final name tag:


Thank you so much for stopping by and looking at my party.  Creativity excites me and so does the occupation of my uterus so it was the perfect storm for me to celebrate our last child.  If you enjoyed this post, pin and share away!  Follow me here on