Yarn Pom Wreath

2nd January 2016

I made this out of a straw wreath, yarn, and hot glue.  I LOVE poms, but I’ll tell you….they are time consuming!  This is the first pom wreath I have ever done and I see more to come!

Sorry the pics are all off center.

I present to you mustard, copper, plum, & turquoise yarn pom wreath:


11 thoughts on “Yarn Pom Wreath

    1. thefirsthundred Post author

      i didn’t advertise it but i am selling them. i have some carple tunnel issues so if you can be patient i can do one for you. it takes me 5 hours plus cost so they are 50 dollars. =0)

  1. Amy J

    Um my wreath is pretty much amazing! Mad props to the Becky Cat! I get compliments on the daily…from myself only because I don’t have people over often. But I imagine if people did come over the first thing they would do is compliment my fabulously hand crafted super duper fantastical yarn wreath. Then I would give props to you. Then, they would come inside and be sadly disappointed to the lack of interior creativity, and we’d just sit outside and admire the wreath! I guess what I’m trying to say is, a big ft thanks to Eden’s mom! Yours truly, proud yarn wreath owner!

    1. thefirsthundred Post author

      hi! these flowers are yarn not felt and if you want to know how to make these…just google “how to make a yarn pom”. if you are asking about my other felt flowers, i just use felt and hot glue and cut out my own shapes and flowers. a lot i just made up from spin off of other basic felt flowers. you can find felt flower tutorials on line. some that i’ve made, you will find. others you won’t just because i don’t follow patterns and just do my own thing. sorry =0( i know that’s not probably what you wanted to hear!


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