DIY Gingerbread Man Costume

1st November 2013



(The watermark up there is from my other blog.  Promise…I’m still the gingerbread man maker.)

When my funny 80’s play on a costume fell through last minute, I decided to make my youngest something different-ish and downright cute.  This DIY outfit I created is super easy and cheap and while we’re at it, rings you right in to some Ho Ho Ho!  I made it the night before Halloween in about 30 minutes and guess what….no sew!!!!!  I know how to sew and even I’m excited that I didn’t have to.


Chocolate brown Granimals sweatpants from Walmart (toddler boys):  $3.88

Chocolate brown Granimals turtleneck from Walmart (toddler boys):   $3.88

One roll of peppermint print ribbon:  $1.50

2 packs of jumbo rick-rack @ $1.66 each:  $3.32

2 sheets of felt:  .50 cents player

hot glue sticks I had at home:  free

Total:  $13.08


What I did:

Well, it’s nothing scientific!  I put the clothes on my daughter and marked with my finger about where the rick rack needed to fall.  I did the top pattern first and then laid out the pants with the shirt to see where I should start the rick rack on the pants to make it meet together.  I laid it all out and hot glued it down as I went.  Can you say easy?

Then I just cut out one side of the “jacket” freehand with scissors by cutting the sheet directly down the middle and trimming out the jacket curves.  Once I trimmed one side to perfection, I laid it on the other half of red felt and trace cut it.  Then I backed it with green felt for a peek-a-boo contrast.  I laid the jacket on top of the costume and trimmed it at the shoulders to fit and adhered it to the shirt with good ole’ hot glue.  I think I could build a house with hot glue.

Lastly, I used a bottle cap to trace circles on to the peppermint ribbon to make my buttons and then I tied some more of the ribbon into a little bow tie number.  I attached the buttons and bow with hot glue, rick rack detailed the front of the jacket and in about thirty minutes, I had one heck of a pretty polished, cheap Halloween costume that you are pretty dang sure not to see on the streets of your town.

I wish the pictures below were better but hey, it was tornadic weather outside and dark inside with terrible lighting and a toddler who wants to see the picture as soon as you get set to take it.  It’s what I’m workin’ with.  Pin me and follow me here an on Pinterest.  Tomorrow I will post my other daughter’s costume I made that I’m POSITIVE you didn’t see last night and probably never have!





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