DIY Play-Doh Costume Tutorial

18th October 2015




Embroidery Hoop {Size Based On Size Of Child- I used an 18 inch for my 2 1/2 year old.}
Hot Glue Gun & Sticks
1/2 Yard of Yellow Felt
1/8 Yard of Colored Felt Of Your Choice
1 Sheet of White Felt With Adhesive Backing
1 Sheet of Red Felt
Good fabric scissors

Approximately 45 minutes-1 hour

10 dollars {Using 40% off coupon Hobby Lobby Coupon for yard of yellow felt and embroidery hoop}

1- Hold up yellow fabric to child and measure where you want it to fall in length and cut if needed. I did not need to cut mine.
2-Take out interior ring from center of embroidery hoop. This will be the frame of your Play-Doh can.
3-Fold top edge of yellow felt over top of hoop, hot gluing it as you go. If you pull it just a little taut, it will create a little ledge, giving the appearance of a can.




4- Cut a strip of colored felt approximately 6 inches to create lip of can, again hot gluing over the embroidery hoop. Make sure the closing edges of the yellow felt match with the closing edges of the blue felt so that you have them center in the back. You don’t want to see “seams” in the sides or, heaven forbid, front of your costume. Measure how far down the colored lip of the can will fall very well before gluing.

5. Use left over colored felt to make two shoulder straps so the can–can be worn. I measured the spacing of these while my husband helped hold the hoop over my toddler. Hot glue the straps to the top interior edge of can, pulling very taut. I glued them once, then pulled them even tighter and re-glued the slack.

6. To make the logo, what I did was simple. Pull up the logo on the site Download the image and open it in whatever sort of picture viewer you have on your PC. Magnify the image on your screen to the size you need and then put your white felt with adhesive backing over the screen. The screen will create a back lit effect allowing you to lightly trace the logo onto the felt with a pencil. When you trace the wording, also trace the shape of the red arching behind the wording. Using quality fabric scissors, lay your traced sheet over a red sheet of felt cutting out the shape of the red arching first. Set red arch aside and then cut out the words on your white felt. Remove adhesive backing, center the words on top of the red felt and BOOM! You look way more talented than anyone ever has to know! I layered the red background with a thin line of color to match the can lid and the original logo.

7. Hot glue the logo to the center of the costume. Be careful to space this well before you glue. You will need to put your hand behind the inside of the costume, smoothing the logo from both sides as glue you since it needs to lay curved over the front. It’s the only way to keep it from bunching.

8. Lastly, I cut a large u shape out under each side of the hoop so that she could easily move her arms however she needed. To keep it even, I cut the big “U” out of a piece of cereal box and drew it on each side before cutting. I put her in the costume to measure about where each arm hole should fall before making any cuts.

Colored lid can be smoothed by hand and it really looks like a can lid! I, however, did no such smoothing in the freezing artic winds that were blowing us around! You can also simply wrap the felt for the lid to fit the underlying hoop leaving no overhang. That would be even more simple and no worries about it bunching.



Pin and enjoy! Check out my other costume creations!

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