Gift Idea For Siblings Of A New Baby

6th February 2016


Usually I feature gift ideas that I’ve come up with but this time, this was a gift given to my girls by my long time friend, Katie Dendy.  These gifts below are busy bags for big brothers/sisters.  She went to the dollar store and filled up bag with lots of dollar items from Grow A Flower kits and sunglasses, to pre-bagged crafts and sticker books.  For a dollar a piece, anyone can give this gift and both mom and kids appreciate them for very different reasons.  Kids feel special and mom has something to entertain the kids with while she is busy and nursing or when she just needs rescue from the kids boredom.

I LOVE this affordable, fun, thoughtful and helpful gift idea!  Thanks, Katie!  My girls loved them!

P.S.- The cupcake book came from Target, not the dollar store, and was for my new bundle.



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