Great Practical Baby Shower Gift Idea

10th November 2015


When a mom-to-be goes to register for her baby, they tend to get all the cutesy stuff and may forget the practical things.  I gave this to a girl this weekend and I think it’s a GREAT gift.  It’s very practical and really helpful when you need it the most.  Baby medicines are pricey for what they are and the bottles are so tiny, you can burn through them easily.  Just like diapers, you always need them and once your baby is sick, who the heck wants to go shopping for them?! You need them now! You don’t need them until you do and when you do, it’s sooo nice to have them there!

I piled in all the essential things you need for when a baby is uncomfortable or sick.  What’s even better?  I put them all in a cute plastic storage box that she can keep all of her baby meds in separately. It’s not just a “gift box”.  Here’s what’s inside:

Gas drops

Infant Tylenol

Baby Vapor Rub

Saline Nose Drops/Sprays



Diaper Rash Cream

It’s a good idea (and cute) to put little kraft paper tags with tips on the backs of the boxes for the first time mom like:  “You can’t use Ibuprofen until 6 months or older.  Once they can, you can alternate between Tylenol and Ibuprofen every 4 hours to treat a fever.”  Or, “An infant isn’t considered to be “having a fever” until 100.9.”

I like a gift that is helpful and helps them save money on things they HAVE to have.  You don’t have to go out and buy 40 pairs of cute footed jammies, but you will need these things as you raise your babies.  Works for me!  Pin, share, and enjoy!



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