DIY Stay-at-Home Mom Costume {For Kids}

2nd November 2015


Drum rolllllllllllllll….tah dah! This year I made my 16 month old a stay-at-home mom! I used everything I had here at home, excluding a small amount of fabric I bought for another costume. That means free, y’all!  And please, no one get their panties in a wad over this “interpretation”.  I am, in fact, a stay-at-home mom.  I also, in fact, look like a mess a lot.  Pajamas just feel so fine….   However, I don’t hot glue pretzels to myself and then go out in public.  I promise.  Although if they could chew on my pants while I shopped…..


What you need:

a small baby doll (You can buy the one I used here from Target.)

sweats, mismatched clothes, or PJs you already have

food for splattering and real and/or fake food for gluing on to clothes

house shoes

hairspray to mess up their hair

hot glue gun, scissors, fine point sharpie, and black and white felt to make a baby bjorn

Optional but totally cute:  I used a baby doll diaper bag with a diaper and bottle for her trick or treat bag and had an empty coffee cup for an accessory






Everyone laughed watching her walk around.  Free, fast, unique and, is there anything cuter than a baby wearing a baby?????!!!!  No.

(I was Rainbow Dash’s mom to a Rainbow Dash not pictured. You know, if you were wondering.)

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Photo credit:  Shelly Griffin Photography

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