Where To Find Affordable Toys

13th November 2015


These are the HUGE bottles of bubbles and the sand art kit and glowing bouncing ball making kits are large sets as well.  In the very front is a sidewalk chalk set with brushes and stamp set.  ALL of that was for 10 dollars!  You can’t even buy two jars of colored sand at Hobby Lobby for that price, much less the funnels and containers to fill with sand and this kit comes with 6 or 7 containers to fill and design.  Not only are these great gifts, they are affordable but still substantial in size and go a long way.  It’s a 10-12 dollar gift with a 3 dollar price tag.  Boom-badda-bing!

Talk about crazy.

And where is this jewel of a place where you can find toys and groceries?  Aldi!  A diamond in the rough!  Those who Aldi, swear by Aldi, and I am one of those gals.  The prices can’t be beat and you never know what you will find in the aisle that carries a range of seasonal, toy buys, etc.

You can buy name brand toys as well and I have seen everything from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Minnie Mouse, and Disney princesses.  They have also Fisher Price toys as well.  You truly never know what you will find but what you do find will GURANTEED be the best price you could find anywhere.

I buy a huge chunk of my monthly groceries there and snag little nuggets of greatness like these all the time.  Buy them for gifts or just as things to tuck away for a raining day.  Aldi, Aldi, he’s our man, if he can’t do it….

then I’m sad.  And broke.


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