Awesome Customizable Gifts For Kids

19th February 2016

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Personalized Dishes & Place Mats For Kids



Sarah + Abraham


Custom Leggings With Your Child’s Name



Lolly Wolly Doodle


Lost My Name Book

{A well done, fun personalized story for your child.  The story based around the letters in your child’s name that all comes together in the end. You can even pick the character and their hair color.}


Lost My Name


Citizens Collectible

Okay, so these are amazing and custom made on Etsy from a seller in Europe.  You CAN do just one doll customized to look like your child, BFF, etc.  OR for quite a bit more, you can have a whole family!  Ack, I love it!  Admittedly, most people couldn’t pay for a family for something so novel but since one doll is under 30 and because they are so crazy cute, I had to include them.



The Citizens Collectible


Personalized Rubber Stamps


Skull And Cross Buns


Personalized Mini Rolling Pin For Crafts


Uncommon Goods


Custom Cookie Pocket Mirror


Nikki M C Williams on Etsy


A Photo Book Made For Child Of Their Artwork


Pop Sugar


Personalized Beach Pails 


Down South Monogram on Etsy


Custom Tooth Fairy Pillows

Have a handmade tooth fairy pillow made to hand your child’s door with their name and tooth pocket on the back.


B Boutique Beauties on Etsy


Turn Your Child’s Art Into A Plush

Budsies was on Shark Tank and while everything on this list prior is under 30 dollars, some things even less than half of that, this one is a go big or go home price point.  BUT hey, there’s always grandparents. They are under 100 but still, not your everyday gift.  Come on, though, a one of a kind, handmade quality plush is pretty awesome for that one special art loving kid.  I just had to include them.


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