Cookie Jar Makeover

3rd March 2016

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I got this as a gift from a sweet friend and I really wanted to use it but it didn’t match my kitchen so, I had to make it! I took this bad boy from Cracker Barrel to Crate in Barrel in less than 15 minutes with one simple step.

My husband rolls his eyes and says, “She thinks she can spray paint anything…” And the great news is, you totally can! I am apt to spray paint anything without a heartbeat.

I used Krylon’s Pistachio and rocked this beast to a solid, sleek look with a touch of vintage with the color chosen. You love it. You know it. Come on, let your momma know it.

This looks great with my white back splash behind it, sitting next to coral ranuculas and white ceramic numbered jars….which you won’t see because the lighting in my kitchen is like a dungeon. Maybe I should spray paint the lights….

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