Creative and Practical Gift For A Family With A New Baby

14th March 2016




A friend of mine recently had a new baby and when someone has a few kiddos already, you get creative and gift the whole family!  I made a practical family gift box (and it literally was a box wrapped in paper)  and I included something little for everyone.

What’s in the box?

Mom and Dad’s favorite chips and a drink for each

BabyGanics bubble bath for the 2 big sisters (completely free of all dyes/perfumes and ANYTHING that can bother little girl’s particulars in the bath)

Diapers for the new bundle

A gift card to Pizza Hut for an easy, hassle free meal

Disposable cups and plates to save mom the chore of dishes for a little while




Easy, practical and you can make it anything you want!  And before I go, can we get a moment of silence for that killer wrapping paper?!!!!  A little known factoid on me:  wrapping paper is my favorite and this Ikea gift wrap was so perfect, I bought in two colors!  Hollllerrrrrr! The colors aren’t really neon-y in person but either way, killer!!!

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