Rainbow Party Favors For Older Kids

18th March 2016


This detail is from my Simple Rainbow Birthday Party I did years before I ever thought I would start planning parties.  I still LOVE these favors.  For these I used Izze drinks which are a colorful, healthier and already sweet in their original packaging.  ‘

In small celophane bags, I added colored gumballs and Skittles to the bottom, centered a drink in the middle of the candy and added colorful paper straws.  I tied them with orange ribbon and “Thank You” tags I stamped myself.  They looked awesome on the tables and the kids loved them.  AND I think they are unique which, you know, gets me all kinna’ excited!

I love the display, the color and the clean modern look.  This favor WINS!

P.S.- These pictures were taken under fluorescent lights, our home’s previous owners favorite thing. The show must go on!

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