Fun Gift For The Coffee Drinker Or Cookie Lover

25th April 2016


I love unique.  I love fun.  I love practical.  Meet these guys below:  Face Mugs for your favorite drink and mouth holes for your favorite drink topping or drink compliment.  These are from uncommon goods and I have owned these for a few years.  My kids LOVE them for milk and cookies and they are loads of fun to pull out for guests because most people haven’t seen them.

If you want just one, you can buy a single white face mug for under 20.  If you prefer the color, they come in a mixed pack of 2 for 35.  They are big, heavy, quality and did I say fun?

Don’t you love them?!!?  I think they are a fun teacher gift, too.  You win, face mugs!  You always do….


Source: Uncommon Goods and you can buy at the direct link embeded there!

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