Easiest Way to Make Your Outdoor Rug Look New With No Scrubbing (Even The White Parts)

5th July 2016


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Okay so, this isn’t a party…but I do have a before and after category and it’s for home stuff, mainly decor.  You MUST accept this because I HAD to share it.  With just a pressure washer, I took this outdoor rug that stayed out exposed from last summer, through winter and spring, until this summer back to new!  I have a deep love for pressure washing and it’s instant, no scrub needed results.  I couldn’t help but to run it over my precious white detail on my last season Target rug and it. was. CRAZY!  Check out the 15 second video and be amazed and feel the waves of instant gratification!  You are welcome, patios everywhere.








Look at this 15 second video!  This is the easiest and simplest way to restore your outdoor rug and I did this WITHOUT any cleaners applied first!  Just water and a pressure washer doing it’s magnificent job!  Whoa.


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