March Madness Gender Reveal

13th March 2017


My sister-in-law wanted to do a gender reveal for her last baby and what better theme for college basketball fans than March Madness! This is a house divided between a die-hard UK fan and a die-hard U of L fan. whose teams of course just happen to be rivals!  For the party, U of L red stood for girl and UK blue for boy!  Everyone who came was asked to wear their favorite team apparel.  It was simple, low stress, and fun!

Enjoy the details, you crazy animals!

Photo Credit:  Joel Ham Photography

Address removed…..clearly…..

Concession stand food was served for this midday reveal. This cotton candy is from Fluffy Puff Gourmet, a local gal and old friend who spins up some delicious stuff!

If there was all the money in the land, we would’ve gotten foam fingers for everyone because…hey…that is so fun.

Confetti cannons are as boomtastic as they sound.  They shoot 10 feet up in the air with a pop.  I liken it to confetti fireworks!  It wasn’t the original idea but my sister-in-law wanted something less messy since we would likely be indoors.  Bonus:  it’s like the confetti at the end of the championship game during March Madness so 4 cheers for being theme appropriate!

We brought out a karaoke machine and had my husband take on the role of arena announcer. He announced the family of honor, one member at a time like players while they ran out to the Bulls entrance theme song.

3, 2,1…twist and BOOOOOOMMMMMM! The ceiling fan swirled this cloud of pink around and around as it floated around.  It was a really neat effect!



  • Huge 4 by 5 March Madness bracket used as a guest list and/or bracket for guest’s gender guesses
  • Invitations that looked like final four tickets
  • Concession style foods for snacks
  • Guests in favortie sports team apparrel
  • Announced family of honor to Bulls theme song as they ran out to do the reveal
  • Confetti Cannons to reveal the gender, just like end of championship game confetti
  • “One Shining Moment” playing on a speaker after the cannons went off
  • Basketball theme decor:  foam fingers, MVP he or she cake, Spalding balloons, pom poms, and cheerleader horn things (Haha…What are those called, anyway?)

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