DIY LOL Surprise Doll Costume

2nd November 2017

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Do you have a child OBSESSED with LOL Surprise Dolls?  Yeah, me too.  Three of them.  My oldest child asked to be an LOL ball for Halloween and a doll coming out of the ball. I love something different so I was on board. They don’t sell that so I got to makin’ one!

Here are the supplies:


Smooth foam balls spheres 12 inch

Acrylic Paint and Sharpies

Shrink wrap

Hot glue


Sheet of craft foam


Face paint or make-up


For those of you who don’t have girls who watch toy videos on YouTube, this is what we were imitating.  We were doing the actual package and the girl she picked.

Depending on the series of the ball, different girls are on different balls so this isn’t the exact one we went with.

Buy the color acrylic craft paint for the color of ball you want and apply it with a sponge brush.  Then get a sheet of white computer paper (it bends easier on the ball), a black Sharpie, and your laptop. This is a hack that I came up with and use anytime I need a logo like I did here with the Playdoh costume.  Google an image, blow it up on the screen to the size you need and trace it with the paper right on your computer screen!  Sometimes you need to turn the lights out so that the image will shine through your paper to be traced.  Color and cut out that bad boy!  I printed out the image of the doll and free-handed the unbox me word bubble.  For the bar code on the back, I traced a greeting card with a Sharpie to make the shape and then used the edge of the card to make straight lines for the bar code itself.  So easy!

Arrange the images on the ball loosely with tape and once you get the right placing, use a hot glue gun to adhere edges to the ball but only in key spots where needed.  You can’t make the image lay perfectly flat without creasing so apply glue dots only where needed.

Once you are happy with your ball layout and it’s all attached, cover both halves in shrink wrap to make it look like the packaging!  I LOVED this detail and thought it made it look realistic AND it protected the paper images.  What??!!!??? Oh yeah, girl. Once you have the ball wrapped, you use a blow dryer and hold it about 3 inches away and make it shrink around the edges.  It is pretty fun to do.  I was like, “What else can I shrink wrap? Hmmmmm….”

Last step in the ball is attaching the ribbon to make it wearable.  You will need 4 strips of ribbon and how long, depends on your child.  You can have someone help you hold the ball half to the front of your child to gage.  Use two strips to connect the 2 halves to sit on the shoulders like a tank top would fit.  (See pics below)  This way they can slide it right over their head easily.  I use hot glue to do this step like most steps because hot glue is a gift from the craft heavens.

To complete the ball, put trips, one on each ball under the arms a bit so that they can be tied together, side to side, to keep the ball in place.  You can see this in the last very sub-par picture of my daughter in her school costume parade.

I DID THIS CHEETAH PRINT BY HAND WITH A SHARPIE BECAUSE I CLEARLY HATE MYSELF!  Don’t do it.  I thought it wouldn’t take that long…hours later with regret and carpal tunnel….I was big time wrong.  I bought a white shirt from Wal-Mart, went to town with the Sharpie, and cut a sleeve off to look like Diva’s bodysuit.  Using pink craft foam, you know the stuff in the kid craft aisles, I cut out a belt shape, drew on the details, and attached it to the shirt with hot glue.  I did the same thing for the foam bow which I glued on a cheap headband.  I added Wal-Mart glitter pants and some black boots and she was as Diva as you can get appropriately for an 8 year old knocking off a weirdly dressed toddler Lol doll.


We came, we saw, we LOLed and her costume was a big hit!  Pin, share and enjoy and follow me on all of my social media accounts using the icons in the right sidebar.  See ya round!

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