Hey y’all! I’m so glad we are best friends now that you are here reading all about herpartypants. That’s what that means, right? So since you are here and we go way back together, pop a squat and look around, you little party animal.

Here you will find a whole lotta creative ideas on a whole lotta stuff from parties to holidays, to gifts to DIYs, to random creative things I wanted to put on the internet because I’m the boss of this page.

I believe that a good party doesn’t need to be a bajillion-teen dollars.  One good table set-up and creative touches in what details you do choose to use and bam.  Shazaam, even. Who needs a party with 100 handmade flowers on the table?  Not me, sister.  Not me. I’d rather laugh all the way to the Walmart party aisle than make 100 anything by hand.  I said it.

I pride myself on creative details that are affordable and achievable.  And gift giving? Well, I should have been Oprah. Only 2 people love giving gifts more than me: Oprah and Santa Claus. I could make a hobby of giving gifts.  The problem is, Oprah has a few more million dollars than me.  Like all of her millions are millions more than me.  I stay at home so when I get called to jury duty, I’m like, “Yes!  I might make 12 dollars a day if they choose me!”  This all means the gift ideas I supply will also be something you can do on a budget. That makes me resourceful. So again, I guess we are back to me basically being Oprah.  Life is such a silly circle.

I hope you love what you find here and find yourself here again!  And hey, I appreciate you stopping by in your party pants.  I love how we just get each other.