submit a party (pants)


Want to share something with  Here’s what I am looking for:

Creative, unique ideas or twists on any party or party element.  I am also interested in any DIY as it relates to parties, holidays, or gifts. Remember, realistic and affordable is the name of the game.  I know that can be subjective, just bear that in mind.  No, “I had a real tiger at my kid’s party” or “I hired a drapery company to deck out my 2 year old’s Elmo party”. Real parties etc. done by real people with real lives that involve limited time and money.  Ya feel me?

All images submitted must be high quality photos and any content must be owned by you.   I will happily link any blog or social media you may have along with your post!

Email me at, a description of what you would like to have featured, along with any photos you desire to have included in the post in case your party pants are selected, you little devil you.  If your submission is not featured, feel free to try again!

You will hear back from me within a week if I am going to run your content!  Go person, it’s your birthday.  We gon’ party like…you might be featured.