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3rd December 2015



Honk, honk…I’m about to toot my own horn so I went ahead and gave a honking before I began.

I have the most awesome gift idea lists on my blogs with lots of really creative, sentimental, and personal gift choices.  You can search gift ideas in the search box to find my 3 posts of gifts.

I came up with this  gift idea on one of my lists and decided to do it for my mom for Mother’s Day. All four of my siblings went in on it together.

I found a picture of my mother’s childhood home and had an artist, my friend Blake Parsons, to draw it for her.  This is an 8 x 10 inking on high quality paper.  He did all of this by making dots with the ink.  NO LINES, free hand dots to build each and every line and image.  UNBELIEVABLE!  It turned out perfect.

My mom adopted four children when we were all older so they never got to meet and spend time with my mom’s parent’s or have the memories from their home like we did.  This gift doubles as a house warming gift since they recently moved but even more so, it’s a little piece of her life that can be handed down to my youngest siblings so that they will have a piece of my mom’s childhood with them always.

You could have an artist copy a photo or image of ANY special person, pet, place, or object.   I’m in LOVE with all of the things that make a present like this special.  We are giving this to her this week (yes, really late) and she will be so surprised.  Who would expect a gift like this?



Can you imagine how many dots this took?!!!!!



He added the address to the bottom and the flowers on either side are significant.  They are tulip magnolias which are the blooms from the large tree in the front of the house.  It’s sort of an inseparable memory of that house and since the house was sold and her parents died, I’ve been back and cut blooms and surprised her with them.


An up-close detail shot.  Did I say already that I can’t believe a human being can make this entirely with DOTS!!!!!!  So proud of my talented friend.  Click his name on the link above if you are interested in giving or receiving a one of kind gift done by an artist.

2 thoughts on “Unique & Sentimental Gift Idea

  1. Shelly

    I’m so copying ! I love this ! I wish I could block my mom from this post . And I love your new pretty page layout !

    1. thefirsthundred Post author

      i had thought of it for ALL of our parents actually! we can look into it but it’s not cheap of course….


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