Her Party Pants Original Theme: Growing Like A Weed

9th November 2015



When I came up with this idea, I was as excited as a kid at Christmas who just got some ridiculous toy of the year that they won’t like in 10 days.  But GOOD NEWS, I will like this theme forever!  GROWING LIKE A WEED!!! I thought this was the cutest play on an old saying for a 1st birthday.  Check out my details and enjoy, you rascal.



Holler at my girl DeeDubsDesigns for always making invitations for whatever party I come up with. She did all of this during a near tragedy within her own family so if she would have made a card with Times New Roman print that said only “Party”, I would have been like, “Wow, how did you have time?” The sprouts at the bottom were gradient in color and the sprout design was used throughout the shower.    She made this just for me and the theme font at the top and clean design was great! Check her out on Etsy.  She also did my gender reveal and Easter themed birthday party.


And yes, that is an invite attached to the FRONT of a frame I spray painted 5 minutes before the party.  Desperate outta time measures call for tape and spray paint.


Oh. My. Goodness.  I made three tiers of cupcakes that were weeds (dandelions) blooming in different stages.  Somebody reach out and hug someone.1-1-Phone-pics-JUNE-2015-OCT-FALL-BREAK-2015-040



Glass bottles with garden floral paper straws and burlap ties with felt dandelion leaves attached to them.  Someone play the tambourine two times.


Lemonade was served from this metal watering can marked “fertilizer” cause, that makes things grow crazy, y’all.

I LOVE this label for “big sprouts” aka big kids and adults. of course. You have GOT to make this drink, Brazilian lemonade, at your next party!  Unlike the name, it’s not lemonade at all, but limes and a whole lotta good.  Click here for the recipe.


One of my FAVORITE touches to this party was this dandelion and burlap garland I ordered on Etsy from Giddy4Paisley.  She will definitely go in my favorite sources category specifically for these garlands!  How cool and unique is it?  It’s a definite break from traditional buntings and banners and went perfect with my theme.

The grease from the kettle corn inside of these bags didn’t care about how my party looked.  Grease was being such a jerk that day.  Still, kettle corn is one of my baby’s favorite things to chomp on so I put small servings in mini craft paper bags from Hobby Lobby.  I used these sprout tags for each bag.  I love how clean and simple they are.  Props to deedubdesigns on the sleek, modern sprout images throughout what she made for me.


I made my birthday girl this little 6 inch cake which was a little girl who was in fact herself, growing like a weed in garden.  And the cake stand?  That is a pot turned upside down with a terra cotta plate, the ones that catch water under your pots, as the cake stand top.




A crate of “things that grow” for the kids to snag.  Dollar aisle.  Shazam. There are extra favors in there but the favors are the grand finale so buckle up buttercup.


I put WEEDS in the flower arrangements which I put in these seed containers from Target’s one spot!  They lied though. They cost 3 spots.


Are you ready for this?  Are you ready for the next thing?  On the tables outside by the pool, I bought several sizes of terra cotta pots filled with brown “soil” and fake flowers. The soil was made from bags of that crinkly bag fill for gifts you can buy at Hobby Lobby.  The fake flowers came from the dollar store mainly.  Holler, if you hear me.  BUT BUT BUT, there is more than what meets the eye….





One more thing before you leave, don’t forget to pull a weed anndddddd, when you pull the weed, you pull out a party favor! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Was it all you dreamed it would be??  Now look below at what it was.





And as always, I put my girls in these number shirts from Old Navy.  They are simple, affordable, and you will never need to ask when looking at pictures, “Which birthday was this?  How old were they?”

Boom.  Party.


I borrowed items, went to the dollar store, and made many things myself.  It didn’t take over my life and was yet still all the unique I had hoped.  I hope you loved it, too! These are the kind of parties that I do:  nothing over the top but creative touches to what elements I do use. That’s why my tagline is: affordable, realistic celebrations.

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Photo credit:  Shelly Griffin Photography

Paper goods:  DeeDubDesigns on Etsy


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