DIY Claw Machine Costume

26th October 2015


Tah-Dah!  I did this for 4 dollars, y’all.  If you had to buy a few things, it shouldn’t cost you more than 10.  This is real life.


Stuffed animals from around the house

Free box from friend that I cut with a bread knife…makes sense

Black paint and construction paper or sheet of yellow adhesive foam

Zip tie & binder clips

Hot glue

Packing tape

Animal outfit for your child ( I borrowed one) or face paint etc. to make them an animal

I had ALL of these things at home, minus the box I got from a friend.  I painted the box and made some circles from yellow sticky foam to look like lights for the front of the box.  Next, I affixed the box with packing tape to the stroller tray and filled up the space with my stuffed animals.  I safety pin a few together and even hot glued a few.  You know you don’t need or care about all of those stuffed animals so it was an easy sacrifice.  If you put the box flaps down, it gives a ledge for you to pile the stuffed animals on, plus a large rim to tape down to the stroller to attach it.

To make the claw, I hooked several binder clips/rings together to make the chain and put a zip tie through the top ring to attach it to the center of the box.  For the claw, I opened to binder rings completely and hot glued them like crazy at the center with the clips opening in opposite directions to make it look like a claw grabber.  Once I had a finished claw, I glued that bad boy to the dangling binder clip chain and boom baby.  Throw a human dressed like an animal in there and you are done.  People loved the heck outta this thing!

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