What To Do With All Of The Holiday Crafts Your Kids Make

21st December 2015

LOW QUALITY PICTURE ALERT…It’s all I could get this year, but I still wanted to share it!  Next year, I will replace these pictures with some that have all that fancy pants quality to them.  Until then…..

My mom has raised 4 children who are grown, with me being her youngest at 33.  Now my mom is in the middle of raising 4 children she adopted later in life.  For all 8 of us, she has saved the holiday crafts we have made through the years and it has become my favorite holiday decor.  Using twine and clothespins, she strings up all of the crafts we have made through the years.  It is such a personal and a neat way to decorate!.  You hate to throw away all of their sweet hard work and this way, you can keep the work from ANY holiday and always have the best kind of decorations.  It is neat to see the growth in the work through the years too.  I’m starting my collections now!  Isn’t this the sweetest?

Hang them over doorways, mantles, windows or banisters!  So many cute ways to hang these little treasures.






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