Simple Back To School Gift For Mom

31st July 2017

Have you sent your first child to kindergarten? It can stink to the emotional high heavens. Some moms are like “Bye Felicia” while some are crying in their coffee for hours after the first day drop off.

I have an empathetic spot for mommas in the sad bunch because it was a difficult transition for yours truly. I saw these note napkins last year at Kroger and fell in love with them. If you can’t find them at Kroger, Amazon has everything basically. You can probably buy human body parts on there. Anyways….

Wrap these napkins in a ribbon with a pen, small Starbucks card, and little encouraging note. While kids are still little, they love notes from mom and it gives a mom on the struggle bus a way to be there for her kid while they are gone. Plus, your child will typically be reading by mid-kindergarten so you can leave actual simple messages that they can read themselves as the year progresses.

This is also a great little gift for a child starting at a new school! (Disclaimer: Not big kids though because, they definitely don’t want this poppin’ out of their lunchboxes.)

Just a little thoughtful gift from one mom to another! Have a great first day back, whenever that may be for you! Your kid’s will love school and eventually, you’ll love it too. Mommin’ ain’t easy. #momsagainsteducation #babiesforever

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