Painted Rock Hide-and-Seek In Your Town

19th September 2017


My name is Rebecca and I have a problem with painting and hiding rocks.
It’s true. Seriously. My daughter drew a picture of me in church this week and it was me painting rocks. In the picture I’m yelling, “I love painting rocks!”

Have you heard of this in your town yet? I can almost guarantee that the hide-and-seek rock painting is going down in your town and if it isn’t, you should start a group on Facebook! You can even do this nationally with traveling rocks from state to state.

It is near free, creative and fun! So what is it, really? It’s this simple. You paint rocks, hide them in different popular locations in your hometown (parks, restaurants, etc.) and people find them and re-hide them, OR keep them and paint new ones to leave around somewhere new.

You can paint whatever you want and make them inspirational with quotes, make them funny, fancy, artsy….whatever you want! It is perfect for any age and little to no skill required!

You can join a Facebook group for your town and post pics with rocks as you find them and post clues as to where you have hidden rocks yourself! I posted that a restaurant in our town had been “rocked” and the 3 we hid were gone in 45 minutes. I don’t know why, but it is a cheap thrill (literally) to see someone stumble across your rock and get excited. And finding them is a blast, too!  My daughter found our first one outside of our town’s Qdoba and the rock came from a town an hour and a half away.  We felt like we found Wonka’s golden ticket.  We posted it on Facebook and the owner commented that was their rock.  So cool!

All you need to do is:

1- Get some rocks (I know, curveball.)

2- Get paints AND something to seal the finished stone with so that it can stand up to the weather. Polyurethane spray or some sort of sealing clear coat. Paint wise, I bought some acrylic outdoor paints for $1.47 at Hobby Lobby.

3. Write on the back of your rock your town’s hashtag and instructions, if you want. Example: #BGKYROCKS Post a pic on FB and re-hide!

4. Search on Facebook “painted rocks of __________”. Enter your town or state and you will find groups. If not, and you’ll be surprised where it already is, start your own with friends and watch it grow!

It is a fun, active, exploring, outdoor, creative, family friendly, budget friendly, challenge activity! I hope your children go on to make portraits of you painting rocks.

Better yet, HAVE A PAINTING ROCKS PARTY and then go out and hide them as a group! PARTY ON, WAYNE! PARTY ON, GARTH!

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