DIY Baby Noah’s Ark Costume

1st November 2017


HOLD up! Baby Noah up in hur’! I was a little torn on whether or not to do this because Noah is well known, but I settled on it because the costume is really uncommon! The whole look was less than 15 bucks and it was easy to do. Just kidding. I sawed off plastic animal heads with a serrated bread knife and, this just in, they aren’t made for cutting hard plastic. Also, it was a DREAM to transport. Also, just kidding. That awesome cloud contraption was a butt-head!

Here is he is and how I did it! Pin me for next year!


NOPE, not a Star Wars character!  Once he was in the ark, there was no mistaking him!  I put him in regular neutral clothes he already had and added a toddler brown t-shirt I cut into a robe, and rope trim from my gift wrapping bucket!  Price of costume:  ZERO dollars.


All of the animals are from Wal-Mart or the dollar store.  You can find these year round so work your Noah whenever you want.  A little hot glue and a black “doorway” colored onto the wood plank poster board and you are super cute and good to go.

The ominous grey cloud and rain!  I made the cloud using the insides of a cheap pillow (cheaper than buying polyfil), 57 cent dowels, spray adhesive and foam board.  I made dowel holes and filed them with hot glue and pushed the dowels slightly through the foam board.  Once the glue was set, I reinforced it with more glue globs.  Next, I cut open a pillow I bought for 2 bucks and some change, sprayed the foam board with spray adhesive and started filling the board with fluff!  It was really fast and anyone can do it.

To make the rain drops, I cut blue felt into drops and attached them to the ends of white rope trim using hot glue and then glued the opposite ends to the foam board. I placed them evenly staggered (oxymoron?) and at varying heights.

Once that was all done, I attached the dowels to the wagon with extra strength clear packing tape and fit them snuggly in next to the seats.  Can I get an amen?  It was actually really sturdy!


To make the wagon look like an ark, I wrapped it in wood plank poster board from Hobby Lobby and cut an ark shape with cardboard and then covered that with the plank poster as well.  Both sides of the ark had different animal heads and I just colored black windows with a Sharpie and hot glued the animal head on that I had cut-off with a knife.  I cut my finger too, right after I burned it with hot glue.  It’s hard being crafty sometimes.

I attached the ark shape board using zip ties on each end, attaching both side around the seats with string.

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