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Dia-versary: “Giving It Our Best Shot” 2 Years Of Fighting Type 1 Diabetes Party

22nd May 2016

Any diagnosis is hard so I am happy to add to this category of “You Had A Party For What” a celebration of surviving, being brave, and working the heck out of the hand you’ve been dealt!  This has endless applications and possibilities for any diagnosis and any milestone within that.  This party has all of my heartstrings!

My little girl was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Type 1 diabetes (not to be confused with the much more prevalent and different Type 2 diabetes) a few weeks after she turned 4 and she takes it all in stride!  Here’s a party to show her our support and to commend her tough girl bravery!  I hope this party blesses someone and encourages like parties for those in your life who have been given an unexpected hand to play.


I had my good friend at Red Haven Letters on Etsy create a custom tag for me for “Giving it our best shot”, don’t you love the play on words?!  I pretty much got so excited I peed when I thought of it.  I knew I wanted to do something with syringes because unless you pump, that is the type 1 life! Megan is super talented and did these for me wayyy last minute.  Like, 48 hours before the party last minute!  You can order these cute tags and signs from her there if you like this party.  They aren’t listed in her shop, but you can tell her you saw this party and she will have the file!


What’s more positive than good vibes napkins at a diagnosis anniversary?  Oh, I know…these awesome printed plates to go with the cute good vibes napkins!  I got them both from Target and they are the Cheeky design brand.  They donate meals for every purchase of their paper goods!


Listen, in my past life aka before kids, I decorated cakes for people.  I thought, “Oh, I’ll try sugar cookies decorating for this party for my daughter.” It’s safe to say, I prefer cakes.  I super-tron hated the experience so these were my first and last lazy attempt at making and decorating sugar cookies.  My little girl was pleased and the favors looked how I had hoped as a package deal so we all win…


Okay, so the shot tags are even cuter when paired with the shot cookies and band aids!


These pens were 6 for 3 dollars from the Target Halloween favor aisle.  Yes, I’ve been hoarding them since Halloween….  You can still find them on line in many places, including Amazon.

1-20160520-IMG_0240 (1)


I made this shirt for my girl on Zazzle, where you can literally customize anything you want!  The back wasn’t supposed to print out in black or with the word butt so she could wear it to school…or really…it wasn’t supposed to say anything at all but it was funny and she looked cute. If there ever were a shirt I wanted my 6 year old to wear that said butt, it’d be this one!


1-20160520-IMG_0169 (2)


My sweet sister-in-law gave my child this sweet necklace that says as you turn it, “Be Brave & Keep Going”.  The perfect thoughtful gift for a night like this!  She has a matching one she wears so it was even sweeter!




1-20160520-IMG_0233 (1)

1-20160520-IMG_0288 (1)

The 2 on this cute little cake comes in to play because it’s her 2nd anniversary of her Type 1 diagnosis.  She’s not the world’s biggest 2 year old.  Didn’t want any of you confused.



If this isn’t the most funny and relate-able Type 1 thing to write on a cake, I don’t know what is!!!



Photography Credit:  Shelly Griffin Photography

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Dollar Gumball Machines: Easy, Cute & Cheap Party Favor

1st May 2016

1-20160430-IMG_5516 (1)


Whether you are fancy pants or not, whether you know it or not…the dollar store has been and will forever be your best friend when you are party planning.  Even swanky parties can slip in dollar store items all the time.

For my girls double birthday party this weekend, I went with gumball machines and bagged baker’s twine tied baggies of multi-colored gumballs.

The machines came from the Dollar Tree for 1 dollar a piece.  The gumballs I got in the candy aisle at Walmart and I got just over 6 pounds for 15 dollars after tax.

28 machines= 28 dollars

6 pounds of gumballs= 15 dollars

Total:  44 dollars

Price per favor:  $1.57

It’s substantial, unique and the kids LOVE them!  It’s hard to do favors for that good of a price that isn’t a random bag of nick-knack throw away toys.  I think it’s a win!!!

Plus, if your child brings one home, don’t throw them away!  Fill them up with jelly beans, M & Ms, or any small candy and use them as reward jars for good behavior, good school work, or whatever the going rate is for a jelly bean in your house!

Love the idea and want to do it?  You can pre-order and do site-to-store and assure the number of items you want for your party.  Nice little tip there….   That way you can avoid being there the day of the party praying they unloaded the truck with gumball machines on them.  That sounds very familiar.

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1-20160430-IMG_5510 (1)


Fun Gift For The Coffee Drinker Or Cookie Lover

25th April 2016


I love unique.  I love fun.  I love practical.  Meet these guys below:  Face Mugs for your favorite drink and mouth holes for your favorite drink topping or drink compliment.  These are from uncommon goods and I have owned these for a few years.  My kids LOVE them for milk and cookies and they are loads of fun to pull out for guests because most people haven’t seen them.

If you want just one, you can buy a single white face mug for under 20.  If you prefer the color, they come in a mixed pack of 2 for 35.  They are big, heavy, quality and did I say fun?

Don’t you love them?!!?  I think they are a fun teacher gift, too.  You win, face mugs!  You always do….


Source: Uncommon Goods and you can buy at the direct link embeded there!

Awesome DIY Party Garlands

21st April 2016



Sticker Garland on Baker’s Twine

How easy and how cute!!!





Mini Fruit Balloon Garland



Oh Happy Day


Folded Cupcake Liner Garland


Handmade Charlotte


Party Hat Garland

The House That Lars Built has an awesomely cute party hat garland tutorial!  You could make this one yourself following their post or even use pre-made party hats to save yourself some crafting!  So cute and great for a billion themes!


The House That Lars Built


Pool Noodle Popsicle Garland

If this isn’t cute enough for you to choke, then you will never need the Heimlich!  Follow the easy tutorial on the source link below the pic from Oh Happy Day!


Oh Happy Day


Tissue Paper Fringe Garland

Easy, cute and CHEAP!




Cupcake Liner Garland

Just needle, thread and string together some cute and colorful liners.  Don’t want to make your own?  You can buy one from Ella Jane Crafts on Etsy!



Ella Jane Crafts


Balloon Garland

This might be the easiest and cheapest of all!  Blow up balloons (no helium cost, yay!), use a needle and thread to pull a string through the balloon tip you blow into and hang!



Young House Love



11Simple And Practical Ways To Be Hospitable (Because There Is No Such Thing As An Un-Hospitable Entertainer)

6th April 2016

1-214H (2)


1. Keep a baby box

In your cabinets, keep one bottle, one sippy, one pacifier. You may outgrow the baby phase, but someone else will always be smack dab in the middle of it. Have a few basic and necessary baby items on hand to surprise a desperate mother with delight when you whip out the very thing she forgot!

2.  Make Everyone Feel Like Your Favorite

As a pastor’s wife, we have a lot of visitors to our home.  If you entertain a lot or welcome people in your home for any reason, pay attention to your company and who may not be talking, who may be sitting alone or simply be aware if someone is coming who doesn’t know the group as well.  Sit by them, make them feel welcome, and bring them into the fold!  A person who is hospitable and nails it, makes someone comfortable in their home by whatever means that may be!

3. Toys

Even though I have only daughters, I always keep a few good boy toys around.  I have a few tried and true toys that please both sexes and a variety of ages and a few baby toys in there as well.  A good way to make feel people at home is to make it feel like home!

4.  WiFi

When having a party or large dinner etc., write your wi-fi password on the kitchen chalkboard or set it out in a cute frame or plaque on the island amidst the food display.  It’s convenient for you AND them and it makes anything a guest might need, easily accessible at their fingertips.

5.  Have Commonly Used Things On Hand

In your bathroom, keep toilet paper easy to find if someone runs out so guests aren’t embarrassed to ask.  Also, keep a small basket or bin of small toiletries of anything someone may need or may have forgotten: spare toothbrush, travel deodorant and shampoo, toothpaste…you know the drill.

6.  Coffee Anyone?

I hate coffee, it’s true. My husband? He doesn’t drink it either. We decided about a year ago that we are on a coffee-less island alone and having a coffee option at your house is great for guests and visitors. We didn’t even have to buy our own coffee maker. We were given one from someone’s wedding gift surplus! Score! Coffee is a nice thing to offer for your company when you are chatting or just winding down from a meal.

7.  Serve Dessert

Make being in your home something out of the ordinary for a guest.  Dessert isn’t something that most families do regularly at dinner and for the price of a box of brownies, you can treat your company to a simple yet, not everyday little treat.

8.  Actually Let Them Inside…It Helps

If you wait until your house is clean and perfect, you may never have anyone over ever.  Get comfortable with good enough and know that the more your life and home reflects real life, the more comfortable they will feel because it will look a lot like their lives!

9.  To Guests With Kids…Tell Them It’s Okay!

Tell them they can be kids at your house!  Pull the toys out, shut the doors of rooms you don’t want them in and let parents feel like they don’t have to constantly police where their kids are and what they are touching.  When a kid runs through my house or jumps off of our couch and the mom embarrassingly says, “I’m so sorry!”  You know what I say? “They are fine! My kids do that all of the time!”  You say whatever fits there, but you know what happens?  Parents still will tell them not to do it again almost every time because they respect you and your things, but they just may breathe easier and feel a little more at HOME!  If you can’t have kids in your house without a load of “Don’t touch that”  or “Don’t be so loud” etc., you will never be able to make families with young children comfortable in your house.  Everyone has rules for their home and that’s fine, but there is a line of trumping things more than the people who come to use your things. Let not just people, but families know that they can relax in your home!  You aren’t running the Ritz Carlton.  You are a real mom, friend, person, etc. with a real home with real people coming to it!   As a frequent guest of homes myself, there is nothing more stressful or un-enjoyable than worrying about your kids every 5 seconds because of how someone makes you feel in their home.  Have people to a HOME, not a museum and know the difference.

10.  Forget the size of your home and bank account

Hospitality does not come with financial or home requirements.  Hospitality is being welcoming with what you have and it’s making someone feel at home.  Feelings don’t take dollars or square feet to achieve.  If you can’t afford dinner, have people over for cookies or coffee or both if you’re feeling all sorts of wild and crazy.  You may not have a big space, but you have enough to have some people over. Set up folding chairs or take it outside. Small is cozy and charming and bonding and making memories doesn’t have to be over steak! If you let what you can do or provide hold you back, you may be cheating yourself out of some great experiences and some great relationships.

11.  Mind your Fur Babies

I know Johnny Jumper Butts is your favorite dog on the planet, but not everyone likes dogs jumping on them, sitting on them, or around their kids.  I have a cat, but I know people may be allergic and I even have a few friends afraid of cats. Put them in a room, shut them in the garage, but don’t make someone feel uneasy, sneezy or obligated to stroke your teacup Yorkie dog all night.   They aren’t for everyone and putting them up for guests is an easy thing to do for your company.  Unless you know for sure it’s not a problem, hug a tree, love your pets, but put the pooches and the pussy cats up for your persons.

12 Awesome Party Activities For Kids

4th April 2016


1-BeFunky Collage-002



Color Spray Shirts

This is an easy craft for all ages and pretty much mess free!


Kids Activities Blog


Spray Tie Dye Shirts


Skip To My Lou


DIY Candy Necklaces


The Love Nerds


DIY Mason Jar Aquariums


A Little CLAIREification


Glow in the Dark Galaxy Jars

I did these at the GLOW party I did for a little girl and they are SO neat and SO easy!


Mom Dot


Decorate and Take Pillowcases

This is really cute for a slumber or art party!  I love anytime activities can double as favors!


Be A Fun Mum


Squirt Gun Painting

Art even the boys will get excited about!


Fire Flies and Mud Pies  


Sand Art


Pig Skin And Pigtails 


Rock Painting (Monster Rock Magnets Shown)


Coco 29


Make a Pizza….Fruit Or Regular!


Smart Schoolhouse


Wedding Fanatic


Painting Pots

Any age can do this craft, but late elementary/pre-teen girls may really enjoy this craft!


Shoes-Off Please


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Spring Felt Flower Wreath

31st March 2016



Me and this wreath fell in love and made heart babies.  This is one of my most favorite wreaths I’ve EVER made.  I love the fuzzy little fern leaves, mix of flowers and bright cheery colors.  I used a stick wreath vs. a covered straw wreath this time and I painted the sticks lightly, as you can see below.  Me likes.

Using a mix of regular old Hobby Lobby felt, good fabric scissors and a lot of that dangerously burning hot glue, I concocted this little wreath baby.

My favorite flowers are the big coral peony lookin’ one and the yellow rolled flowers with dark centers.  They remind me of anemones which makes me smile….big time.  (Even though it’s not really what they look like. I said REMINDS.  Let’s not get too crazy.)

Did you fall in love with this wreath?!?  Just remember, I did too and we made heart children so it would be inappropriate to get too close.  You can still love it from a respectable distance like an old woman Bieber fan.


1-20160331-IMG_4753 (2)



DIY Spring Gift and Kid Activity: Mini Bird Feeders

29th March 2016


I found this recipe in a Kroger magazine of all places and thought they were easy, cute and fun for kids to make!

For 10 dollars or less, you can make a few shy of 2 million bird feeders.  It’s fast and you can be creative. Shapowzers.  I also used cookie cutters in the shape of trees and houses to make different shapes.  It was easier to fill up and pack down a cookie cutter then to mold them by hand.

Mail a half recipe of the dry ingredients to a friend and her kids as a fun spring craft or package it in a colored mason jar like I did below. Just fill the mason jar in layers of ingredients, just like you would a food recipe in a jar gift. I attached a craft paper envelope with the recipe, as well as an example feeder as decor.  Pretty special, y’all.  Pin, share, and enjoy this craft or easy spring “Just thinking of you” affordable gift!!

1-20160329_110057 (1)


1 envelope gelatin

1/2 cup warm water

3/4 cup flour

3 TBSP light corn syrup

4 cups wild bird seeds


Apprx 20 wreaths or more!  Whoa mini bird feeders….calm down.


Mix all ingredients together with a whisk in a mixing bowl.  Add bird seed once everything else is mixed through.  Use a spoon, or ice cream scooper worked best for me, and dollop balls onto wax or parchment paper.  Press down with a large wooden or plastic spoon.  Use finger to make a hole in the center and let dry overnight!  Use ribbon or string to hang your feeders in a semi-sheltered place from rain.  Get your birdie on.


How To Look Like A Better Decorator Than You Are

22nd March 2016


1-258H (2)

While I love to decorate and find that it comes pretty naturally, I have many friends who find decorating and figuring out what to do as fun as doing your taxes while listening to NPR.

To those of you decoration-ally challenged or to anyone who saw a room you just LOVE, you can put a room together better than you think with one easy step.

What is the secret?  What is the step?


Most people see a room and think, “I love it!” so I’m going to use those colors or buy that one rug or picture they have.  But, how can you get a whole room that is more tied in together? Whether you know it or not, you love that perfect home picture or perfect decor pin for more than just that print or wall color.  What you love and what you really  want is how it ALL ties together and how they did that is the “formula”.  It’s easier than you think!!

It goes a little something like this….check this, y’all.  Look at this picture here.  Let’s pretend I love this room from Young House Love, but no pretending necessary because I totally do! It’s a very simple room so a great example to start with.


Young House Love

The Formula:

Rug in a bold and LARGE print (Try Overstock for the best prices, free shipping and a gabillion choices to search by.  You can find a similar rug to what you are looking for there, I’m sure!)

Nuetral Walls

Bring the color of the curtain rods into the legs of the furniture piece.  Also note, they are both metal.

Use a chair in a SMALL, not large print.  (Tip:  If you use a large print focal point, you want to use smaller prints in other spots.  A room can’t be all large or all small busy prints, but a balance adds interest.)

Pull a solid color from the chair for the curtains.

Add greenery as decor and use a natural wood to add texture like they did in the table top.

Large metal pendant fixture, nuetral, but ties in with your rods and furniture legs.

If you can, paint your ceilings and make that color choice, your accent color.

Pull accent color down into the table and or wall decor.

If you cannot paint your ceilings and you are mimicking a room, use a large piece of art and pull a main accent from that piece.

The overall formula:  a few bold pieces and a simple 4 toned color scheme (including the white walls as part of that scheme) with simple decor.  Clean, non busy, airy, with pops of color.

You can do this with any room or pin you see!  How and where did they use a pattern?  What is the main color they use and what are the accent colors?  How often and where did they use those accent colors?   I’m basically telling you, don’t copy a room, copy it’s blueprint!  You can look like a better decorator than you are! You might just surprise yourself…and your walls….and your friends….and your family….and your eyeballs.

Send me a picture of a look you want to achieve by attaching a picture in the comments or sending me an email and I’ll break the code for you!


Simple Rainbow Cake

20th March 2016

Now THIS is a simple cake from my rainbow party pre this site! Even if you aren’t all that crafty, I created this cake largely using fondant cutters. What’s easier than basically using cookie cutters, guys? Nothing. It’s sort of like being a Playdoh expert.  Just make sure that you use a fondant roller to make your cut outs even pre-cut, Playdoh queen.

I free handed the rainbow and cloud, but I used a circle cutter and petal cutters in 2 sizes to make this beast mode sun. Like the rainbow, I love doing cakes where designs spill over the side!

I used a different flower cutter, daisy I believe, to make the grass border. I cut solid green daisies out, sliced them horizontally and laid them end-to-end making a grass trim. I added tiny little flowers to the grass to add a little simple touch and guess what? I used fondant cutters for that 🙂 And the number 1? I won’t insult your intelligence

I designed this simple, clean, playful and colorful cake and I truly believe you can make it. Go be a baller and if you’re lucky, a shot caller.

Simple Rainbow Cake

Simple Rainbow Cake

Simple Rainbow Cake