Simple Rainbow Theme 1st Birthday

9th October 2015


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Hey, homies!  This is my second child’s 1st birthday party.  It was a rainbow theme and was simple, modern, and swag-tastic.  And, no,  I didn’t see these ideas on Pinterest but you can sure follow me on Pinterest via the link in the right hand column and feel free to pin away! Thanks to Shelly Griffin Photography for the excellent pictures!




I bought the swaggiest rainbow felt garland from Etsy from Sweet and Cozy Children’s Gifts.  I hung one from this light and hung another on the drink table on the island in our kitchen.  The “s” was a cheap last minute touch using a chipboard letter and some scrapbook paper.  Chevron is way overdone but it’s still really cute.





I decorated this cake to sort of play off of the invite.  It’s a modern take on a child’s cake and childish theme.  The cake is iced in buttercream and all other accents are made in fondant.  I love the big tall candles I found too.  If my child doesn’t like modern, she came from the wrong uterus!


I like making cakes where images spill over and I loved this big sun and it’s rays.



At this party I had an age range of guests from under 1 year to 12 years old so I had to do two different party favors.  Each child under 3 got one of these over-sized bright, rainbow colored patterned balls and a balloon as they left.  The balls were perfect for spring and the patterns and colors were great for the theme.  Best part?  They were only 2.50 each at Walmart.  Work it, Wally.  Even better?  The kids looked really cute with them.



For the older kids, I tried to think of something simple, colorful, and different than just candy.  SOOOoooooo, I bought Izze drinks which come in these glass bottles with cool logos.  These drinks are a different treat to most kids, organic, non-caffienated but carbonated so it gives the feeling of a soda. I paired them with wide mouthed paper colorful straws that I found in a 20 pack on clearance at Target.  I ran across these large favor bags at Walmart that covered the whole bottle and straw and I filled the bottom of the bags with large bright gum balls and Skittles (taste the rainbow), of course.  I bought these neat plain white tags and stamped them with orange ink and “thank you” stamp and tied them with orange ribbon to bind it all together.  28 dollars for all 9 completed bags.


Here’s a better view of the tags I made. These tags can be purchased at Hobby Lobby and they had other shapes as well. They were 2.99 a pack and I used my 40% off coupon so they were next to nothing. The stamps were all 50% off and an ink pad was only 1.99 so this was very affordable to do. I’m saving the left over tags for gift wrapping in the future.

1-038 1-041


Lastly, you need a sweet baby dressed in a rainbow colored outfit. I grew this one myself. Not available on Etsy =0) The outfit, however, can be bought at Old Navy.


I loved how this party turned out. It was simple, colorful, fun, and crisp! She really loved it.


True story.

10 thoughts on “Simple Rainbow Theme 1st Birthday

  1. Shelly

    It all looked great ! You are a cake decorating party planning pro and it was a perfect little first birthday !!! Salem is one lucky little 1 year old ! I can’t believe she is one !!

  2. Sarah

    I love everything about this party! The cake looks awesome! Cute idea for the party favors for younger kids, and super creative for older kids! You are amazing! 🙂

    1. thefirsthundred Post author

      listen, you better watch it or i’m going to put you in my uterus and push you out and give you a 1st birthday with all these nice words you’re saying. thanks, friend =0) and i promise, i won’t really put you in my uterus. although, after salem, it’s probably big enough.

  3. Lacey

    Hahahaha, I am not going to be too nice because I don’t want to go in your uterus. This stuff is so pretty! And good job labeling the fork bucket and spoon bucket. Nice touch.

    1. thefirsthundred Post author

      thanks, pal! you are borderlining my uterus but i’ll give you a pass. there’s always next time! eden’s party is this week and it’s going to be a blast, player!

      1. thefirsthundred Post author

        ps- you better go like my facebook page or in the uterus you go for timeout!

  4. Alyssa

    I love the BIG BALLS!! I am stealing the idea for Lydia’s birthday (if they have them), but giving you all the credit!!! SOO CUTE!!

    1. thefirsthundred Post author

      thanks and though they have been more sparse from when i first found them, they seem to keep getting them in so go get em’, girl! cant’ believe she’s almost one!


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