Simple Mountain Shower Details

16th November 2015


I did a super simple baby shower for a family member.  It was a come-and-go, co-ed shower with no games or even gift opening!  It was a simplistic, say hello, congrats, and grab some food type of gig.  The lady of honor didn’t want a big to-do and isn’t in to themes really so I thought of something I knew she loved:  mountains.  She loves backpacking and her hubby does too so I picked fall foods and this adorable invitation from Etsy shop, Invited by Audriana.                .


I used kraft paper cones and few craft Christmas trees because they were half off, and painted them in to mountains.  I’m using them as they are on my mantle for winter decor.  LOVE IT! And believe it or not, they painted SO fast.



I found these 3 dimensional trees that you put together for 4 dollars at Hobby Lobby….before the 40 percent off coupon, of course!  I loved that they were a natural color and the leaf-less tress played into fall and outdoors for this October shower.


I made this banner by hand after seeing one on Etsy.  I made it for less than 5 dollars!  I used the thicker, stiffer felt and cut triangles and peaks and glued them to white thin rope.  Love!



I bought tree slices from, no shock, Hobby Lobby, and used them as serving pieces.  My mom made these mini pecan pies and they were delicious and cute.  Score.



These are so yummy, I could scream!  Click here for the recipe.  You MUST make these! I used this log that was cut in half, also from Hobby Lobby, so it was round on the bottom.  It looked neat on the table and actually balanced just fine.


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Outdoor Photography by:  Shelly Griffin Photography


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