Elephant Toothpaste: How to Achieve My Volcano Gender Reveal Effect

1st March 2016



Baking soda and vinegar volcanoes never get as crazy, big and fluffy as I would like and I needed a big effect for my party of 35 to see my gender reveal “lava” color.

I decided to go with elephant toothpaste and here is how you do it:


1/2 cup of 40 Volume hydrogen peroxide (This can be found at beauty supply stores.  You can not use any old hydrogen peroxide for this.  This is a 6% solution and for $3.50, I got enough to do this experiment a good 4 to 5 times.)

1 Tablespoon blue Dawn liquid dish soap

1 packet of active dry yeast

3 Tablespoons warm water

Food coloring of your choice (10 to 20 drops depending on how bold you want the color)

Casserole dish or tray with a high lip to catch the flowing action!



Mix hydrogen peroxide and Dawn soap together in a water bottle/vase/ etc.

Put mixture on to the casserole dish or lipped tray you want to catch the goods.

In a separate bowl, mix 3 tablespoons of warm water with one packet active dry yeast until it is mostly dissolved.

Using a funnel or measuring cup, pour yeast mixture into the peroxide mixture and immediately see a result!

It is so fun, warm and fluffy and perfectly say to touch and play with!  It’s mainly just oxygen and something else but I can’t remember.  What am I, Bill Nye The Science Guy?


Do it for fun, a science lesson or for a reveal like mine!  The kids go crazy for this stuff and it was just what my party needed!

*Color much more vivid in real life!


How to make these volcanoes:

1-ParrotGenderReveal-21 - Copy

What you will need:

Acrylic craft paint in the color of your choice for the volcano

Paper trees in various sizes (When I say paper, they are more like chipboard and in the crafting and chipboard section of Hobby Lobby.  Also, sold at Christmas for Christmas crafts.)

A cheap plastic baby bottle

Hot glue gun

Serrated Knife

Tissue paper in orange and yellow, cut into flame shapes and stuffed into the opening while the reveal awaits!


Paint volcanoes in the color of your choice, adding a question mark for the reveal cone.

Cut off the top of your “tree” about 3 inches from the top with a serrated knife.

Take your baby bottle and wedge it firmly through the bottom of the cone, up to the opening you cut.  If it does not get close to being flush with your opening, cut the cone off a little more.

1-ParrotGenderReveal-48 - Copy

Once wedged, take your hot glue gun and fill in the rim of the bottle generously to the inside of the volcano to give it extra security.

1-ParrotGenderReveal-49 - Copy

Follow directions above and lava away!




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