French Fry and Ketchup Birthday Party

9th June 2017


Woo hooooo!  When my now 3 year old asked for a french fry and ketchup party, I’m not sure who was more excited!  Check yourself on this super fun, simple and mainly ALL DOLLAR STORE party.  Below is all of the french fry and ketchup goodness you have ever hoped for!

Let’s start off with this entry way door with scrapbook paper splats I cut and a dollar store ketchup bottle.  The bottles came 2 in a pack for 1 dollar so basically all of my dollars cheered for joy in my pocket.  The BBQ products they had out this time of year sure came in handy!

Also, you can see through the doorway the island with the cute 3 dollar tablecloth from God’s country aka Target One Spot.  I’m not sure that “One Spot” should be capitalized, but it feels like a legitimate place so technically, it’s a noun for me.  The little red food baskets came 3 in a pack for one dollar from Mighty Dollar, which is a party secret weapon favorite.  Never underestimate dollar stores for ANY party….even for the President, guys.

This french fry garland below is cut up pool noodle, glued on to burlap string from Hobby Lobby.  I added ketchup splats to cover up the end pieces and the McDonald’s french fry boxes I literally swiped from some Happy Meals the day before not knowing how I would use them.  Yellow dollar store pool noodle for the win!

Large inflatable french fries from Target One Spot years ago that someone held on to and sold on Amazon.  Score-ville!  In real life it was probably about 9 inches across by 12 inches tall of super fun.

Work it, party people!  I saw ketchup favor tags on Etsy from thepapervioletshoppe.  I had her customize the wording and then I cut out the bottles from the tags, taped toothpicks on the back and smack your granny:  cupcake toppers.  They say, “She’s growing up! KETCHUP Mendel’s 3rd Birthday.”  And in case you didn’t know…Mendel rhymes with Kendall.  It’s Hebrew, y’all.


Hallelujah, I found these french fry food sticks from a fun Etsy shop: Cranky Cakes Shop with lots of vintage and off beat party accessories.  How perfect are these!!????!!!????

Look at these french fry boxes I used for party favor boxes!!!  I bought them 3 years ago from Target One Spot with a dream that they would someday, somehow, fit into my future.  Sooo glad I did!  I put the birthday girl’s favorite candy bar inside with One Spot fast food theme favors:  a 6 color click fast food printed jumbo pens, old school hot dog crayon where you take a color tip–push it through the bottom and the next color pops up, and hot dog and pizza flashlight necklaces.  Secretly, I like playing with all of these things.

Here is my fireplace decorated with hanging ketchup bottles and the burlap and tissue garland I used for Mendel’s 1st birthday:  Growing Like A Weed party.  The oversized french fry carton is a 2 dollar trashcan I spray painted red and filled with cut mini yellow pool noodles.  I attached a number 3 and all of my dreams came true.  Tip:  pool noodles cut super easy with a large serrated bread knife.


Sweet Potato fries (that didn’t quite make it)

Steak fries and ketchup


Sugar cookie fries with Nutella dip

I took 2 rolls of sugar cookie dough, rolled it flat, baked it, and sliced it into fries with a serrated knife.  SOOO cute, theme appropriate and fun!  Who doesn’t like Nutella?  If you don’t, we can’t talk to each other anymore. The baskets, checkered liners, and condiment cups all came from Mighty Dollar.  Mighty Dollar is so stinkin’ mighty.


If you don’t like Nutella, you can at least make it up to me by fully loving and appreciating this shirt.  It’s a kid’s shirt. With a ketchup bottle.  At a ketchup french fry party.  Seriously.

I get shirts like this and this one from my daughter’s Diaversary Party (type 1 diabetes diagnosis anniversary), from Zazzle.  You can find, customize and create anything under the sun on this site.  I’ve used them for shirts, to stickers, to business cards, to your mom.

I had a BLAST doing this party!  I did the whole thing for 30 people for 125 dollars.  It may have been less but I’m erring on the safe side.  Pin, share and enjoy all of the her party pants goodness!  Until next time, players….

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