Crosby’s Nursery Reveal

4th December 2017

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Notoriously, I have the world’s worst lighting in my house, but a home girl tries.  This is the most light in any room so, take what yo’ momma (mother nature) gave ya.  Without further adieu, here is my son’s small 10 by 11 nursery, complete with 6 ish DIY projects!

Greens, some blue and a pop of yellows with white walls and a subtle gray ceiling.  This boss simple clean lined crib is solid wood, down to the slats.  If you thought most cribs were all wood, think again, Sparky AND I got it for 100 dollars on a closeout.  Holler if you’re a baller!

(Hollering in the background…)

It’s compact and great for a small space.  Good job, tree, that became this crib.  You did a real swell job.


Just breath it in, because I like this wall.  FUN FACT ALERT:  The framed dino up there is a toy I used for his Lochness Monster 1st Birthday party.  It floated in a large bowl of chocolate milk like Nessie in the Lochness Strait of my dreams.  I used Velcro Command Strips to put him up there floating in the middle and used an old wood frame to go around him.  Fun for days.

In the bottom left, those are his hospital footprints…at least I hope or that would be weird.  No, they are.  I was there.  And in the top right, that is sheet music from a hymn by Fanny Crosby, the greatest hymn writer of all time.  That is where we got his name, Crosby.  Nope, it wasn’t from Parenthood, though that show was THE best.

I bought the cactus print 2 years ago during my pregnancy, along with the raccoon print off of Etsy.  Gotta love Etsy.  The globe which tied in all of my colors was purchased from a consignment shop.  It was an old globe from a school.  Neato.

The hat is my grandfather’s and I love seeing it in his room.  He wore this hat and ones like it all of the time.  Surprisingly, even with it on the edge of the wire basket we use for diapers, it never gets in the way.  It’s like a magic polite hat.

OH Bertha.  I bought a gumball machine, which I have always wanted, from Hobby Lobby, which is also where this polyresin Octopus came from.  I took out the guts of the gumball machine and added rocks and a succulent.  I give it 2 thumbs up.

I LOVE using old buffets in kid’s rooms as dressers and I have them in 2 of my children’s rooms currently.  The doors on the side give great extra storage!  This was an 80’s honey wheat wooden buffet I purchased from a cool consignment store in town for 90 ish bucks.  I painted it white, sprayed all of the original hinges and pulls and then added the round, flat brushed gold knobs to the doors.  I hate painting furniture, but I love when it’s done!

This green super cute bookshelf was old, layered in orange and black chipped paint and about to be trashed.  I thought the lines of it were so cute so i did what any good DIY-er does and sanded it to be painted…and then my husband hit it with his car.

(dramatic pause)

I hammered some nails in to straighten it up and all’s well that ends well.

The snail pillow is something I bought 3 kids ago handmade from Etsy and repainted it to meet the color scheme I needed.

This print is the very first thing I bought when I found out I was having my 1st son.  Go Hobby Lobby, it’s your birthday.  We’re gonna party like it’s your birthday.  The basket is from there also and the lamp, is from God’s country:  Target.

I bought a Jelly Cat Alligator because we call my son, Crosby Ryle Crocodile.  I know, I know, it’s an alligator, not a croc!  What are you?  Steve Irwin?

Do you love this dinosaur terrarium???!!!  I thought i came up with this idea and then I found some on Pinterest.  Boo.  Since it wasn’t my idea, I decided to copy the rock pattern I saw in someone else’s post to ease the burn and enjoy it anyways.

I sprayed painted tiny dinosaurs we got from goody bags at parties and I got the big dino from a dollar store because hey, dollar store.  The succulents are from Hobby Lobby.

When it all came together, I wished for a moment that dinosaurs weren’t extinct.

Rest in peace, brothers.

This wall hook was something I bought when this was my daughter’s nursery.  I spray painted it blue back then and decided to keep it in all of it’s glory.  I always hang a favorite outfit on it and admire their cute teeny clothes.  I wanted a cute hanger to put it on but there isn’t a large market for cute display baby hangers so, we deal and accept that ain’t nobody got no kinna time to worry about a hanger.

The door knob is from the greatest DIY bloggers of all time, Young House Love.  They did a run at Target a couple of years ago and angels sang.

THIS PIC IS THE WORST ALERT!  A bit blurry, bad light, so let’s just use it!  I wanted you to get a feel for how small the room is and I was going to jump off my roof if I had to take anymore pictures.  You get the idea.

The closet knobs are a natural wood here and dimensional and cute.  The end.

I made these curtains for under 20 bucks for 2!  I got a mega deal for 5 bucks a panel at Target and then I bought large width ribbon from Michael’s and hot glued them on in large chunky stripes.  Hey, hey!  Cute and clean like I like it!

This big print is a DIY and I made it all myself!!!!  It is my proudest art/DIY I’ve done because letters/spacing are harder than passing kidney stones.  I have a post that I’m working on just for this print.  This is a page from the classic book The Giving Tree and it strums all of the strings of my heart.

This is crib sheet is from Land of Nod because, it’s Land of Nod, my favorite one stop high quality and cute design kid’s decor and furniture.

I got this huge 8 by 10 big daddy rug from where I buy ALLL of my rugs, Overstock.  I got this big colorful rag rug for about 60 bucks, shipped!  It was better in person than on-line.  If you have a really high traffic area, I don’t recommend it because you can’t really vacuum it and it can get pulls.  Just ignore that I said all of that though because it’s colors perfectly tied in the room and it’s comfy under your feet.

This is the room dweller himself, sniffing or choking his “crocodile”.  I’m not sure which.  It’s his room.  He does what he wants.


Add a blanket to hang over the crib

Put out a cute sloth that Santa is bringing him

(I’m never REALLY done, it seems like.)

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6 thoughts on “Crosby’s Nursery Reveal

  1. Megan

    (The Giving Tree quote kicked me straight in the emotional ‘nads, I might add.)

    1. Post author

      I can’t see when you made this comment from my phone, but have you made one yet? I was looking at it just today and thinking I loved it!

  2. Maureen Heitman

    I LOVE your Giving Tree print. My daughter is expecting a baby boy in April and I think she would love this. Do you by chance sell this print?

    Thank you,

    1. Post author

      Hey! I haven’t ever sold one, but I’m not necessarily opposed to it! I don’t know anything about shipping for something like this though. I would guess pretty high because it is both big and heavy? Thanks for the comment and if you would like to talk more about maybe figuring something out, you can email me at 😃


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