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DIY Christmas Felt Flower Wreath

14th November 2017


I went to Target, like always. I saw stuff in the one spot aisle, like always. I bought it all whether I should have or not, like always. The good news is, as soon as I saw this trim, I saw a wreath in my head! I made all of the flowers myself and added them with the leaf and pom trim from the retail motherland. I put them all together on a branch and twig wreath and there you go! I hope you like it! I have another wreath coming in the next 2 days.  #can’tstopwon’tstop


DIY LOL Surprise Doll Costume

2nd November 2017

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Do you have a child OBSESSED with LOL Surprise Dolls?  Yeah, me too.  Three of them.  My oldest child asked to be an LOL ball for Halloween and a doll coming out of the ball. I love something different so I was on board. They don’t sell that so I got to makin’ one!

Here are the supplies:


Smooth foam balls spheres 12 inch

Acrylic Paint and Sharpies

Shrink wrap

Hot glue


Sheet of craft foam


Face paint or make-up


For those of you who don’t have girls who watch toy videos on YouTube, this is what we were imitating.  We were doing the actual package and the girl she picked.

Depending on the series of the ball, different girls are on different balls so this isn’t the exact one we went with.

Buy the color acrylic craft paint for the color of ball you want and apply it with a sponge brush.  Then get a sheet of white computer paper (it bends easier on the ball), a black Sharpie, and your laptop. This is a hack that I came up with and use anytime I need a logo like I did here with the Playdoh costume.  Google an image, blow it up on the screen to the size you need and trace it with the paper right on your computer screen!  Sometimes you need to turn the lights out so that the image will shine through your paper to be traced.  Color and cut out that bad boy!  I printed out the image of the doll and free-handed the unbox me word bubble.  For the bar code on the back, I traced a greeting card with a Sharpie to make the shape and then used the edge of the card to make straight lines for the bar code itself.  So easy!

Arrange the images on the ball loosely with tape and once you get the right placing, use a hot glue gun to adhere edges to the ball but only in key spots where needed.  You can’t make the image lay perfectly flat without creasing so apply glue dots only where needed.

Once you are happy with your ball layout and it’s all attached, cover both halves in shrink wrap to make it look like the packaging!  I LOVED this detail and thought it made it look realistic AND it protected the paper images.  What??!!!??? Oh yeah, girl. Once you have the ball wrapped, you use a blow dryer and hold it about 3 inches away and make it shrink around the edges.  It is pretty fun to do.  I was like, “What else can I shrink wrap? Hmmmmm….”

Last step in the ball is attaching the ribbon to make it wearable.  You will need 4 strips of ribbon and how long, depends on your child.  You can have someone help you hold the ball half to the front of your child to gage.  Use two strips to connect the 2 halves to sit on the shoulders like a tank top would fit.  (See pics below)  This way they can slide it right over their head easily.  I use hot glue to do this step like most steps because hot glue is a gift from the craft heavens.

To complete the ball, put trips, one on each ball under the arms a bit so that they can be tied together, side to side, to keep the ball in place.  You can see this in the last very sub-par picture of my daughter in her school costume parade.

I DID THIS CHEETAH PRINT BY HAND WITH A SHARPIE BECAUSE I CLEARLY HATE MYSELF!  Don’t do it.  I thought it wouldn’t take that long…hours later with regret and carpal tunnel….I was big time wrong.  I bought a white shirt from Wal-Mart, went to town with the Sharpie, and cut a sleeve off to look like Diva’s bodysuit.  Using pink craft foam, you know the stuff in the kid craft aisles, I cut out a belt shape, drew on the details, and attached it to the shirt with hot glue.  I did the same thing for the foam bow which I glued on a cheap headband.  I added Wal-Mart glitter pants and some black boots and she was as Diva as you can get appropriately for an 8 year old knocking off a weirdly dressed toddler Lol doll.


We came, we saw, we LOLed and her costume was a big hit!  Pin, share and enjoy and follow me on all of my social media accounts using the icons in the right sidebar.  See ya round!

DIY Baby Noah’s Ark Costume

1st November 2017


HOLD up! Baby Noah up in hur’! I was a little torn on whether or not to do this because Noah is well known, but I settled on it because the costume is really uncommon! The whole look was less than 15 bucks and it was easy to do. Just kidding. I sawed off plastic animal heads with a serrated bread knife and, this just in, they aren’t made for cutting hard plastic. Also, it was a DREAM to transport. Also, just kidding. That awesome cloud contraption was a butt-head!

Here is he is and how I did it! Pin me for next year!


NOPE, not a Star Wars character!  Once he was in the ark, there was no mistaking him!  I put him in regular neutral clothes he already had and added a toddler brown t-shirt I cut into a robe, and rope trim from my gift wrapping bucket!  Price of costume:  ZERO dollars.


All of the animals are from Wal-Mart or the dollar store.  You can find these year round so work your Noah whenever you want.  A little hot glue and a black “doorway” colored onto the wood plank poster board and you are super cute and good to go.

The ominous grey cloud and rain!  I made the cloud using the insides of a cheap pillow (cheaper than buying polyfil), 57 cent dowels, spray adhesive and foam board.  I made dowel holes and filed them with hot glue and pushed the dowels slightly through the foam board.  Once the glue was set, I reinforced it with more glue globs.  Next, I cut open a pillow I bought for 2 bucks and some change, sprayed the foam board with spray adhesive and started filling the board with fluff!  It was really fast and anyone can do it.

To make the rain drops, I cut blue felt into drops and attached them to the ends of white rope trim using hot glue and then glued the opposite ends to the foam board. I placed them evenly staggered (oxymoron?) and at varying heights.

Once that was all done, I attached the dowels to the wagon with extra strength clear packing tape and fit them snuggly in next to the seats.  Can I get an amen?  It was actually really sturdy!


To make the wagon look like an ark, I wrapped it in wood plank poster board from Hobby Lobby and cut an ark shape with cardboard and then covered that with the plank poster as well.  Both sides of the ark had different animal heads and I just colored black windows with a Sharpie and hot glued the animal head on that I had cut-off with a knife.  I cut my finger too, right after I burned it with hot glue.  It’s hard being crafty sometimes.

I attached the ark shape board using zip ties on each end, attaching both side around the seats with string.

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DIY Baby Rapper Halloween Costume

3rd November 2016




When your awesome idea falls through for a baby costume the day before Halloween, you use another idea and score this doozie for 9 bucks. Thank you, beloved dollar store. This is what my 11 week old wore in the cool 86 degree “fall” weather (har har) and this is what I did.






Comfortable for him to wear, unique for a baby, easy and cheap!  You DO NOT need to be crafty to nail this one!  I will save my other and much more unique idea for next year so….stand by….or don’t…because it’s a year away. But boy if it weren’t, the suspense would be killing you by now!

Check out past years with my stay at home mom toddler costume, DIY Playdoh, pizza slice, and claw machine costumes in the Holiday/Halloween. I’m on my phone, but I will embed those direct links shortly!

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DIY Printable Valentines

10th February 2016


I found these two puppies on good ole’ Pinterest.  I picked out the choice pool and let my two girls each pick one out.  LOVE THEM!  One printable is free (gem) and one I bought for 3 dollars on Etsy (donut).  I had my own card stock so it was really affordable!  Aren’t they the sweetest?!






Baker’s twine, small clear bags and an assortment of ring pops and you be straight ballin’ on Valentine’s Day.  I used clear little bags from the bead and jewelry aisle at Hobby Lobby and trimmed of the Ziploc top after tying them off.  They come in a cha-jillion a pack.





Cute, unique DIY printable Valentines that I used for my girl’s this year from good ole’ Pinterest. Links to print included.

Just buy a bag of mini doughnuts and be a blessin’ on this Valentine’s.  We bought both chocolate and powder to use a mix of both.  Are these not making your heart smile?! I adore this instant download and here is the link for a good ANY time of year little donut treat tag to remind someone that you like them tons.

Happy almost Valentine’s Day, y’all!

Affordable Easter Themed Birthday Party

26th January 2016



Enjoy my Easter themed children’s double birthday party!  It was for 36 guests and EVERYTHING cost under 150:  snacks/drinks, cakes, cupcakes, printing of goods, invites, favors for 14, decor…you name it!  Read the captions to see my ideas or tips at saving money.  Pin and follow me on Pinterest and here on herpartypants!  Thanks for lookin’, pals!



My invitations and party pack came from the wonderful Dee Dubs Designs on Etsy.  She is fast, talented, creative, and affordable.  I have used her before when she customized my Gender Reveal for me and I will use her again. I loved the vintage bunny and simple design.  My little girls LOVE glasses so it was only fitting to have a bunny in some.  Check out this gal’s Etsy shop to have her create something just for you or browse her other unique party invitations and packages.



 Invites on the party plates from Target that I fell in love with!



I had a neat idea for party favors.  Since it was an Easter theme party, an egg hunt seemed like a natural fun party activity but I decided to tweak it a little in a creative direction.  Instead of packing a million eggs which required a lot of candy and each child to bring a basket, I bought 2 pack Hobby Lobby medium fillable eggs at 50 percent off and hid only one egg per child in the yard.  Beats the same old gift bags.  To do one better, since none of the little kids could read, I used my patterned scallop tags from Dee Dubs Designs and mounted a picture of each child on each egg so they didn’t have to look for their names, just their picture to know which favor was theirs.  I downloaded pictures of the guests from Facebook and punched them out with paper punches and tied them on with string from Hobby Lobby.  Boom: activity and favor all in one without a kid or parent having 50 plastic eggs to keep up with.  Each favor broke down to a little over a dollar each.  Notice I gave each girl attendant sunglasses to match the invite and to implement something my little girls love:  some shades!






 For the big kids, about 8 and up, I made Peep S’mores bags. Again, each favor bag broke down to about a dollar each and they gave the older kids something to take and make at home.  They weren’t too childlike but still kept in the theme.  They loved them and they look precious.  I put them in a chicken wire basket from Target’s one spot that I spray painted.  Cheap, cheap!





Helium balloons are so expensive these days.  Especially mylar ones!  Hang balloons instead of inflating them.  I got two packs of latex balloons from Walmart/Hobby Lobby and draped them into a banner with one dollar gift wrap string from the dollar store.  I scattered some extra balloons on the floor because hey, kids love some balloons!





 The table set up was thrown together the night before and I didn’t know what I was going to do as I was going.  I used one dollar plastic cloths from the dollar store and used a contrasting color as a runner.  I used a pot I already had, bound it with the two toned baker’s twine from Hobby Lobby that I used on the favors and wrapped it around and tied it into a bow.  I used a fake branch I have in my home decor from Z Gallerie and hung painted styrofoam eggs on them that were a dollar a pack at the dollar tree.  Super simple and still a little chic.  Did she say chic dollar tree items?  Oh, I did.

The cups were from the Dollar Tree and plates from Target’s Easter aisle.  I adore the bold and bright geometric plates.  The pinwheel straws were from Target’s Easter aisle as well and they brought a little spring whimsy to the table.










Each of my girls had individual bunny cakes that were made by a local baker for only 8 dollars.  Even though I made cakes for years, with this big ole’ pregnant belly and two toddlers, I’ll just pay someone else!



Instead of having someone scoop ice cream, just like we did at my daughter’s One Direction Birthday Party, we served individual ice cream sandwiches.  It is way easier on everyone and the kids love it!  I got 24 ice cream sandwiches for 5 dollars taking advantage of a deal at Kroger.  Gotta love it!



2 dozen glitter dusted cupcakes for the kids.  I failed to get the cupcake toppers on in time.  You can let your imagination run wild!  They were bunny heads with glasses like the invites =0)  The colors were to bold too leave a picture out, toppers or not!




Due to the time of party, I didn’t have to feed the guests but I did these little snack cups filled with mini-appetizers, if you will.  I was going with a bunny/garden food theme with carrots (and ranch) cups, fruit/berry cups, but then the rascally pretzel cups with cream cheese pineapple dip slipped in too.  The snack cups can be found for 1-2 dollars a pack in all sorts of sizes, colors, and patterns at almost anywhere: dollar stores, Wilton aisles at Target/Walmart, party stores, Hobby Lobby, etc.

Each cup requires little food and each person can have a sampling of everything.  It’s like the cute cheap version of passing h’orderves at a wedding.  It was an unbelievably cheap way to serve food with a fun presentation.  As you can see, I used a cupcake stand for my treat cups. Super.



Outside I used my antique Coca-Cola cart and filled it with bubbles and chalk for the kids to do while they played outside.  Easy, affordable, and putting it in this fun crate gave it some flare, I think.



Sand treasure dig?  Absolutely. The girls were surprised with a sandbox for their party and I filled it up with party favors for each guest to have fun digging up little treasures to keep.  It was an activity plus another little take away for the kids that again only cost me a few dollars.  For an outdoor party, utilize whatever toys/things you have to make it into something new or fun at a party.  Outdoor parties at home have a million affordable play options and you save on a venue or inflatable, etc.




 Every year my kids wear a number shirt on their birthdays from Old Navy.  You can always find them on-line in most young ages and they cost around 8 dollars each when you catch them on sale.  You never have to wonder when you look back in pictures how old they were or which party it was.  Plus, they look really cute in them and get a kick out of wearing them.


444 432


I hope you enjoyed this simple and affordable party!  Share, pin, & enjoy!  Thanks to Shelly Griffin Photography for all of the great pictures.  No party is great without being captured well so thank you , thank you, thank you!

What To Do With All Of The Holiday Crafts Your Kids Make

21st December 2015

LOW QUALITY PICTURE ALERT…It’s all I could get this year, but I still wanted to share it!  Next year, I will replace these pictures with some that have all that fancy pants quality to them.  Until then…..

My mom has raised 4 children who are grown, with me being her youngest at 33.  Now my mom is in the middle of raising 4 children she adopted later in life.  For all 8 of us, she has saved the holiday crafts we have made through the years and it has become my favorite holiday decor.  Using twine and clothespins, she strings up all of the crafts we have made through the years.  It is such a personal and a neat way to decorate!.  You hate to throw away all of their sweet hard work and this way, you can keep the work from ANY holiday and always have the best kind of decorations.  It is neat to see the growth in the work through the years too.  I’m starting my collections now!  Isn’t this the sweetest?

Hang them over doorways, mantles, windows or banisters!  So many cute ways to hang these little treasures.






Easy DIY Wood Slice Ornaments

11th December 2015






These couldn’t be easier! Here is what you will need:

Wood Slices from Hobby Lobby, 4 for $1. (with coupon, 1.99 without)


Pencil to draw design/wording first if you need to

Eye Screws (just push and turn by hand)

Baker’s Twine

I browsed Pinterest and found all sorts of cute ideas for design!  Aren’t the just the easiest, cutest and cheapest things on the planet!


1-20151210_154926 (2)


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The Cutest Way To Give A Gift Card

10th December 2015


Some people don’t like giving gift cards because they think they are impersonal.  I’m definitely not in that category because nothing gets me going like guilt free money to burn in a store I love!

If you want to add a creative touch or personalize a gift card, why not package it in a really cute way?  Enter mason jars for gift card packaging!  I used the same materials to make my DIY Mason Jar Snow Globes but instead, ditched the glitter and water and affixed a gift card inside.  Using a little hot glue, I lined the bottom edge of a gift card and snuggled it in between craft pine trees.  I put both of the teacher gift-gift card jars side-by-side in a wire basket and personalized each card with a chip board letter that I painted red to match.  My little girl dictated the message inside to her teachers with awesome things like, “Merry Christmas.  I love you.  You look like a candy cane.”

The gift cards were small, but cute and practical and who wouldn’t love to get a gift in something like this? The crafter in me would re-use all of the components if I were to get this gift.  Actually, I think I’ll keep it because I love it.  Just kidding… Or….Okay, I’ll give it to them.

If you are really fun, you can actually make the jars into the snow globe with the gift card inside.  Snow globe gift card packaging?  I might choke on a candy cane I’m so excited about that idea.

Put anything you want in a mason jar to make this packaging party, season, or person specific.  The possibilities are endless!  Here’s to hoping that two pre-school teachers like this gift as much as I do!

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In my dreams, I have that pillow-y fake snow in the bottom of this basket.  In my dreams I also don’t take blog images with my cell phone so I guess, we can’t all be winners.


Alone, it’s simple and may need a little pizazz but when packaged with the wire basket and cards, it’s ballin’ out of control.  If only the fake snow…..

DIY Mason Jar Snow Globes

2nd December 2015



Make a craft that makes you look like Martha!  Really, these take no skill!  Anyone can do these beauties. I had a craft party at my house and we all made snow globes and other cute crafts soon to grace this blog!  Thanks to Shelly Griffin Photography for the pretty pictures of these creations.

You will need:


Small craft trees {These seen here are from Hobby Lobby, Walmart, & Michael’s.  Yep, I had to go three places to find three sizes. Awesome.}

Mason Jar

Super Glue


Washi Tape if you want to embellish the lid like you see below.

Little deer/bunny/squirrel figurines {I didn’t get them for these jars ,but I die for them!  Check out the dollhouse section of Hobby Lobby for these.)


Super glue, not hot glue, the trees to the lid

Decoupage/seal in some way the metal tips of the trees and let dry so they don’t show rust when you look at your tree tops

Put a spoon full of glitter into the bottom of the empty jar

Fill the jar with water

Screw on your lid with attached trees

Shake it like a Polaroid picture



The jar above has tinted water due to the trees bleeding color.  It was a neat accident.  I guess you could always use food coloring if you dig this and your trees won’t share their color. The one below has a lid trimmed with Washi tape.  So cute!


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